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  1. "There won't be any excess deaths. We are just pulling deaths forward that would have already occurred." The world is mad. Stay safe!
  2. Overnight pajama party in the House and Senate? They have to have a deal by morning.
  3. John Hopkins 3/22/2020 3:25PM PDT:COVID19: Total Confirmed 329935 Total Deaths 14379 Total Recovered: 97846 Italy 59138 US 32717 Spain 28603 Germany 23974 Iran 21638 France 14485 South Korea 8897 Switzer. 7014
  4. USA 3/22/2020 at 3:21PM PDT Total 33058 Recovered 178 Dead 417 New York 15793 New Jersey 1914 Washington 1798 California 1642 Illinois 1049 Michigan 1037 Louisiana 837 Florida 830 Massachusetts 646 Texas 627 Georgia 600 Penn 509
  5. Limits E-Mini S&P for today’s session are: Overnight +5% @ 2,404.00 -5% @ 2,174.00 ... hit within minutes During US hours (beginning 8:30 CT) -7% @ 2,128.00 -13% @ 1,989.50 -20% @ 1,828.50
  6. The Global Dollar Short Squeeze https://www.lynalden.com/global-dollar-short-squeeze/
  7. I would say that I'm shocked but I'm not. I would have been shocked 10 years ago but I've come to expect Zimbabwe's politics from our government. Nice touch that the coin has to be "platinum." Like this is some sort of platinum credit card that we are going to get a bunch of airline miles from or something. Why not just 3d print it out of coronavirus because it'll be just as healthy.
  8. Good chance of national guard in the next week - probably not martial law - but a show of force to prevent things breaking out of control. What concerns me most right now is how fast we can increase the number of ventilators and Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation devices (ECMO) in the next couple of months. A clinician is going to be less worried if the patient is dying of X than if the patient isn't able to breath and they can't do anything about it. We need oxygen. My second concern is PPE personal protective equipment for medical workers. If we have those two things ready I care a whole lo
  9. Cases confirmed in Italy will surpass those reported in Wuhan as confirmed in a few days. I haven't heard of social unrest there yet. How is Germany doing? Anxiety and major depression seems to be more of what I see so far.
  10. Parking Garage at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, TN
  11. Anyone who bought on that up move earlier is now smoked. I've been looking at companies with huge balance sheets but even those are getting tossed overboard. Just have to keep sitting on my hands.
  12. Don't worry we can just blow another housing bubble, right?
  13. That's the problem Jimi - these are the smartest guys in the room and they don't even have enough information to make that call. I have food stocked but I might stock up on more lentils, rice and beans for the longer haul. I've got to think that it is possible still that this country can pull together like we did for the World War II effort if needed. I sure hope we are still capable of that.
  14. This is the oddest feeling. I'm conversing with all sorts of Ph.D.'s and many are literally wondering if the food will run out by this summer.
  15. This is going to get ugly on Monday AM. I'd short before the close but the big central banks have a their cross hairs on people like me right now.
  16. Looks like the week will go by and I won't get a trade in. I suck!
  17. Everywhere I look the talking heads say they have covered their shorts and are out into cash or gold now. Seems to be the meme in vogue is the risk/reward of shorting isn't there anymore.
  18. Yes, actually it does. I don't think you want details.
  19. I hope everyone is safe and well! It looks to me like they can't keep this thing up. I'm wondering if we have another dump Monday morning.
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