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  1. For the those who don't want to read it they've got a great summary at the bottom.
  2. As an aside - if you have kids and have anything to do with schools re-opening please consider this paper - it is the best I've read all year on the subject: Numerical investigation of aerosol transport in a classroom with relevance to COVID-19 aip.scitation.org/doi/10.1063/5.0029118
  3. Merck's MK4482 (was EIDD-2801) has a lot of very important people set to benefit if Phase II trials go well (primary end point in October and study end in November). Cheap to make, kills SARS-CoV-2 and oral i.e. all the drawbacks of Remdesivir this drug does not have. Some posit it may be a mutagen. We'll see. But given how high up some of the people involved are who are involved in this drug it will likely get the benefit of the doubt from the FDA if the results are even marginally acceptable (there are some very irregular things going on in the funding/development). Best of all - they have n
  4. Tokyo hits the 48% seroprevalence mark with a low fatality rate. A drop in new cases seems to indicate they have reached herd immunity: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.09.21.20198796v1.full.pdf+html
  5. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies From Cancer Complications
  6. That's intense and encapsulates 2020 for me as well. Cal Berkeley 1995 also - lived on Telegraph Ave. I remember - I remember when we used to have rain! The bell tower in the rain on the way to class in the A.M. - that was my intro to Berkeley. I thought the rain would never end.
  7. You were smart to buy the air filter. I thought no way this would last this long so we didn't get one. Instead I bought two generators this spring thinking I'd be all set for the PG&E outages this summer. Turns out I picked the wrong prophylactic! So at this point I'm hoping the smoke cures COVID-19 so there will be an upside
  8. I want to go hiking so bad but I've been resisting the urge. This is going to be another boring weekend! I just read they had to evacuate half a million people in Oregon!
  9. How are you're lungs holding out Jimi? My eyes are watering from the smoke.
  10. Docs been doing cycles as far back as I can recall. And we used to have that guy Machine Head on here (I think that was his name) who was very good at Ewave.
  11. Doc - stay wait for borders to open and roll up your sleeves and do the genealogy research. You will not regret it.
  12. 50 day moving average tops the 200 day for the first time since late March on the S&P daily.
  13. China appears to be pulling the markets up which makes no sense. China is having flooding like they haven't seen since 2012. Hubei is submerged. And those flood water are mixing up a toxic brews of viruses. And they don't have a working private flood insurance program.
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