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  1. PCG: California utility PG&E tumbled more than 52% after its CEO Geisha Williams quits.
  2. Thanks for the charts Doc and Morph!
  3. S&P sitting around the 38.2% Fibo from the Oct market high right here in the mid-2770's. The 50% fibo is very close to the 50-day MA and strong horizontal resistance @ about 2640.
  4. $RUT has to close substantially above the 200-week today for us to get the S&P to the 50% Fibo in my opinion. And then that would be one hell of a shorting opportunity from 2650! Right now the $RUT seems willing and able. The MACD on the S&P has turned to a short term buy. So it could happen. Pretty wild ride!
  5. Love the fangs! This is like a late Christmas! Enjoy the crash!
  6. Anyone got the guts to go short China/Asia before the close?
  7. Wow! Short covering not holding this up with less than 20 mins to go. If this doesn't zoom up soon this is going to be very bearish.
  8. The front end of the yield curve is really catching a bid. Massive move into government bond funds.
  9. “In Philadelphia $AAPL is worth Fifty bucks"
  10. I thought this was funny back in May: Harvard Endowment Goes All-In on Apple, Microsoft and Google: The university’s endowment took on new stakes in Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Google’s parent Alphabet Inc. in the first quarter, and they now account for more than two-thirds of the publicly traded American securities https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-11/harvard-endowment-goes-all-in-on-apple-microsoft-and-google They did sell some in Nov: https://www.barrons.com/articles/harvard-sold-apple-stock-and-dodged-a-bullet-1542369600
  11. Apple: "While we anticipated some challenges in key emerging markets, we did not foresee the magnitude of the economic deceleration, particularly in Greater China," They want a trade deal. Sales are good in the USA and service and wearable revenue is booming. But sales of iPhone in China are not doing well.
  12. Low volume day lacking conviction. And to boot the $RUT didn't tackle the 200-week average. Hopefully the adults will get back from vacation soon so we can get this party started again.
  13. $rut tested the 200-week ave again from below and failed (so far). $RUT has to close substantially above 1354 or this thing isn't going up.
  14. If we get a bounce later today or go sideways for a few days we're likely to get an MACD cross-over on the S&P daily chart.
  15. Looks like we are just mean reverting to the whole pre-Christmas week price.
  16. Looks like no one has the balls to hold over the holiday. We'll have to wait and see what happens when the adults are back from their tropical vacations on January 2nd.
  17. I think I'll hold my small position in VKTX and see what happens next week.
  18. Selling ILMN to lock in over 20 point gain. Will re-enter if we get a dive.

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