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  1. "Raising rates" is a red herring. (Red herring is an American saying meaning a false argument or a logical fallacy) Lee, it isn't that people hate your analysis it is that the simply cannot comprehend it. Really. It's a cognitive thing.
  2. All kidding aside and while this may be even less comprehensible to most than Firesign Theater, I'll offer up something that may sooth in these very troubled times.
  3. I don't know why this site isn't more popular. Where else can you get Disco Inferno, RV's and portents of doom at the same time?
  4. I hope there is a good technical reason because the RV industry is profoundly economically sensitive.
  5. The possible teetering Saudi monarchy is the leading global strategic story right now. It's existence and our partnership with it over the last 55 years, for cheap oil, has defined this era.
  6. Not me. The government will intervene. They have shown great discipline in letting it fall as much as it has. The weakness there, and elsewhere, goes mostly unnoticed here, as everyone's eyes are focused inwards.
  7. Friday's or Monday's are the designated crash days.
  8. Instead of France I recommend relocating to Arthur County NE. Population 460 https://arthurcounty.nebraska.gov/ As far as saving money, no problem. There are no stores in Arthur County.
  9. Coincidently I have been thinking about George Leroy Tirebiter. A reference so obscure I doubt 2000 living people know it.
  10. Oh, chewing on tires bearish. On the tip of my tongue

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