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  1. There is a less than zero percent chance that the Saudi situation will be looked back upon as a tipping point of some sort. In many ways Saudi oil and money has been a foundation for many of the bad and corrupt aspects of what used to be called the West's political economy for 45 years.
  2. As I was saying Thursday the government in China will step in. I've been impressed they let it go down as much as it did. 26% year to date at the bottom Friday morning. It's up like 8% since then. Let me ask this. Are we going to let China win this 'capitalism' thing? Hell no, we are going to be great, the greatest, or die trying. I have no idea how it will all play out but sooner of later The Party is going to control the Fed. The Fed is the weak link in our PPT. -------------------- (b) The Working Group shall consult, as appropriate, with representatives of the various exchanges, clearinghouses, self-regulatory bodies, and with major market participants to determine private sector solutions wherever possible. (c) The Working Group shall report to the President initially within 60 days (and periodically thereafter) on its progress and, if appropriate, its views on any recommended legislative changes."[1] The Working Group consists of: The Secretary of the Treasury, or his or her designee (as Chairperson of the Working Group); The Chairperson of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, or his or her designee; The Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission, or his or her designee; and The Chairperson of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or his or her designee. I saw some blurb recently where some guy claimed to have called the 08 plunge and the subsequent rally saying from now through 19 will be tough sledding for the markets and then among other things the Fed will start buying stocks directly. Nuts? The nuts part may be a year or more of bear market to grease the skids for direct market intervention. Not buying stocks perhaps but futures of course, and QE. Then again if the laws are actually followed the Fed stands in the way. There is nobody in the whole world who does not want asset inflation.
  3. "Raising rates" is a red herring. (Red herring is an American saying meaning a false argument or a logical fallacy) Lee, it isn't that people hate your analysis it is that the simply cannot comprehend it. Really. It's a cognitive thing.
  4. All kidding aside and while this may be even less comprehensible to most than Firesign Theater, I'll offer up something that may sooth in these very troubled times.
  5. I don't know why this site isn't more popular. Where else can you get Disco Inferno, RV's and portents of doom at the same time?
  6. I hope there is a good technical reason because the RV industry is profoundly economically sensitive.
  7. The possible teetering Saudi monarchy is the leading global strategic story right now. It's existence and our partnership with it over the last 55 years, for cheap oil, has defined this era.
  8. Not me. The government will intervene. They have shown great discipline in letting it fall as much as it has. The weakness there, and elsewhere, goes mostly unnoticed here, as everyone's eyes are focused inwards.
  9. Friday's or Monday's are the designated crash days.
  10. Instead of France I recommend relocating to Arthur County NE. Population 460 https://arthurcounty.nebraska.gov/ As far as saving money, no problem. There are no stores in Arthur County.

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