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  1. Just bought back Ellie Mae Inc (NYSE: ELLI) which I had sold for a profit at a much high price earlier this summer.
  2. Bought Synnex (SNX) another high tech distributor and Western Digital (WDC).
  3. Bought a little Tech Data Corporation (TECD) on the earnings miss. This stock bounces around a lot because they can't forecast well. Tech products have life cycles and and they'll eventually surprise when the next hot tech tools are deployed. We're back to a 2016 stock price today.
  4. I'm really suspecting this is part of the design and not a bug. These maniacs plan to profit big on raising inflation and don't mind wiping out the middle class.
  5. Announcement that the US is going forward with tariffs on Chinese goods and the market barely budges.
  6. We can get all three hats out then! 2900, 26000 and 8000!
  7. Ah shucks - Doc likes us Thanks Doc!
  8. SuperMicro SMCI - in the conference call last night said they are going to be delisted next week for overdue accounting compliance fixes. Screw that - out at $15.55 for a loss of $319. I'm not holding while they go to OTC status. What a POS!
  9. Don't look now but after hours ES has move than lost all its gains for the day and is back to 2853!
  10. Charles Schwab (NYSE: SCHW), TD Ameritrade (NASDAQ: AMTD) and E*TRADE Financial (NASDAQ: ETFC) shares are on watch on reports from CNBC that JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) will unveil a new trading service that will allow 100 free stock or ETF trades in the first year. Those with Chase Private Client get unlimited trades. The new service, to be called 'You Invest', is expected to start next week and will be available to the company's 47 million mobile or online users. A lot of spikes down in pre-market trading of brokers.
  11. So this is what a flying pig looks like! Got it!
  12. Telsa (TSLA) down from 389 to almost 310 - CEO has gone insane (or more likely always was but they figured that was a feature not a bug).
  13. Applied Materials (AMAT) tossed in like a hand grenad and explodes this morning down over 8% 9% and taking the whole semiconductor sector with it. Hoping we have a few more down days in semis so there will be a buying opportunity. Not there yet!

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