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  1. Hate to say this. He is a white male. In this insane age, that is plenty of cause.
  2. Cigars are so old school. Just rub a little Cannabidiol—CBD oil on your skin and call it good.
  3. Spoiler Alert..............this article was from last week. we will continue your previously scheduled program
  4. **Spoiler Alert** time to buy..... Gartman: "A Global Bear Market Of Some Very Real Consequence Is Developing" https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-04/gartman-global-bear-market-some-very-real-consequence-developing
  5. liquidity rules and everything else (today) drool........
  6. too late, the market gods have already heard you......😉
  7. that looks like a PInk Floyd light show.....
  8. appreciate the commentary.....This decay has been happening for a long time. I would imagine there is a strong correlation over the last 35 years between the Federal Reserve accommodation of the markets, the growth of debts in this country, widening inequality and the political correctness that was the glue to hold this entire shit show together.....
  9. These government polices are getting more creative when it comes to kicking the can down the road (deficit spending, tax cuts, and then tariffs to pay for the prior 2). The borrowing and spending game keeps going as long as everyone interprets this debt bonanza as actual economic strength. I agree, this creativity is really another way of trying to manage all this leverage. Income statements dominate in a bull market, while balance sheets dominate in a bear market.
  10. For anyone interested or will be attending. I will be at the CME Precious Metals dinner in New York City Tomorrow night (9-12-2018).
  11. I love how Yahoo finance associates the following picture with today's stock market story. I guess they are trying to mask the dead volume with 25 year old pictures when exchange floors had a heart beat.
  12. Good point. However, I would think that the stock market would be a deeper source of liquidity.There is not nearly enough physical gold out there for debtors to fund their dollar short squeeze. Especially when the price of gold is collapsing. Would think a default would be more in the cards if can not find enough dollars. Why would emerging market countries sell off strategic assets when the debt burdens may never be able to be paid off? Would be easier to walk away. Similar to the US mortgage crisis.

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