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  1. That move in oil launched the Cdn market into orbit for a few minutes there. Like an afterhours stop run..
  2. Nice one Jorma. This sheds light into one of the darker crannies of Stooldom. I've been wondering about these connections since I first started BBS'ing in the mid'80s, back when some of the most voluminous, well written content - really mind-blowing daily volumes of immaculately written and edited "academic"-class prose, was from far-(farrrrr)-right accounts.
  3. Except that it was predictable and predicted as a 100% certainty, only a matter of when. I read an excellent description, eerily accurate, written in 2008 by a Canuck, Andrew Nikiforuk: https://www.amazon.com/Pandemonium-Disease-Biological-Plagues-Century/dp/0670045195 I'm amazed that it really happened, just like the rest of us, because I'm so used to being all alone worrying about what could go wrong and then proven wrong in arrears. So this is taking me by surprise too. But it's no black swan, not really. I was talking to Doc the other day, and reflecting on how badly wrong I've gotten many things. But because of our time together 15 years ago (longer!), my living arrangement and many aspects of my situation are perfectly calibrated to weather this thing, and others like it. I wish I had believed my eyes and gotten my more mainstream investments out of the way, but still I have no debt, live outside the city and am semi-self-sufficient, and will basically be just fine (as things currently stand). I was a normie before becoming a stoolie, so thank you all for that.
  4. This whole market has been an option seller's dream. Huge IV to sell.
  5. That's good news. It will significantly decrease the length and extent of the covid-19 fallout. I think it's bullish on the whole. Far more than blindly ordering everyone back to work early to add fuel to a wave of infection.
  6. Biggest one day rally since 1933, they're saying.
  7. It's so beautiful. I could stare at it all day long. It's so ...yellow and soft and heavy and smooth. Gold fever is a real thing.
  8. Back in 2001 or 2002 when we all first met, I did great with gold and silver, then spent years losing out on other real assets (commodities). Energy stocks have been crushed, especially in Canada- presumably because ultra cheap money and capital had been fueling their rise. I'm still sitting on substantial losses, like most Canadians, and really don't know what to do here. It's easy to buy these stocks at these levels, which sets off a trader's alarm bell for me on its own..
  9. I can't even trade my own money without blowing it up. Yes to the Stool fund though- Doc, whaddya say?
  10. Looks like yesterday marked a relative low. My gut is uncanny, if only I could find a way to actually trust it enough to trade.
  11. This won't be helpful, but into my 5th decade, I've observed that I usually feel like this at significant market lows. The reverse at highs. Of course, I've been feeling like this for the past two weeks almost daily, but today is worse.
  12. It's disorientating to live through history.. just like in the early 2000s. Looks like the Stool is where we come during those special weeks when decades happen.
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