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  1. Could rising RRP at some point be painting a picture of doom for the Dollar? If there is no confidence in anything except Fed's balance sheet, what does that say about most other dollar denominated assets?
  2. You are right. One reason why I am drawn to this board and your analysis. This is history in the making and one can take your documented work of how this transpired/progressed and one day, put it in the Smithsonian for all to read. Just hope the Smithsonian is still around for future generations.
  3. agree with your assessment. I want the younger generations to have a prosperous life with opportunity abound. However the cycle of greed and overuse of debt will circle around and become a ball and chain for many. The precious metals simply represent freedom of counterparty and systemic risk. My fear is that the walls are closing in and paper assets will not provide much hedge in this coming bear market. I am grateful to read this board everyday. It brings a sense of sanity to this financial mess we are witnessing.
  4. Was going by pure memory....not to shabby. Miss a lot of great participants that have blessed your room over the years.
  5. excellent. Look forward to following you. Been around since 2005 I think. A lot of great people have come and gone on this site.
  6. very fair assessment, I always appreciate every angle. Your recent call has been great.
  7. by the way, I am also in the interview/call with Lee. Really appreciate your work CoinGuy
  8. Big supporter of silver. Interesting fact. We are near cost of production of the primary silver producers. This has been a floor in the past.
  9. In the spirit of Sesame Street One of these things lines is not like the others, One of these things lines just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing line is not like the others By the time I finish my song?
  10. With long term retail charts breaking like twigs.....asking for a friend. Will those lifetime warranty coverages offered by Target, Costco, Walmart be honored in 2 years?
  11. With Target down big, I had to say it. https://twitter.com/profitsplusid/status/1526936217991802882?s=20&t=mSG0Xi89ZErD2AipXNRFJw
  12. Lee, Could the RRP been designed to stop t-bill rates from going negative or keep pressure on yields due to a shortage of available t-bills. Basically having RRP as another form of savings, this removes the normal market pressure of excess funds from t-bill paydowns seeking fewer and fewer t-bills (keeping rates artificially lower). Allows a t-bill market that can react or be pushed higher in yield due to the Fed’s directive to address inflation. RRP simply sucks that available money that would have otherwise made it more difficult for short term t-bill rates to rise. Thus when the Fed raises rates, like you say, they are reacting to the market which has already moved. But it is the structure of RRP that has allowed the short term markets rates to move higher by tightening money flow into the T-bill market.
  13. Lee, I am sure you have an opinion on this one....please unleash.... Bernanke says the Fed’s slow response to inflation ‘was a mistake.....coming from the guy who made QE a household name... https://www.cnbc.com/2022/05/16/bernanke-says-the-feds-slow-response-to-inflation-was-a-mistake.html?__source=sharebar|twitter&par=sharebar
  14. Tom is making the change. I will be tagging a lot of people to tune in. I am very grateful for your time.
  15. This is correct. Should be at 5 pm East coast , 3 pm MT. T Reaching out to Tom, He may have got his time regions confused. adjusted 2 hours the wrong way. Will clarify. Wanted to have this after the market close.
  16. Thank you Lee for providing time today for the Spaces event. https://twitter.com/profitsplusid/status/1524940442869047308?s=20&t=tqtz5oxd6VMNrjVZ3JSwhw
  17. amazing your not getting more page views here....is the market so bad that even bears are losing money?
  18. Mr. Margin Clerk may have the last say in the matter.
  19. Can there be such thing as a ponzi squared or ponzi cubed?
  20. Now the important stuff....what is with all these attacks on comedians?
  21. TBAC...looks like the Government wants to hold onto more cash? less liquidity for the market. https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/jy0755
  22. This guy must follow Lee.... Andy Constan @dampedspring · 3m Facts changed Constan Bottom 2 may not be firm. Andy Constan @dampedspring · May 2 Buy assets in may and go away. I'll release my DSR publicly on Thursday but today was a huge huge deal. Constan bottom 2 the real bottom is in! twitter.com/dampedspring/s…
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