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  1. my expectation is hyperinflation. just look at the Euro relative to gold since 1999. Its the path of least resistance.
  2. release the Kraken....... Liquidity Trader @Lee_Adler This is why I should not be on Twitter. Fucking self serving so called conservatives who want the weakest to die so that it won't cost them a penny to help support a stable, society that cares about the greater good, not just their own god damn money. Why do I get the feeling I am watching another Bobby Knight game. Twitter is the Ref calling a technical, then all of sudden Lee throws a chair and gets completely kicked out again.
  3. He is back... have not missed a beat. I love it. Liquidity Trader @Lee_Adler ยท 35m Bernanke is a criminal monster, a mass murderer. He's the essence of the banality of evil, the Adolf Eichman of central bankers. QE and ZIRP to infinity were all him. Yellen did her best, but was destined to fail because the system was too far gone, too deep in the hole.
  4. whats between 2530 and 2515? High Frequency Purgatory?
  5. Appreciate the article. I have seen so many dealers, ETFs, allocated and pooled programs come out of the woodworks saying we have gold and buy it from us. Most of these players are not just taking advantage of an event and profit from but are gouging the customer. The misinformation is simply criminal. They are convincing people wanting the real metal without counterparty risk to invest in a program that can not even guarantee delivery let alone allow direct actual ownership.
  6. But they tell us they are helping the households and businesses.......
  7. show me anywhere in the attached client agreement the word "segregated". https://www.goldmoney.com/images/media/Files/Docs/goldmoney-client-agreement-canada.pdf
  8. Just came out..... reassurance or advertising? you decide....this is an allocated or pooled program with owners sharing a 400 oz gold bar.
  9. I have looked into this and most digital gold programs in detail. All are $hit. There is extreme counterparty risk, conflict of interest risk, delivery risk, etc.... Has anyone read the agreements to these programs and actually understand what they own and their recourse? Everyone is trying to recreate the wheel. Why not just own the wheel? This idea that everything needs to be digital is a joke. Security and convenience do not go hand in hand for a reason. I should mention there is a way to do this right, digitally, but no one want to go the extra step. These programs are designed for their sponsers not the public.
  10. Jimi, great summary. However, the issue is much larger. If some customers of all these ETFs, pooled, and allocated programs started to request delivery they will fail as well. I am taking large names who buy 400 oz gold bars and provide co-ownership on paper of the same bar.
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