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  1. You trying to tell us something Doc? LOL I guess we better get ready then!
  2. This was very different than Friday. Friday we had traders shorting the market during the day and covering at the end of the day pushing the averages back up. Today we had some traders buying a bit but institutional selling was evident in the last 15 mins or so. That could be bearish. So I'm still staying clear of tech/biotech, etc.
  3. Buying a little more RYN @$30.08 timber is hated.
  4. Buying a tiny bit of PCH @31.50 - nobody likes timber anymore.
  5. Market trading like dogsh3t this morning. No direction just some commodity hype. I think I'll head to the gym and check back later today. Trade safe!
  6. Heading to the gym! Congrats to those of you who made a killing this week!
  7. Look at that - RTY small caps futures heading out the back door!
  8. Come on SLV you barbarous relic! Man up so I can sell you!
  9. Not touching this until I see how it goes next week. I can imagine a couple of weeks of dumping going into the November election before the year end rally. I'm still seeing a lot of overpriced small caps.
  10. RSI was way Dover Sole. We were due for a technical dead cat bounce.

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