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  1. I guess it's time for the old reliable, it's just a flesh wound.
  2. For all practical purposes the GOP is the John Birch Society. Of course there is cultural drift on all manner of things since the 50's but the basic impulses that have been here for 150 years. There has been a wild swing on the right from gold buggery to now Trumps inchoate desire for easy money. Everyone should be familiar with this from 1964. 'The Paranoid Style of American Politics' Richard Hofstadter. https://harpers.org/archive/1964/11/the-paranoid-style-in-american-politics/ These things are not exclusively American. They have European equivalents especially the anti semitism. However they have reached full flower in the US, post Nazism.
  3. ZH demonstrates the fact that alternative views of monetary matters have been deeply entwined with American right wing ideology, or just simply prejudices, since the 1950's when the John Birch society called for eliminating the Fed. Which coincidentally folded into familiar gold buggery and ancient tropes about Jewish bankers. ZH knowingly tapped into these things because that is where the market is. If it is Russian per say or consciously fascist with an agenda to advance such political emotions is probably secondary to just making a buck. The old John Birch Society ideas of economics, as ill formed as they were, lead to an almost universal belief among Americans who identify as Liberal, or let's say not Conservative, to reject any questioning of 'the money' because such was seen as far rightest. In fact much of it was and is of the right. Here lies the core of why Lee's analysis goes unheard. Of course the other root of the problem is almost nobody understands where money comes from, that is the mechanisms of it's creation. Which leads back to the rejection of any questioning of 'the money' because it's rightest. A vicious circle in other words. In nearly two decades of trying to engage non Conservatives in examining 'the money' never once have I gotten to first base.
  4. I like it better when your rant. Tell us what you think of these nice people.
  5. Just seen on my news ticker. "Economy starved for credit." The hell with that. I'm going back to watching Toni Bau.
  6. They are all bankrupt but still pumping right up till the last moment. The fracking boom is an even better example than Boeing of stories which encapsulate the entire post GFC period. I see they are going to continue to operate. If that means produce I can't say.
  7. Your not so far from Hungary Lee. Orbán and his party passed their own Enabling Act yesterday.
  8. TNX didn't crack. A few months left at least i suppose. Or years? That's the big one. Confidence.
  9. Early IRA withdrawals up to $100k will not be taxed for 3 years per the bailout bill. Can be reloaded, but 3 years is a long time, This should be a steady and growing source of selling, at the margin. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/coronavirus-stimulus-package-tax-relief-withdraw-100k-from-your-ira-and-repay-in-3-years-with-zero-tax-liability-2020-03-27
  10. Don't confuse the economy with the market averages. Especially at this point when virtually none of the new money, probably approaching a trillion bucks, has trickled out of the financial system.
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