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  1. In the national pandemic plan published in 2005 the states were supposed to prepare including with a fund. California has such a fund. I doubt it will be a enough but still a very good start. A lot of states do not. States like Illinois are going to have a terrible time unless they get bailed out. Of interest the first documentary on COVID19 / SARS-CoV-2 - one hour long - worth a gander:
  2. 6 trillion dollars and this is all we get? Really?
  3. They won't even need to buy up the little companies. Just wait for the auction of their assets, contract with their landlord and pick up all their employees. The rest of the small companies are going to be black holes. I saw that go on after the dot com crash here. This is going to be going on all around the world
  4. Brookings bringing out 'ol Ben Bernanke from the closet today:
  5. Janet Yellen interview - she slams share buy back and debt with poor underwriting (~15m). She doesn't see inflation coming (~30m).
  6. Mr. Armstrong if this is a hoax than why did the CCP literally shown down a city of 16 million people and weld citizens into their apartment buildings? Is the CCP run by the "deep state." And every other country of Korea to Brazil is in on the scam? Perhaps dementia has set in because I can't understand how anyone could logically conclude we are not in a pandemic.
  7. I sure am glad as hell I didn't go short on Friday. I would have been road kill.
  8. My call for a dive Monday - not so good. I still think we are range bound and will retest the lows at some point.
  9. How did I get so lucky to be around so many bright people. Jimi you essay kicked ass and Doc your deconstruction gives me pause. From my world - In America 38 states are already reporting serological results (i.e. antybody tests to SARS-Cov-2) with less than 5% infection. NY 36% NJ 42% LA 25% MA CT MI 20% DC 15% WA 8% IL CO 16% PA 12% God I love being an American were we can openly share results in real time. More data to come. These are very small samples so far. We're just getting warmed up on this methodology. But this will be key to killing this epidemic. I can't stress out important
  10. A lot of these tests are 90% accurate. So they will still leave a lot of infected people in the workforce. N95 masks are what they really need to be using.
  11. The Russell 2000 is plummeting down 5% and the stool crew is talking football. This bear has further to go.
  12. Found it Sip - thanks! https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/international/world-news/help-us-like-you-were-helped-after-war-italys-virus-hit-cities-tell-germany/articleshow/74913288.cms
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if instead of using SDRs China steps in before we recover and their central banks takes over directly in Yuan. It is pretty clear they'd like to see the US gone.
  14. There are over 50 vaccines in research. The closest endpoint won't be until June so I think shorting into anything by mid-May would be vaccine safe. But treatment news (non-vaccine) could come earlier.
  15. If I took it out - it wouldn't be going back in. There are other things to use the money for besides stocks. So just not paying the 10% penalty would be cool. But not worth getting infected for. So I'm still in my bear bunker.
  16. This is a failure to launch. Going down Monday again.
  17. I looked at that too but I'm not sure if you need to prove if you or a family member had COVID19 or if it could be just due to the downturn. I wouldn't mind taking out some and paying only taxes and not returning the money but I'm guessing you have to be sick. If anyone knows please chime in.
  18. Cascading effects. We still have a lot of smaller entities that are unstable and they will temporarily default on larger entities. And I'm sure there are a lot of bankruptcies yet to be announced. The world is built on "just in time finance" and some of that won't survive even a two month hiatus if they use up their revolving credit and the banks don't want to get involved.
  19. I mean these sort of chart patterns are what you see in log-periodic power law just after hitting a singularity. After looking at these patterns in previous bubbles I have feel for them. I don't mean they replace my normal trading tools like support / resistance, stochastic, trend-lines, etc. But after a singularity you can visually see certain patterns to overlay these other tools which is why when we got up to the 38 fibo I predicted were were going right back down. It is no different than the way some traders use Elliott Wave Counts to visualize market direction changes on top of basic tech
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