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  1. You must be talking about the Dual Mandate. Those would be full employment, price stability and a stable exchange rate. As you can see 1+1+1=2, ie, dual. I don't take too much stock in the mandates. They are a rhetorical convenience. I've heard a lot of things about Volker but I never heard mention he defied the mandate.
  2. Few remember that Jay was a hell of a singer back in the day. Maybe he should sing his remarks.
  3. If I was any more bearish I'd be hibernating, in which case I wouldn't wake up until early March.
  4. A handy link to the slush fund. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/RRPONTSYD/ It's a mess. Slush is a good word.
  5. Doctor. What is the difference between a rigor mortis rally and a zombie rally? Asking for a friend.
  6. It is another rare day when stocks and bonds are down strongly. This is verboten. I am sure when we get to "correction" territory Treasuries will be saved. I mean, that's how it has always been.
  7. Watching Buttcoin head towards zero might be fun but US Treasuries? Not so much.
  8. I believe that is the City on the Hill pattern
  9. Are there sharks in the Mediterranean. Near Nice? I'm feeling like cuing up Jaws for some reason.
  10. The markets thrusters seem a little bit weak, in general. A long way from the launch failure video. Someday.
  11. Just in case Buttcoin investors should get some of this. I actually think punk Buttcoin billionaires will more likely be laughing at old men like me.
  12. I think they would be a little embarrassed to end the year at an all time high. Next week I guess. We will see.
  13. Buttcoin is hanging in there. I can't get my mind around the inflationary potential of Crypto. I think it could be stupendous, but I don't know how exactly. Total Crypto is say $2.2 TN. What if it goes to $10TN in a year or two, and why wouldn't it? I just don't know. And what would that mean for asset prices of every kind? I just don't know.
  14. Pretty funny they are doing a bill paydown on the 31st. As if that money is going to buy Treasury coupons at 1.5% I can't imagine a worse investment. Looking at the big picture anyway.
  15. You better hope they don't find out about The Stool. Maybe you could change the name to Viva La France for a few weeks.
  16. I figured out the date is the issue date. The auction date for the coupons in the 28th and 29th. I am just not sure what the settlement date is. Do they settle on the issue date? Not that one should do timing on this stuff but the day the money changes hands is good to know.
  17. Another $65bn in bills up but no coupons yet for end of quarter.
  18. Well if you recall the Blob was dropped into the frozen wasteland of the artic, which is now melting.
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