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  1. Love the building but there's no privacy: seems like every window has a zillion neighbours' windows looking back at you ..
  2. Yeah YoBob was the one from Idaho whose handle escaped me ... Bearman was another concerning one .. think he had a howitzer mounted on his front lawn!
  3. That's the one .. and there was Bastiat, PileDriver, California Gold, The Brown One, the bloke from Idaho (forgotten his name), Dozer, Farmer (that guy living off the grid with family, even grew his own tobacco) and many more .. all good people in spite of what Doc says 😁
  4. I think B4 was the leader. Indexcalls was the name of the forum. They wanted the discussion to be more general than just financials. I attended for quite a while but there was a lot of posts to read and comment on and I didn't have the time to get fully involved. Not sure whether it's still going ...
  5. Looks like an amazing place to have a cabin .. maximum nature, minimal clutter 👍
  6. My idea of a beach: 80 mile beach north west Western Australia ..😎
  7. Sounds so good I think I will sell everything I have and send the cash to the Major .. 🤩
  8. It was pretty speedy being as I live by myself and my siblings have other lives. Not quite 100% yet but walking the dog and riding my bike and coping with a large garden. 😀
  9. Continuing health care comments (national healthcare advantages) from yesterday's thread ... I fractured my hip last September and apart from the initial ambulance fee ($500) the overnight stay in the local hospital, the air ambulance to a city hospital, 6 days hospital stay, the actual operation, ongoing medication, 3 months physio with walking aids etc and video consultations with specialists were all absolutely free. Way to go...
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