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  1. Trololo Market Goes On Its Way - Professional Edition - Read for 30 days risk free. http://t.co/ZX6kcJ8t

  2. The Dangerous Myth that Financial Regulation is Unrelated to Financial Crime - William K. Black http://t.co/lUR94Sf6

  3. $FB probably pretty much done going down for now. 6-7 week cycle projection of 18 was almost hit. http://t.co/MXuCwcbk

  4. Time for a Shock Doctrine Crisis http://t.co/hxqByCa1

  5. Wall Street Has Set You Up Like a Bowling Pin - Shah Gilani http://t.co/7vs5gf8Z

  6. No Sign Of Overdue Pullback As Indicators Point Higher Still - Professional Edition - read risk free for 30 days. http://t.co/h9ayfAQp

  7. That Repub. elitist shill Ferguson opposes Obama, no surprise, but Newsweek owned by Dems. Suggests Dem heavy hitters abandoning Obama.

  8. Supply Surprise Hit Treasury Market, Withholding Taxes Rebound - Professional Edition- Read risk free for 30 days. http://t.co/Ejfa7NQB

  9. Insidious anti-Semitism grows in the blogosphere, hiding behind pseudonyms. Zerohedge for years. Now Naked Capitalism. Despicable.

  10. $spx But the longer it stays flat up here, the greater the likelihood it will break out topside. http://t.co/TgGDEQ4H

  11. Intermediate Market Cycles Pointing Higher Still - Professional Edition- read risk free for 30 days. http://t.co/YtXX4vdl

  12. Industrial Production Data Presents A Head Scratching Anomaly- Decreasing Electricity Use http://t.co/99emBMmS

  13. Saletan’s elegy for Paul Ryan’s DOA budget fantasy - William K. Black http://t.co/p3Fq7WZc

  14. $spx just tagged a new 2 day cycle projection of 1410. http://t.co/OvyXm83M

  15. Where's the Correction? Professional Edition- read risk free for 30 days. http://t.co/qft3PoJk

  16. Radio Free Wall Street subscriber podcast posted. http://t.co/966OfZ9v

  17. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac clamping down on banks- too little, too late - http://t.co/Oa5CPtSo

  18. US Falling Behind Rest of World Not Because We Can't Afford, But We Refuse To Pay http://t.co/T3rj5PPt

  19. Precious Metals Update - Professional Edition- read risk free for 30 days. http://t.co/uXeyiiHB

  20. Macro Liquidity Softer But Still Bullish, As Fed Continues to Cash Out Dealers- Prof Ed. read for 30 days risk free http://t.co/ABP0qogE

  21. David Stockman Says Mini Ron Paul Ryan Spins Fairy Tales That Won't Work and Can't Pass Even A Republican Congress http://t.co/RdjMDtbY

  22. NY Times Absurdly Calls $340 Million Standard Chartered Settlement A Win For the State http://t.co/aHlrjBJb

  23. Retail Sales Data Surprises, But Real Data Is Underwhelming http://t.co/ZaEeENHm

  24. $spx 2 and 3 day cycle projections 1408, Done. Early read on 5 day cycle projection 1411-13. http://t.co/Y2AY18xE

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