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  1. The Washington Post has the current official story about the debt ceiling. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/07/22/emerging-budget-deal-likely-include-few-or-no-actual-spending-cuts-while-lifting-debt-limit-two-years/?utm_term=.3daa1052dfee If they can get Trump to go along it should be clear sailing to pass before the recess.
  2. But the insiders are on the cusp of the American dream. Stupendos gains on an inflated asset. It's called wealth, oddly.
  3. Market jerked around by noise. Overnight BOJ official talks ease, QE, ease QE Near 6AM Xi sets preconditions to resume talks. End high tariffs. Let Huawei be free. Oops.
  4. The Donald wants a record DOW high on the 4th of July and he's going to get it.
  5. Price cycles may all be in up phases but I'm thinking price doesn't mean a thing anymore. The entire world is now running on the belief that markets are the ultimate arbiter of all things. Not grasping that markets can be and are often corrupt. We are collectively following 'market' and market price signals right off a cliff.
  6. Why you be subject to repeated DOS attacks is a puzzle. I don't know much about it all like how common it is and how much it has to do with who the hosts are.
  7. I ran across this. Day one in the modern history of Fed words. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/2000/11/13/in-87-crash-all-eyes-on-greenspan/2008098c-c6c0-4b5f-9b5b-3f8a13daa02c/?utm_term=.e247570cd74b
  8. I guess Jerry Powell screwed up. Just one day but it does look bad on the chart.
  9. That was a vicious bear market. Jerry Show Me the Money Powell is giving words today so unless he screws up you know how that should go.
  10. It's currently about frying every put for opex. Well that and substantiating Trump.
  11. Looks like those banks knew what they were doing with their record long Treasury positions. Well knew or not they win.
  12. Then there was the imaginary soap opera. The Painful Threshold. So no change in the balance sheet runoff? Stays the same?
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