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  1. If the spooz could make it back up to 2742 it might be worth a short to under 2710 possibly down to the 2703 support.
  2. Usually see a bounce after the elections are over... Folks don't like uncertainty.
  3. As the market internals break down millions of American rush into that solid safe haven... TSLA WTAF?
  4. In other news the CDC this morning tells American's not the dress their chickens up for Halloween. What happened to the the collective American IQ that we have to be told this by the CDC? Wow!
  5. We've really got the Halloween spirit going today! LOL
  6. 38.2% Fibo at 2663 so that lines up well.
  7. So called bellwether of the US Economy: CAT.
  8. This is how you make value stocks out of growth stocks.
  9. The old "Sell Zone' of the initial crash was between fibo 61.8% 2742 and fibo 50% 2703. We've gotten all the way down ot 2708!

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