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  1. I'm looking for gold to hit 2380, pullback then onto 3600+. DOW to hit 37000. Either way I have trailing stops.
  2. Silver has a date with $34 probably when seasonality tops next year. Early March +/- ?
  3. One last bio wreck. No position. Waiting for sto’s to dip to 20 again or a break of trendline
  4. I agree. My 401k doesn't allow premarket so I try to be just a day or so early. The STO's in the chart above were a day or so from turning
  5. Hit the 50 Last bottom from the 50 is around $32 topped around 45. Adding 13 to the 39= 50 +
  6. Back to a full position in GDX this morning. Run to 50 coming
  7. The 14th is a Friday, the 17th is a Monday. I like to leave a little early especially when a market has risen so fast. I got stopped out on half of my GDX position where I entered below 34. Keeping the other for LT. Silver COTs look good, better than gold. Still thinking another week upside so I’ll daytrade small positions. trading the full moon cycle?
  8. I have a short term top around Aug 14. Rising stops in place for GDX
  9. Am I too soon? lol. I think it's off to the races. Long GDX and WDO.TO (WDOFF) What happens to the miners when gold breaks an ATH out of a 9+ year base? Added substantially Friday. Hoping for one more gap down Monday to add
  10. Hi Ano, I uninstalled Real player. It didn't fix the problem so I uninstalled Media player and loaded winamp. Ikes site wont load with the message (i was loading Arch Crawford) "crawford{1}{stopp... Winamp like Real player and media player still work on internet radio settings no problem. I'm going to let my kid screw around with it. In the mean time I'm going to TFNN and see if I can get an archive download pf Tom Obrien.
  11. Thanks Ano, I'll try it this weekend when I have some time. I'd like to hear Doc's interview along with the others on Ike's site.
  12. Hi Ano, perhaps you can help me as I have no tech/computer skills. I recently downloaded Real player to acces TFNN and Tom O'brien. It worked fine,however, Windows Media player will not load Ike's interviews. A message comes up after 21 seconds into the download stating "network connection failed". I deleted Realone program and reloaded windows media player 7.0 and still the same response. I can access other radio programs with Windows media player without a problem. It only seems to be a problem on Ike's site. Suggestions?
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