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  1. Lee, while I suggested awhile back that you leaving America's shores was let's say unnecessary as a practical matter I certainly understand and fully agree with the symbolic nature of the move. Sadly there are probably only a few thousand people who get the symbolism. That your trip is potentially absolutely perfectly coincident with what could be recognized as the beginning of a bear market would be particularly bittersweet.
  2. I'm seeing all these stories on the wire about how companies are trying to reduce leverage. Why is that? (sarcasm alert, OK)
  3. Market just doesn't have that old vim and vigor. Erectile dysfunction.
  4. Finding many bears on the high seas Lee? How is the shuffle board?
  5. $59.6 billion in new Treasury supply settles tomorrow. Is that a lot? https://www.treasurydirect.gov/instit/annceresult/press/press_cashpydwn.htm
  6. Well sure. Today would be nice but I'm willing to give the bulls the benefit of the doubt for a few days anyway.
  7. The message has been sent. It isn't going to going below 2700.
  8. Massive, no. They will print. I'm starting to feel like 08 when by all rights Bernanke should have been going home every night and curling up into a fetal position, but he was as relaxed as could be. Don''t the Fedheads know the political winds are blowing 100 mph, both left and right, for printing. Not to mention the markets. I've said it before, We can't deflate more than China. It isn't an option. Not for political leaders, idiots nor wise ones. If there are any of the latter.
  9. Awful year for hedge funds. They have to stay liquid this time of year anyway for redemption. As to the new paradigm stuff it is here. Rising rates. Every interest rate in the known universe is in an uptrend. It's perniciously deflationary, as the 35 year trip down with rates was inflationary as the assets had an inflationary bias.
  10. Reminder to self. If someone says invest in Argentina. Don't.
  11. 11:20 Yep, all is well here. 11:40 Make that sort of good 11:50 things couldn't be better 12:10 hoping for the best
  12. Well your preaching to the choir here. The point is it's such a ridiculous lie, in other words. That's my point. Why lie about it. All this "rates" talk and not a peep about the balance sheet. It's sick.
  13. I'll assume DOW won't go past minus 500, or the feces may hit the impeller.

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