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  1. Normally when we have a big Thursday down, attempted rally and failure Friday morning , close at the low on Friday; this sets up for a big down Monday.
  2. is this today's board postings still on page one? Market may have more pain to inflict before we see 3 or 4 pages again indicating peak bearishness.
  3. looking forward to your report. GS was not the only one taking a nosedive recently. Your analysis makes sense. This is more widespread and certainly not talked about.
  4. Lee any thoughts on Goldman Sachs loosing $500 million last quarter? Is this due to the RRP and lack of FOMC supporting the primary dealer markets? Basically money is not turning over in RRP, just sitting.
  5. Lee What are you hearing about Ukraine and Russia. The media over hear seems we are headed for a war.
  6. The crap some of these macro Fintwit stars are preaching to their followers is crazy.....the latest..... I’ll be buying bonds like crazy…others will be buying when they find out the truth …especially when nominal yields are negative yet the real yield will be positive…so bizarre right?
  7. This gif is for you. https://twitter.com/profitsplusid/status/1481059169805418496?s=20 https://twitter.com/profitsplusid/status/1481059169805418496?s=20
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