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  1. "The muscle structure of a cow's neck does not allow it to run quickly on a downward gradient". Thus the upward movement of the stock market shall be known as a bull market.
  2. Please ask your instructor top say the following word 3 times really fast.... Dziewięćsetdziewięćdziesięciodziewięcionarodowościowego ----is the longest Polish word😄
  3. I feel the need for Lee to unload on the employment report again. Bonds were on the edge and rates were moving higher. This low jobs number miraculously saved them, how convenient. Nothing to see here, move along.....
  4. How does this guy become a rock legend in the Fintwit space. There has been so many instances where guys like this have been wrong and Lee has nailed it. Yet many of these guys are promoted like gods. Steven Van Metre @MetreSteven Bonds are pricing that the dollar is going to weaken in the future. But if the dollar continues to rally, bond prices are likely to follow the dollar higher.
  5. I have heard of Peak oil, peak this, peak that, is this peak RRP? $1,600,000,000,000...fu$k me
  6. Is this a lot? Asking for a friend..... *FED REVERSE REPO USAGE RISES TO RECORD $1.605 TRILLION
  7. my guess is the 2 Treasury year note saw very little of that T-Bill paydown?
  8. Lee, nice call on Bonds....The Fed and Treasury are obviously using their propaganda to hide what Lee has uncovered. The whole thing is a liquidity issue and the tapering is the excuse for why bond prices are falling, but in reality it is the supply that is coming like a tsunami.
  9. Someone was spending too much time in their penthouse today.......great stuff Lee....There must be something about full moons and FOMC announcement days that brings out that inner bear in you....😄
  10. FORMER U.S. TREASURY SECRETARIES URGE CONGRESSIONAL LEADERS IN LETTER TO RAISE U.S. DEBT LIMIT WITHOUT DELAY Is this the part in the movie where they strenuously object to being overruled?
  11. how big is the military pension fund contribution? not sure I saw it in your reports.
  12. may have to have the BLS statistically massage the shape of that megaphone. Give it more convexity at the end. That should hold the passive index crowd together....
  13. Did the Fed secretly chose to do MBS transactions during full moons?
  14. Articles like these make me sick....Black Rock was pumping gold a year ago. sell gold and buy stocks? really at these levels? gold and silver relative to the S&P500 is very cheap. Can get cheaper but not nearly as cheap as buying stocks at alltime highs. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/blackrock-fund-manager-cut-almost-163756248.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9jaXRpemVuZnJlZXByZXNzLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAEGfs1RP7xGKG4no0hQY_b-89Os72WavLkXiCVp2EicFSNu5CqroaEDIAMI3mKVQ5T8jR6qENgHByavBc2lfzjz66DmetCk8fCjjy5qT5q5cODPT_4_yrMVkPtsBX5huEChzQNMtXHqV2SS22HjJQKr1xih2O8QvKC9-KsweI_vx
  15. sounds like Riga, Lativa is beautiful and vibrant this time of year..... https://english.alarabiya.net/News/world/2021/09/13/Latvian-ministry-issues-apology-over-military-drill-after-social-media-backlash Military exercises in the center of Riga, Latvia, no warning given. https://twitter.com/IrakiW/status/1437372248977981442
  16. What is even more scary is the Fintwit experts who have 10's of thousands of followers, and many of these guys just regurgitate each other's opinion as expert analysis.
  17. US TREASURY GENERAL ACCOUNT $356B AUG 31 VS $263B PRIOR DAY was this tax receipts?
  18. Think of it as the gillette razors business model......we gave them the handle....now they have to buy the parts from us...
  19. Are you asking about a return "on" your money or a return "of" your money.......I think the latter is more important concept at this point in the bubble.
  20. BULLARD SAYS PURCHASES DON'T HAVE MUCH VALUE RIGHT NOW Primary dealers think otherwise.....
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