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  1. Another footnote-free air-math observation: the average Canadian (and probably North American) lives paycheck to paycheck, has little to no savings, and is in debt or owes rent. Barring extraordinary measures to suspend those obligations, at what point can we expect a spike in crime as ordinary citizens attempt to secure the necessities of life?
  2. Quite an (online) uproar in Canada after our dashing, debonair, dramatic prime minister announces border restrictions with great fanfare- with an exception for travellers from USA. The overwhelming consensus seems to be that US leadership was shockingly absent/lax when it mattered most, and that US travellers are consequently a very risky cohort to allow into the country. Worth noting that Canada's federal response has also been too little too late. The provinces did a far better job stepping up quickly (imo).
  3. S&P/TSX 13,716.33 0.00(0.00%) S&P 500 2,490.47 -220.55(-8.14%) DOW 20,935.16 -2,250.46(-9.71%) CAD/USD 0.7156 -0.0085(-1.1739%) CRUDE OIL 28.99 -2.74(-8.64%)
  4. I'll take it. The Canadian energy complex - in fact the whole TSX - got absopukely decimated this week.
  5. It must be a weird primate behavior that causes groups of otherwise intelligent individuals to default to lowest-common-denominator thinking - and moreso where that lowest-common-denominator is emanating from someone in a leadership position. Why does stupid sell so much faster/better than smart?
  6. Don't yet have a link but: Rank | Date | % ---------|----------|---------- 1 | 1987-10-19 | −22.61 2 | 1929-10-28 | −12.82 3 | 1929-10-29 | −11.73 4 | 2020-03-12 | −9.99 5 | 1929-11-06 | −9.92
  7. Anyone care to ELI5? Are we seriously considering going to the mats?
  8. Doc are there any longer-cycle CMAPs hanging out there? These fast high volume dumps feel like blowoffs to me- but happily (so far) I'm too wuss to actually act on that.
  9. Can't get Canadian quotes through TD and in any event, too scared to enter any bids. Doc's getting existential here, and despite my Mad Max thoughts, I don't see how many of these things can get priced all the way back to and even below 2001 levels (at least Cdn energy stocks). So, no useful information here. No clue what to do, so will try to do nothing.
  10. Great observations. Never looked at it that way before.
  11. Not a good week for me, but still smiling because of Doc's descriptive tour de force yesterday: "But back to the ES fucutures, clearing 3100 today would be a breakout from the channel. But if it did not extend from there, I’d give it another day to prove it wasn’t a breakout fakeout. If 3090 proves impenetrable, look out for cow diarrhea. We’d see 2980 fast. If that breaks, then back to 2850 we go." [emphasis added.] https://wallstreetexaminer.com/2020/03/brown-pants-syndrome-day/
  12. Is a SWUP still a SWUP on a volatile day? A close at or below the lows after this week would set us up for a veritable fucktangle on Monday.
  13. Just tried and couldn't understand a word of it. Or, perhaps it was the facebook-meme 1997-granny format that threw me off.
  14. Gettin the band back together. Or you can take the Stool out of the Stoolie but you can't take the Stoolie out of the Stool?
  15. Sadly lost in the ether, like our old Reo Speedwagon quotes, Bareister's diatribes with Machinehead, and some of the old Mark2Market classics like "Holeshot" and "The Supermodels"... those were the daze!
  16. 'Sup y'all? Showing up and chiming in to mark either a high, low, or Fibernacho midpoint of the move 😀
  17. Beardrech, your absence has been noted and mourned, and your reappearance is welcome and celebrated. The Poet Stooleate returns. Indeed, the greatest blow to our collective FURce of good and rational is not the losses many of us have sustained, but rather the multipronged attack on our confidence at best, and our sanity at worst. And, you are, as ever, entirely correct. Al Green and his bully boyz and ruffians and thugs are little more than that, and their bark packs only the bite we inflict upon ourselves. For the ocean is ineffable, its force unknowable, its vastness unfathomable. Al G
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