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  1. Just now, sandy beach said:

    As an aside - if you have kids and have anything to do with schools re-opening please consider this paper - it is the best I've read all year on the subject:

    Numerical investigation of aerosol transport in a classroom with relevance to COVID-19


    For the those who don't want to read it they've got a great summary at the bottom.

  2. Merck's MK4482 (was EIDD-2801) has a lot of very important people set to benefit if Phase II trials go well (primary end point in October and study end in November). Cheap to make, kills SARS-CoV-2 and oral i.e. all the drawbacks of Remdesivir this drug does not have. Some posit it may be a mutagen. We'll see. But given how high up some of the people involved are who are involved in this drug it will likely get the benefit of the doubt from the FDA if the results are even marginally acceptable (there are some very irregular things going on in the funding/development). Best of all - they have no liability if they release the drug and they've already got doses ready to ship. Should be interesting. DYODD.

  3. 2 minutes ago, DrStool said:

    Is there any evidence of mutation to a less deadly form, or of doctors getting a handle on keeping those with serious illness alive?

    Returning to health is obviously not going to happen for some victims. This, to me is what is most terrifying.

    So I stay here in Croatia where it's relatively easy to avoid direct contact with other humans. Although I don't do it 100%. I do shop at times, or get takeout. Sadly, I am virtually the only person wearing a mask, especially one that is tight fitting, designed to filter out as much as possible. When I do see people wearing masks, they are so loose fitting as to be worthless, given that no one else is wearing them. 

    So it's not a problem unique to the US. The sad part is that here, they actually had the thing completely beaten. Now they're letting it come back. Hopefully they won't lose control this time. 

    What a horrible way to have to live. But we all need to do our best to help everyone around us stay alive, especially ourselves.  

    No evidence of a less deadly form. However, there is growing evidence that the strain in Italy in New York represents a more deadly form. Hopefully they will contain it soon.

    Yes, they are making progress but slowly. They recently had very positive results with dexamethasone in clinic trials for severe cases. They have also learned not to put people on ventilators unless every other approach fails. A lot of patients died early on due to premature intubation because they were worried about exposing staff to the virus. Now they use a combination of prone positioning (lying on your stomach) and Low-molecular weight heparin with passive oxygen with good results. We're learning a lot about the immune response that will lead to better treatments but we haven't testing them yet. For example activation of CD8+ T-cells seems critical and deactivation of platelets during the immune response may lead to improved survival. So we may be looking at using CAR-T or other methods to do this in future. 

    The Oxford vaccine is now entering a trail phase involving tens of thousands of subjects in the UK, Africa and Brazil. So we'll have results from that soon that will be significant. Many other smaller trials are underway. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, DrStool said:


    My cousin is an ER doc and toxicologist in Tucson. She's a brilliant young woman on the frontlines of the madness in Arizona and throughout the South and West. She is in danger every day.  

    The governors of these states have quite literally chosen to commit mass murder.  Having been warned repeatedly, they knew exactly what would happen. The simple act of requiring people to wear masks in public could have prevented this. These governors and their supporters are the philosphical spawn of the Southern slaveowners of 160 years ago. They are getting what they wished for.  

    Everyone else is an innocent victim.    

    If you look at a key ratio - percentage of people over 65 versus number of ICU beds AZ major cities in AZ are some of the most at risk in the nation. They'll run out of beds quickly unlike many young University towns with research hospitals for example. 

  5. The think about deaths is they often lag infections by four weeks and we are still having protesters, migrant works and "going back to business" shoppers and works mingling every day. The most at risk are sheltered still (I hope). So probably younger folks will be getting infected and only later infecting their older relatives and friends in 1 - 2 weeks who will then die 3-4 weeks after that. So we may not see an uptick for a while. Hopefully infections are limited more to the younger cohorts this time now that more people are aware of the issue. But in some communities information is still not getting in. 

  6. Quality of life issue for those who are risk is a real thing. This link shows what your brain looks like via MRI images after the SARS-CoV-2 eats it:


    Worth a look but not while you are eating. Sit down before opening link. This is the result of direct infection of the brain or of the arteries in the brain. 

    And this is in addition to all the strokes people are having due to thrombosis during disease and up to weeks later. That's an unrelated issue. 

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