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  1. Lee, Thought you may like this. Unexplained tax revenue growth vexes budget scorekeepers https://rollcall.com/2022/06/01/unexplained-tax-revenue-growth-vexes-budget-scorekeepers/
  2. whoever is taking the pictures, sure does have a fetish for inside wall corners.
  3. That is one hell of a scary chart. Any coincidence your report came out on Halloween?
  4. https://www.wsj.com/articles/fed-set-to-raise-rates-by-0-75-point-and-debate-size-of-future-hikes-11666356757
  5. Sign of a Fed Pivot: Todays sharp reversal in (the super shorted) JPY & higher precious metals being pinned on a @NickTimiraos article ( a 'Fed mouthpiece'). The Nov "meeting could serve as a critical staging ground for future plans, including whether and how to step down to 50 basis points in December". So if this is the last supersized 75bp hike, its enough visibility for Gold to hold into physical floors currently at $1620 and Silver ~$18.50
  6. That is reflected in the share price as it relates to the NAV of the fund. creation and redemption of shares is simply a profit center of the APs. There has not been much net redemption of shares since the shares outstanding has continually been rising.
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