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  1. There is so much money floating around, it just as well be thought of incalculable. At any rate it has a lot of momentum. But it's slowing down I think.
  2. I think you were right the first time. Failure is not an option after all.
  3. The NY Times this week did yeoman work explaining that inflation was the result of supply chain bottlenecks and the fallout of Covid. I actually am just going off headlines but I would be shocked if they mentioned gigantic waves of credit, ie. money, having a thing to do with it.
  4. I was puzzled last night about why they are still paying down Bills. Its because the debt ceiling bill was just passed last night by the House. It needs Biden's signature, then we will see.
  5. Cripes, they are still paying down bills. To my eye anyway. WTF?
  6. Come to think about it, giant reptiles heading downhill is a a rare thing. I won't call it a pattern.
  7. No banks open today. No cash Treasury market to worry about.
  8. www.treasurydirect.gov is down at 8AM. That's kind of funny.
  9. We have a number $480bn. By December 3rd I guess. Chump change.
  10. The temporary debt ceiling increase puts the wheels in motion. The number isn't worked out yet. Today they say a number will be named.
  11. There is a debt ceiling increase , no number yet, not a suspension, at 5:30pm. to tide over till December. What the number is is crucial obviously.
  12. The bulls have escaped the farm and are now running amuck in town.
  13. Evidently the debt ceiling was not addressed at all. Yellen gave them the 18th I guess so they will take it. Again, as far as I can tell.
  14. (Reuters) -Olaplex Holdings Inc’s shares opened more than 19% above their offer price in a strong market debut on Thursday, giving the hair products maker a market capitalization of $16.2 billion.
  15. Bes Best check your calendar. "stopgap funding" does not explain if the debt limit is raised, just enough, or temporarily suspended. As if they could figure out in a few hours what just enough is.
  16. I'm not so sure suspension of the celling is what is happening. No news source says because they don't understand the subtleties.
  17. It seems the debt ceiling is going to be suspended till Dec 3. That's the current consensus by seers. With a due date in 2 months the Treasury is going to stuff the coffers with every penny it can, I would think.
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