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  1. Here in good ole Kalgoorlie-Boulder (pop 30k) the last covid case was April 2020. The capital, Perth has had a couple of minor lockdowns. No masks, no social distancing, life completely as usual in this small town and the entire state in general. However if one leaves the state then it's the first born to get back in. Do I want to leave the State, nup. Am I vaccinated? nope. I'm a big believer in having a healthy immune system. The only risk factor I have for serious covid illness is the fact that I'm 70 (but there's 70 going on 40 and 70 going on 150). The two biggest cities, Sydney and Melbourne have done it tough. But what do you expect with high population density and many living in vertical petri dishes? There's a lot of pressure now for Western Australia to open the borders and life is about to change for us. I'm not an anti vaxxer but I don't think it's the answer. The big problem is that we've degenerated into an unhealthy race of people. Two out of three people in Australia are sedentary and overweight or obese with all the associated diseases and we think that needles and pills are the answer. The government is pushing the vaccination message but it's still possible to contract the virus and transmit it. The message they should be relaying is "get healthy" not "get vaccinated".
  2. Same happening here in Australia: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-28/can-regional-property-boom-continue-or-be-a-bust/100248228
  3. Sounds good to me ... freezin' my tits off here ..๐Ÿคจ
  4. It looks delightfully warm ... after 2 mild winters we're getting a doozy here, max of 11C today. Rest of the week not looking much better ...
  5. I'm getting a heap of long signals on stocks that do well when the market sinks .. bring it on .. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  6. Much as I try to support Australian produced foods I despair at the generally bland palate of the average Aussie. I mean why would I buy a very ordinary can of pumpkin soup produced in Australia when I can purchase a pumpkin and coconut soup with delicate spices made in Thailand? I agree with Doc's comments re bread and it's the same here: fluffy, tasteless construction with virtually no nutrition. I buy imported wholegrain German rye bread which costs the same and one tasty slice is perfectly satisfying with a meal. Likewise with butter: no Aussie dairy makes garlic butter so I buy a Danish garlic butter which I use on everything, sweet and savoury.
  7. Yes, I'm with you PullMyFinger .. technical stuff (like charts) I understand but the dark side of financials is a bit of a struggle to come to grips with.
  8. Trading has been a bit choppy here lately and I thought the newbie daytraders might have gone and got real jobs however they're back in force. Check this one out: I bought this one back in January for 1.05 cents when there was a brief stirring of interest. It drifted back down until yesterday when I sold 2 small parcels, one at 1.4c and the other at 1.8c. Lo and behold it gets bought again today and I sold some more for 2.3c. Unbelievable. The company has a few oil and gas tenements in Alaska, no announcement, nothing has changed far as I know, rumour and innuendo it seems. But who's complaining. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. Pretty sure it was Jimi .. had a quick look through the archive but couldn't find his post.
  10. It was another outrageous week for me: turned over $7k buying and selling, slowly increasing my portfolio by taking back a portion of capital on the winners and using it to take a stake in others. Jimi, was that you who had shares in 100 small companies on the last big run? And paid for your house with the proceeds?
  11. Funny thing is we have a local GME, a junior explorer .. took off like a rocket temporarily when the newbies heard the news of US GME and didn't read the fine print .. went into a trading halt and then the selling set in ๐Ÿ˜ถ
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