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  1. Almost nobody doesn't go to work or a restaurant because they might get the flu. Plenty of people go to work and out and about when they are sick too. Even though it kills thousands of Americans a year. Remember, point 1% mortality. Now imagine 20 times that mortality. Just ponder that for awhile. Luckily indoor season , winter, is coming to an end. Then there is next season. Then you have a gaggle of Fedheads playing public health experts,and saying, 'don't worry'. Lead by Vice Chairman Richard last name sounds like a venereal disease.
  2. This is from yesterday. Close enough. Now truth be told nothing is going to contain the virus but this is going to be a political disaster for the administration of biblical proportions. Let's set that aside. Mortality rate for flu. point 1 percent Mortality rate for Coronavirus. looking like 2% Coronavirus-infected Americans flown home against CDC’s advice https://www.washingtonpost....
  3. I said it in the middle of the night and I will say it again.
  4. The Fed sez "The desk plans to conduct overnight repo operations on each business day as well"
  5. That makes two of us, which is why I have stuck around here, Even though your an a hole. I'm just not sure Urp is the answer. There is no answer.
  6. Your such an a hole, I mean that in the nicest possible way. Anyhow you might not want to come back. The SS is now going to expand further into the cities, that are full of the untermenschen. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/02/trump-deploying-border-patrols-highly-armed-elite-tactical-agents-in-major-us-cities/ The impeachment acquittal was our Enabling Act.
  7. I'm sure you not looking for free advice but you should consider that if Corona virus becomes pandemic it could present some serious problems for travelers. Logistical and then treatment wise.
  8. Keeping track of what I think is a good analog for the entire political economy and thus a good story; the DOD just canceled a $1bn missile defense system where Boeing was a major partner. It didn't work too good. This on the heels of the failed orbiter it was building for NASA which had a well publicized failure, and another equally bad one, something about a million lines of code, which are so bad the thing probably should be written off. I wonder if they have sold any commercial aircraft this month? Making BA a pretty tempting buy but I favor the cruise lines right now. Actually I favor TSLA. It's going to one million.
  9. It shows their level of confidence since the Treasury account is bursting with cash.
  10. It's the sheer degree. It's wacked. It isn't supposed to work like this or do I have to discuss the semantics of 'supposed to' As a pure racket. There are those excess reserves in the system let's recall.
  11. The Fed should say, without any question of doubt they should say such things, that the Dealers were no longer allowed to have their trading desks do transactions on their own accounts with the the proceeds of the repos. I know, before hell freezes over. I mean such things are so blindingly obvious but 99% percent of people don't have a clue what I said above means. I mean it would be blank stares. Trying to figure out what language i was speaking. In the meantime Elon is going to build starships.
  12. Boeing had no aircraft sales in January. Freaking Boeing, no sales. Well they did just borrow $10bn so there's that.
  13. Stories floating around that Tesla would be a good target for Google, Apple too I suppose. I'd think Tesla without Elon, if it came to that, would kill it. Valuation wise and sales wise too. I was thinking Tesla should just buy Ford and GM and shut them down. Too bad Elon wasn't born in the US or he would end up as president.
  14. Did anyone else catch that the Fed last week invited all banks to the Discount Widow? Come on down, nothing to be ashamed of. Hell, it's their patriotic duty. I think the chances the dealers won't grab up all the Treasury paper hand over fist is almost zero. Make America Inflate Again If they don't something is afoot.
  15. Worlds largest auto making facility shuts down. https://www.asiatimes.com/2020/02/article/virus-claims-worlds-biggest-capacity-car-plant/
  16. Hey look, a report on a benchmark revision and people are actually paying attention. My stars,where is the fainting couch. The Labor Department’s closely watched monthly employment report on Friday, however, showed the economy created 514,000 fewer jobs between April 2018 and March 2019 than originally estimated. The biggest downgrade to payrolls over a 12-month period since 2009 suggests job growth could significantly slow down this year. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-economy/mild-weather-boosts-us-job-growth-but-benchmark-revisions-show-ebbing-momentum-idUSKBN2010G3
  17. Elon is going to launch starships. He has hundreds, soon to be thousands, of little communications satellites. Tesla will probably join those corporations like Google and Apple that have unlimited capital. With unlimited capital there is little that can't be tried. Like fly a few people to Mars, for a few trillion. So buy some stock and become a fan. Tesla could go to one million. Everybody can be rich.
  18. In the US this flu season the CDC estimates 19 million cases, 140,000 hospital admissions and 10,000 deaths.
  19. A little sign of the times. The state of Michigan has struggled with road repair since 08 as the GOP legislature refused to raise the low low gas tax. Finally a couple of years ago they did, a little. Not enough. Now however a new solution has been found. Bonds, $3.5 billion of them which isn't really very much and I am sure they will sell like hotcakes. They better.
  20. The best resistance is to pull all your money out of the system. Including bank accounts. A futile and Quixotic gesture sure. But I'm right.
  21. Nahh. Well it depends what you mean by "it". A bear market in stocks, in itself not likely and I am not just talking the mythical 20% wouldn't be it. It would be interest rates rising across the curve, worldwide. To me anyway. So that it, nahh. Untold trillions will be deployed first.
  22. I suppose it was France and Italy with negative 4th quarter GDP. Which we know is bullish. The good news for markets is Trump can do anything to get reelected, which is a term of art now, so it's 4 more years.
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