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  1. “But as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance.”
  2. As a very general thing this is going along with the story of the Fed turning the ship.
  3. I'm so sorry Dr. I am sure you are bitterly disappointed not to have been named Fed Chairman.
  4. We lost Bernie this year but his market charges ahead.
  5. Your timing on leaving was perfecto. I don't know if the timing of your beach estate sale is based on price or convenience but I'd say now's the time. Others may differ.
  6. The ES air pocket this AM was coincident with one in oil.
  7. Got me. If you haven't seen it Lee, Yellen told Pelosi that Dec 15 is the drop dead date for the debt ceiling increase. That's the headline number in other words so that will drive the news. One of these days........
  8. The ConCon number is diverging from stocks again like 07 but the ConCon is now strongly influenced by The Party so I don't know what kind of indicator it might be.
  9. There are very few of us left who remember the McKinley administration.
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