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  1. Yep, I've got a couple of biotechs to get rid of tomorrow. Just sort of faded away rather than a news drop so a small loss on both of them. Nothing much to buy, a sprinkling of spec explorers .. see what the mood is when the market opens ..
  2. I'm long on golds, biotechs and energy, all speculative stocks. They've been consolidating and look like doing another leg up which means the general market will probably sink. Two stocks I have are in voluntary suspension sorting out financing and another is in a trading halt pending an announcement. That's one of the problems with speculative stocks .. they are always issuing more shares to raise capital which dilutes value.
  3. Well said, Doc. TA always works, it's just a matter of getting one's own personal system together and FOLLOWING IT. Too often in the past I've second guessed my system and then ended up with a big loss instead of a small loss or small profit. I've been pretty good at bullshitting to myself at times but I've learned the hard way to be disciplined and trade what I see. 😊
  4. Yes, I started out as a day trader in the halcyon days of the late 90s and didn't do all that well. Just not quick enough to react and the trading platforms were a bit dodgy in those days too. My trading ranges have gradually increased. Give me a few more years and I'll no doubt be using monthly charts ..
  5. Not big on bleach but baking soda's a wonderful product! I use it in the laundry wash, as a body scrub and as a general all round cleaning product. I suspect people may even use it in baking? 😁
  6. Yes I had enough of thrashing about and reconstructed my trading system using weekly chart trends instead of daily. If the stock gains 50% I sell half, otherwise I wait for a sell signal (trend change) on the weekly chart. I'm only doing longs in stocks $1 per share or less and only $1k per company. I haven't been doing it for that long so not sure about profits but at least I don't have to watch the screen too much and most my decisions are made on the weekend. The rest of the time I get to do gardening, go to the gym and think about life, the universe and everything. 😏
  7. That's really interesting re Croatia, Doc. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. And thanks to itiswhatitis for asking. I was pondering a few similar questions myself but hadn't got around to putting them on screen.
  8. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/11/what-if-trump-refuses-concede/616424/
  9. Yep, scary .. does he think he's in South America and can pull off a coup?
  10. Two weeks ago I was madly bullish but now we seem to be forever stuck in this sideways stuff... Mind you some of the speculative stocks have been doing ok ..
  11. Are you saying "layoff" is not a euphemism for termination of employment? We use "redundancies" term here too.
  12. Yep, market down 3% here today yet buyers were darting out from the shadows and picking up perceived bargains .. on a Friday too.
  13. All Ords looking extremely bullish to me .. major breakout about to happen?
  14. Yep, but needed to pull back and think about it ... UK/Europe laying back ears and going for it ..
  15. Betcha Potatohead is not getting a lot of sleep .. 😉
  16. I'm thinking the latter. My town does gold mining in a big way. "Sold" signs on a whole lotta real estate, loads of tradies with unfamiliar logos on their vehicles, boom just starting imo ...
  17. Blowout in coronavirus numbers in state of Victoria .. 723 .. aged care inmates dying like flies .. masks mandatory throughout state from tonight. Next state north, New South Wales starting to crank up on numbers and further north, Queensland just found a couple of infected teens from Victoria roaming at large in the community. Still ok here in the west .. no community spread although Australia's equivalent of Donald Trump reckons Western Australia should open the borders and has taken it to court ..
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