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  1. Commercials were loading up short while large specs were loading up on the long side the last few weeks. I guess the commercials are pulling the rug today. The retail physical market is very quiet. Has been for sometime now. A lot of selling by retail holders into the rallies. Dealers are struggling. Very few players are making any money in the physical market.
  2. U.S. Budget Gap Balloons to $739 Billion Despite Tariff Revenue https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-12/u-s-budget-gap-hits-739-billion-with-four-months-left-in-year The U.S. budget deficit widened to $738.6 billion in the first eight months of the fiscal year, a $206 billion increase from a year earlier, despite a revenue boost from President Donald Trump’s tariffs on imported merchandise. The shortfall was 38.8% more than the same period a year ago, the Treasury Department said in its monthly budget review released on Wednesday. So far in the fiscal year that began Oct. 1, a revenue increase of 2.3% hasn’t kept pace with a 9.3% rise in spending.
  3. I can see it now. After NIRP We will have: CHIRP, BURP, TWERP, and then, PERP
  4. Lee, Read the following article from the IMF. Wondering what your thoughts are on this idea. Put chills down my spine. Feels like the walls are continually closing in for savers. Cashing In: How to Make Negative Interest Rates Work
  5. great article. One question, China's central bank has become a bigger player of money printing and balance sheet expansion. Why wouldn't you group them in with the other three Musketeers (FED, ECB, BOJ). Could PBOC be the next fourth Musketeer, d'Artagnan?
  6. I learned very early in my career, can not go broke by taking a profit. However, "trader's remorse" is another story.
  7. Didn't you mean "astrologers". Astronomy implies these people actually have intelligence and common sense.
  8. After that speech, Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester mentioned the following. No evidence that Fed's balance sheet is behind market swings: Mester https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-fed-mester-balancesheet/no-evidence-that-feds-balance-sheet-is-behind-market-swings-mester-idUSKCN1Q203Z
  9. retail investor continues to not believe the rally. This is the best thing that could happen for gold on a contraian basis. Climbing the wall of worry. Many long term bulls continue to call for larger pullbacks ever since the summer selloff. Amount of gold ounces bought last year were equivalent to the low in 2000.
  10. The modern day version of "let them eat cake"....... Wilbur Ross says he doesn't understand why federal workers are turning to food banks in shutdown https://www.yahoo.com/news/wilbur-ross-says-doesnt-understand-federal-workers-turning-food-banks-shutdown-154529250.html Ross, whose net worth in 2016 was estimated to be $2.9 billion, said those workers should seek loans because “the banks and the credit unions should be making credit available to them.”
  11. interesting article. The retail crowd is no where to be seen in the metals market. Billionaire Sam Zell Buys Gold for First Time in Bet on Tight Supply https://finance.yahoo.com/news/billionaire-sam-zell-buys-gold-180902644.html
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