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  1. I think B4 was the leader. Indexcalls was the name of the forum. They wanted the discussion to be more general than just financials. I attended for quite a while but there was a lot of posts to read and comment on and I didn't have the time to get fully involved. Not sure whether it's still going ...
  2. Looks like an amazing place to have a cabin .. maximum nature, minimal clutter 👍
  3. My idea of a beach: 80 mile beach north west Western Australia ..😎
  4. Sounds so good I think I will sell everything I have and send the cash to the Major .. 🤩
  5. It was pretty speedy being as I live by myself and my siblings have other lives. Not quite 100% yet but walking the dog and riding my bike and coping with a large garden. 😀
  6. Continuing health care comments (national healthcare advantages) from yesterday's thread ... I fractured my hip last September and apart from the initial ambulance fee ($500) the overnight stay in the local hospital, the air ambulance to a city hospital, 6 days hospital stay, the actual operation, ongoing medication, 3 months physio with walking aids etc and video consultations with specialists were all absolutely free. Way to go...
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