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  1. This may not be the right forum to discuss this, but I do have concerns about who else was exposed. Was the President in the situation room? Military personnel? Homeland security personnel? The Secret Service, Cabinet members (hasn’t the treasury secretary and Pelosi been meeting?). Is anybody with direct contact with the president or hope Hicks been to congressional offices or meeting with senators? I’ve seen photos the last couple days of him with the nominee for the supreme court and her entire family without masks. This has nothing to do with politics, the man has absolutely no
  2. Doc - odd question for you. is there a homeless population in Croatia? Now that you have been there, any idea on social services? How are the mentally ill treated, services?
  3. Doc - Have you ever done or thought about doing an educational video on how it works?
  4. Doc or anyone, Mike green and his passive investing is pretty compelling. Has anybody tried to break down the influence of the past investing versus what the Fed is doing?
  5. Last winter, before COVID, I attended a fundraiser for the local animal shelter. One of the organizers of the event was a retired schoolteacher - single, gay woman. Somehow after a few drinks the conversation turned to politics. She said she knows Trump is crazy and is an awful human being but as long the market goes up she doesn’t care what he says or does. I just walked away. In my area ( southern NEw Hampshire) I am seeing more and more Trump signs - particularly in the rural areas. I think the odds of Trump winning are much better than the polls are showing. And I agree
  6. It’s funny, I thought about this several times. If I was the type of person to look for revenge I could see pulling the plug mid August For all the nasty things Trump has said about him.What does trump have on Powell?
  7. I’ve been thinking they need to jam this over the next week and a half, until March 31. So when quarterly statement comes out in April it doesn’t look so bad.
  8. How do they get the USD in the “hands” of the players that need them? How do the foreign businesses, banksThat are not producing or selling because of lack of demand get these dollars?
  9. Which financial institutions are the most exposed to the oil junk bond markets?
  10. I’ve been trying to get my head around the FOFOA (free gold) for a while now. I can’t really sum it up that quickly or clearly (Mostly because I don’t quite grasp the information behind it) but my Feeble understanding is that at some point the oil for gold trade will be ending. A reset of the financial and currency markets where gold “floats” Against currencies will occur. When this happens, the Euro will reprice itself (since gold is in their balance sheet) gold prices as related to GLD and paper gold will either come down or not move but physical price will explode.
  11. Is it just me or does anybody else think it is odd that the precious metals have an exploded? my mind goes back to the fofoa stuff I read years ago.
  12. Remind me where you are? Split? How is the cost of living? Doc - serious question- you have grandchildren (if my memory serves me) - what are you telling them?
  13. Doc, others - comments? from Twitter Neel Kashkari @neelkashkari QE conspiracists can say this is all about balance sheet growth. Someone explain how swapping one short term risk free instrument (reserves) for another short term risk free instrument (t-bills) leads to equity repricing. I don’t see it. /end 9:03 AM · Jan 17, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
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