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  1. Looks like for now we're stuck in the 2793 to 2743 Fibo zone.
  2. Small caps need to catch up with this move soon.
  3. Seeking Alpha picks Medifast MED as one of the best stocks of 2018 and it goes bolimic overnight.
  4. Zillow Group ZG decides they are going all in on flipping houses themselves (you can't make this sh3t up) and the stock does a nose dive. What perfect timing! Just as the market is having a period of "inverse heating." But no worries RedFin has the same business-plan now and I'm sure they'll make a ton-o-money flipping shacks in AZ. https://www.geekwire.com/2018/will-cooling-housing-market-affect-zillow-redfins-new-direct-home-sale-programs/ “GeekWire chronicled the first house Zillow ever purchased directly over the summer, a 15-year-old, four-bedroom, two-bath ranch-style home in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler, Ariz. Zillow purchased the house in May for $410,000 and put it on the market a few weeks later for $425,000.” “Zillow aims to turn around and sell the houses it buys in roughly 90 days. The Chandler home sat on the market a little longer — about 4 months. Zillow reduced the price and it eventually sold in late September for $403,000.”
  5. Sounds very much like the missing collateral scandal in China a while back. Please keep us informed.
  6. Fxfox - respect you greatly but I'm not sure you understand politics in the U.S. The null hypothesis in the U.S. for midterm election is always that the party opposing the President takes a majority in at least one house. In this case the null hypothesis is that the Democrats will take the House of Reps and the Republicans will retain the Senate by a small margin. Only if this doesn't occur will anyone be surprised.
  7. All major indexes crossing up on the MACD. JNK, HYB and BKLN also trading up so far. Small caps holding up. All bullish yet the whole thing is sagging. Maybe we visit 2703ish one more time and then jamb up into next week? Dunno.
  8. Out of LYB at the open for $93.90 for a tiny gain. This company i way undervalued. Will be keeping an eye on it.
  9. Trade Balance report for September from the Census Bureau. The consensus is the trade deficit to be $53.4 billion. Actual $54 (ouch!) Trade deal rumor debunked. https://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/statistics/highlights/monthly.html
  10. U.S. job growth rebounded sharply in October and wages recorded their largest annual gain in 9-1/2 years unemployment rate steady at a 49-year low of 3.7 percent Nonfarm payrolls increased by 250,000 jobs last month (Wow! Expectations 190k) That boosted the annual increase in wages to 3.1 percent, the biggest gain since April 2009 https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-economy/u-s-job-growth-surges-annual-wage-gain-biggest-since-2009-idUSKCN1N70AJ Blow out!

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