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  1. None of which is to say I will not continue to watch like a hawk for a market fall.
  2. Globally there are fewer people in extreme poverty now than for a very long time, when the total population was a fraction of what it is now and certainly on a percentage basis less than ever. Now if one looks this up one can quibble on what defines extreme poverty but the basic point is sound. Actually fewer people are under the threat of extreme violence or virtual slavery than perhaps ever, as a percent of all people. I am the furthest thing from a Pollyanna one can imagine but let's get a grip. I live in a place that to my eyes just came out of the recession that started in 1973.
  3. Making America great again. Greater than ever. Asset inflation forever, or until nature says no. China has built out great cities, thousands of square miles of factory space, road and railroads ($67bn invested in rail there the first 3 quarters this year) galore and on and on and on, and it has all been a monetary phenomena. So growth has slowed to 6.7%, boo hoo. Do you think they are going to let 300 million people slide back into extreme poverty by allowing debt defaults? I know this sounds crazy but balance sheets are a thing of the past or at best a polite fiction. Nobody ever has to default if they can borrow more, forever. And we are going to allow deflation here? No.
  4. I am putting the chance that today is the top at 5%.
  5. My idea of yesterday that stocks would swoon a bit to pump up the newly auctioned bonds crashes and burns. Well I suppose the game isn't over yet.
  6. UVXY 5 to 1 reverse split. Hilarious. Nobody seems to care these ETF's are designed to be wasting assets so the rich can steal from the poor. No stone can be left unturned in the money grubbing. How can they be allowed to do a split on a derivative of an index? I admit I scalp this thing on the one minute charts.
  7. At least he didn't get the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  8. VIX up 4.3% UVXY , unchanged I swear I am going full boat long when UVXY hits zero
  9. Back in the old days it was common for Treasury bonds and notes to rally post auction, to subsidize the Primary Dealers as I saw it. https://www.treasurydirect.gov/instit/annceresult/press/press_cashpydwn.htm
  10. The pullback was perfectly coincident with the Manfort plea deal. Irrelevant for the markets.
  11. With 3% TNX back in play can a couple of day sharp selloff in stocks be far off?
  12. I'm definitely going full boat long on UVXY when it hits zero.
  13. I was hoping for an epic rant. I mean I threw that pitch right down the middle.
  14. Everybody is all bulled up because the economy is so strong. Please tell us Dr. Stool. What does the economy have to do with the stock market?
  15. One thing for sure, it's seasonal. Well it has to start somewhere.

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