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  1. What we need is some good background music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX3bN5YeiQs&ab_channel=GoldenAppleāœ”
  2. What's the Covid situation in Poland Lee? They have had almost the exact same mortality rate as the US and their majority party is rightest with a large Trumpy fascist faction. Well I suppose it's easy to tune out local politics but the Covid situation is important. Even if the chance of getting really sick for the vaccinated is low it isn't zero. Is mask use common or is opposition to masks and vaccination a pretty big deal there?
  3. The market is like Secretariat around the far turn at Belmont.
  4. file:///C:/archive/image/bushid.jpg
  5. One way or the other the story will be positive sales comapred to last year. Profits from sales are another story, one that seems to matter not at all anymore. What the heck, it's just stories.
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