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  1. Bernanke had an op-ed in the NYT yesterday but it's paywalled to me. I'm curious what he said.
  2. Which goose? Anyway I don't think saving Greece and Italy is going to save us all.
  3. So why exactly are $2.2TN sitting in RPP's at .5% when 90 Day bills are at 1.74? Now personally I think the USA may be a dodgy proposition in coming years but 90 days?
  4. "The long term measured move target on BTC is negative 5000." I've been trying to figure out how this would work if I could buy BTC at $ -5000, and now I have a headache. I'm just too old for this newfangled money.
  5. No doubt about it, geological chart patterns have replaced animal patterns.
  6. I'd forgotten how bad the Turtles really were. They had a good sense of humor however, as turtles often do.
  7. For you geology buffs the worlds tallest cliff is Mt Thor on Baffin Island. 4100 feet. This is in no way a prediction. https://lh5.ggpht.com/-2c7VkLy3cjs/UTCkH-MhI7I/AAAAAAAAl3I/60RgzrSnaAo/mount-thor-2%255B2%255D.jpg?imgmax=800
  8. Funny thing about crypto is when it first started anyone could download whatever in the hell needed to be downloaded and start mining, as they say. Well not me. I'd spend a few minutes now and then to try and download the wallet or whatever in the hell you call it and the download always failed. I always had a vague idea that Comcast was blocking it but I don't know. Not that a single Pentium computer would gotten past the first shovelful but who knows. Now I'm left hoping my septic tank is a pot of gold.
  9. Buttcoin gets a boner two days before the big CoinBase crypto conference. My story is crypto is the last great hope for continued financial asset inflation.
  10. The Treasury Direct web site is down. I noticed it last night. How are we supposed to buy the Treasuries the Fed isn't buying anymore?
  11. All that I can tell you is the money is flowing into, and then out of, manufacturing and construction here in MI. It's the best job market since 1969. The state has a $2bn surplus.
  12. I happened to look at a TNX weekly chart and got a little scared.
  13. It doesn't mean much but Ye Olde US Dollar isn't looking so good.
  14. It's just not rising is all. The inflation hedge thing you know. Not seeming to be kicking in. Since I am pretty much out of the lives of young people I have no clue how many are getting wiped out. Jimi you must know some.
  15. Buttcoins not picking up the slack. I wanted to cue up '1983 A Merman I Should Turn To Be' but YouTube doesn't seem to have it.
  16. I think a crash has to be quantified. Actually I hate even thinking about it. A crash to me is when the lights don't go on.
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