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  1. Doc, others - comments? from Twitter Neel Kashkari @neelkashkari QE conspiracists can say this is all about balance sheet growth. Someone explain how swapping one short term risk free instrument (reserves) for another short term risk free instrument (t-bills) leads to equity repricing. I don’t see it. /end 9:03 AM · Jan 17, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  2. Grant’s on Monday had a good read. It is not being covered enough. https://www.grantspub.com/resources/commentary.cfm see Monday, November 11 in the above link
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/14/saudi-arabia-is-shutting-down-half-of-its-oil-production-after-drone-attack-wsj-says.html black swan type of event?
  4. White House advisor Larry Kudlow says Fed should ‘immediately’ cut rates https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/29/white-house-advisor-kudlow-says-fed-should-cut-rates-report.html
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