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  1. Totally crazy trading here in the speculative market. There's a massive FOMO factor. I'm a small player in small parcels and I turned over almost $6k this week without even trying. This is beginning to feel like a full time job, arrrrgh .. 🙄
  2. Yep, same happening in Australia .. a $1 stock is considered expensive .. 😁 Under 10c is a popular choice. My sort of market. 😎
  3. Think the punters are already in Christmas/New Year mode .. very quiet action today *yawn*
  4. Global markets were overdue for a strong move; gold has been signalling a plunge for a a week or so ..
  5. Yes, I had exactly the same problem when I started my current (longer term) approach .. (smackies ..do not buy on breakouts ..) Now I wait for those who bought historically higher to cash out and those who are wanting to get in cheaply, start buying and I wait with uncharacteristic patience to get with the program. Much better. No $$ sloshing sideways earning nothing.
  6. Add to that a whole lot of trigger-happy newbie daytraders ... sheesh
  7. Absolutely tedious watching this market atm let alone trying to trade it. Paralysis has set in and until we get a major move (I'm thinking down) it's 2 steps forward, 2 steps back, 2 steps forward, etc, etc ..
  8. Yes, I'm with you Greg Fokker .. Over the last 20+ yrs I've worked my way through inheritances, superannuation, insurance payouts, etc. Just as well I own the roof over my head and have no debt or dependents. I'm not blaming the way the market performs: rather it's my own weaknesses and an over optimistic view of my abilities. I have worked hard to correct these and I think I see light at the end of the tunnel. Mind you I have said this before. In the meantime I pick up recyclables and cash them in, rent out rooms in my house on a casual basis and have a very modest lifestyle. I am elig
  9. Well that could be the case with these guys too but the charts show the 200 ma (daily chart) is rising and the macd (weekly chart) is also heading north. It could just be a short breakout of course but I'm thinking these dogs are about to get their day..
  10. What do these Aussie stock charts have in common? Answer: massive bases .. there are many more charts similar to these in the speculative sector .. could be a blast off any day 🤩
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