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  1. Trump is saying that the Party should control the Fed. JPM and GS agree, it seems.
  2. On days like this I always want to haul out the old rocket launch failure video.
  3. It's the now classic forced march down in the VIX. Bring her down boys.
  4. I can't wait for the Uber IPO. Sadly not until the second half of 19. Proposed valuation by Morgan Stanely, $120Bn. Ford is currently valued at $35Bn by the way.
  5. Some sort of news on the wire about Italy. Bad spaghetti harvest?
  6. OpEx this week. At any rate greed vs fear seems to be the thing now.
  7. It ain't over till the fat lady sings. Thing is there are no fat lady singers left. They are all skinny.
  8. Sears death watch. This isn't nothing. Not much perhaps but still.....
  9. There isn't anybody left in the government that knows what the Treasury Statement is. MAGA
  10. Before they stopped happening 5% corrections didn't portend systematic liquidity issues, usually. It's just what auction markets do, usually.
  11. Black Fridays and Black Mondays have to be on the radar. You have to be a little short. That said there is nothing overt in the markets that I see that says there is some liquidity freeze ups going on. Just the slow bleed.

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