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  1. What I can say Jimi is UK studies in serology i.e. actually testing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 are being done now and we should have those results in "days" they claim. That will give us precise data on case fatality rates that we desperately need and a view of the actual spread in the population. I'm evidenced based in my ideas so I really am willing to wait "days" to get that data because I don't trust the data from Wuhan.
  2. Jimi I am blind until we do serology tests like they are finally doing in the UK. So I can't answer that yet. I'm not talking rtDNA tests. I want to see a random sample of California testing for antibodies against this beast. Than I can say for sure. Sorry I can't answer that yet. Stay safe!
  3. Infectious Disease Expert Says Nearly Half the Patients at San Jose Kaiser Have Coronavirus https://www.sanjoseinside.com/2020/03/25/report-half-of-all-patients-at-san-jose-kaiser-may-have-covid-19/
  4. I've been looking for safer chelators of zinc in plants specially polyphenols / flavonoids to replace quercetin /hydroxycholochline which has some side effects in some people when fighting COVID19. It acts to increase zinc and stop viral replication. I think I may have cracked the code: epicatechin gallate acts as antioxidants and signaling molecule and chelator of zinc. In other words drink lots of green tea and take a little bit of zinc in your diet: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/jf5014633 Possibly this is a big discovery. I am not a doctor, I am a scientist so consult
  5. A doctor from Monroe, NY says he tested about 200 people and so far 65% are testing positive. Is that a lot?
  6. Bernie: "I am prepared to put a hold on this bill until stronger conditions are imposed on the $500 billion corporate welfare fund..." I guess that caused the sell off.
  7. Just got a nephew and niece back from NZ and Peru. It was risky to fly them home but they are in good shape and hiding out in rural Vermont now.
  8. Mount Sinai to Begin the Transfer of COVID-19 Antibodies into Critically Ill Patients Mar 24, 2020 https://inside.mountsinai.org/blog/mount-sinai-to-begin-the-transfer-of-covid-19-antibodies-into-critically-ill-patients/#.XnuPFqcjA8U.twitter
  9. Just FYI Travel - State Dept @TravelGov ยท 5m #Serbia: There is a charter flight, departing Mar. 26 at 12pm from Nikola Tesla airport (BEG) to LAX. Air Serbia is offering seats at no charge. Email [email protected] IMMEDIATELY if you are interested in this flight and have not yet contacted us.
  10. The Labor Department reports weekly claims for unemployment benefits on Thursday. BOOM!
  11. We all like your jokes Doc. Got to keep reminding myself it does no good to myself or anyone if I get gloomy at times. So keep it up! We all need to remember humor is our way of dealing with a crazy world.
  12. Cases doubling every three days in NYC. Once we have a million cases in NYC the new money smell may have worn off this relief package I feel.
  13. GILD down - kind of crazy - the one company that might have a profitable cure and nobody loves it anymore.
  14. I don't know. I could see a lot of older folks flushing their 401K stock funds over the weekend if rally continues.
  15. Direxion says its 3x Gold Bull and Gold miners Bull NUGT & JNUG just became 2x.
  16. Anyone notice we cured aging this morning: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-15174-3
  17. End of the world or not I'm not going down without a fight! I'm not about to let a god damned depression ruin my day! All stool reserves are recalled to active duty.
  18. We've been tracking the mutation is minute detail and you can see the information here: https://nextstrain.org/ncov Technically each branch could be termed a "strain" or clade or haplotype. We are seeing about a mutation per week per strain. So maybe 17 or 18 mutations so far for each branch. That's in a genome of about 30K nucleotides. We would predict based on what we know about this class of virus that most of these mutations will not change the activity of the virus at all. Only rarely will a mutation actually cause a change in virulence. So at this point I think we can reasonabl
  19. I'm blind on this. What we need to do is go to the ground zero hot spots in the US like NY, WA and CA and start a series of random serology tests and see just how widespread the infection is so we can see what is going on. If most people have antibodies as this is suggesting then we are closer to the finish line than anyone suspected and this is much less deadly than anyone suspected. This would be easy and cheap and we could get results in days. I just can't believe that we are making such huge policy decisions without doing this first. I'm still trying to wrap my head around their argu
  20. FT has a plain English version for anyone interested. Call this the "back to work people" theory out of Oxford: https://www.ft.com/content/5ff6469a-6dd8-11ea-89df-41bea055720b
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