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  1. One would be well served to view the Don and Jerry show as a good cop bad cop act. Last week Jerry did his semi annual Humphrey Hawkins testimony before 2 congressional committees, nobody noticed with all the other things going on, and only one nutty Texan probably of the Ron Paul school of legacy John Birch Society feelings about the Fed even mentioned QEnot, or repos. At least that is what I heard. To oppose max printing and asset inflation is political death. As any D presidential candidate will see. There is less than zero political opposition to Fed printing. We ain't seen nothing yet. I tell you we are going to Inflate America Great Again. Build Starships, end climate change, have cities filled with silent robot cars and drones whisking us about and on and on and on. There is nothing that cannot be done if there is enough money. Only kooks are against it.
  2. We are in our 8th straight hour of green bars on ES. OK I show one flat. You don't see that too often. The system has been perfected. Well let's hand it to them they didn't use the overnight ramp.
  3. Normally it's best to ignore news but the Hong Kong protests/riots could become a big deal impacting many things the first being trade agreements. Scroll down a bit and see the US is being accused of funding the protests. Hong Kong's stock market is finally feeling the heat and it is certainly entwined with China's markets. Maybe just maybe a little grit in the liquidity machine. https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/11/article/clashes-spread-to-universities-business-district/
  4. I've been thinking that being against asset inflation is like being against oxygen.
  5. So a little 10 point drop in SPX was coincident with a 20bp drop in TNX. See how easy it is.
  6. Boeing being the big leader today pretty much says it all, about everything.
  7. Well it's been perfected. For now anyway. A perfect racket. A steep yield curve is how banks can go back to making money the old fashioned way. Well why would they want to. So slow and boring.
  8. At this moment it looks like another line in the sand will have to be drawn for when the feces hits the impeller in the Treasury coupon market. TNX 19,17
  9. I'm trying to decide if they are not running it up because they don't want to be so blatant about it or if it's because they need more of Jerry's money. I lean towards the latter because at this point rubbing our faces in it is what they love to do.
  10. I don't buy this system collapse thing and care nothing about the price of gold. I could care less if it goes to $1. Still this $200 spread between London and Shanghai seems pretty odd. http://didthesystemcollapse.com/
  11. I'd figure they close the TNX gap at 17.96 then head back down. It's child's play now. or so it seems.
  12. A little stock market correction goes a long way in beating down long end. JNK isn't looking so good. Jerry mentioned corps are sort of levered up. Nobody noticed. Not even him.
  13. The thinking goes something like this. With 100 or 200 trillion in central bank money we could build Starships. There is nothing we can't do, given enough money. That said a few hundred billion right now is barely cutting it. So everybody lend a hand and leverage up, let's get this show on the road.
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