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  1. Wielding The Corporate Tax Dodge Code Like A Cudgel – Wolf Richter http://t.co/v8htD1Bb

  2. $spx 2 day cycle projection down to 1377. 3 day down to 1379-80. Trendline support right here at 1372.70. http://t.co/xcCIoWsf

  3. $spx 2 day cycle projection. I'm going to revise my take on that to 1379-80. http://t.co/xcCIoWsf

  4. Six Dividend Stocks to Hold Forever http://t.co/OroFzhWj

  5. Is The Economy Really Slowing? Not According to Federal Revenues - Lee Adler: http://t.co/l8UPZ0Wf

  6. Full Text- Opening Statement and Live Video -Bernanke Report to the Congress- Senate Testimony-July 17, 2012 http://t.co/QS84CjV6

  7. Weaker retail sales do not indicate weakening economy- that’s not contradictory http://t.co/LNmbRqHl

  8. $spx 2 day cycle sideways down phase should be bottoming. 5 day cycle indicators haven't gone to the sell side. http://t.co/RhvXhZRR

  9. Life Ain’t Fair: Libor Perp Walks Before the Election, but No Perp Walks for Central Banks - Wolf Richter: http://t.co/e10knhfr

  10. It’s Almost Over For Greece - WOlf Richter http://t.co/Nkqve9BM

  11. Both Parties Have it Wrong – Shah Gilani http://t.co/4QKARneV

  12. More of James Grant Excoriating the Fed- 20 Minutes With Lauren Lyster- Video http://t.co/GVbh5GsQ

  13. $spx 2 day cycle projection hit but 3 day cycle projection now 1367. 5 day, 1368. http://t.co/tqOgQx8J

  14. $spx 2 day cycle projection rises to 1355, 3 day to 1357, 5 day to 1362 http://t.co/vQJeW9jT

  15. $spx 2 day cycle projection now 1343. With 5 day cycle in up phase, would not bet against breakout. http://t.co/wiRdXgrP

  16. $spx 2 day cycle projection 1339-40. http://t.co/CkE2Dy0c

  17. Claims beat, but again, result of the arbitrary seasonal adjustment process. Unadjusted claims were dead on trend. http://t.co/pt6qVrls

  18. Mitt Romney’s Running Mate: Meet the Candidates | The Wall Street Examiner http://t.co/cFgAWEAW

  19. ‘The mob learned from Wall Street- Spitzer and Taibbi on the ‘cartel-style corruption’ behind Libor scam - Video: http://t.co/DMjXz0vE

  20. Lauren Lyster Does PFG Best – Video http://t.co/8NiDfWYe

  21. $spx 2 day cycle projection drops to 1336. http://t.co/5wNar3kg

  22. Wall Street executives say wrongdoing necessary, as society becomes culturally unable to tell right from wrong http://t.co/nbFoy30d

  23. $spx back to the 5 day cycle centerline here. Bulls could charge if they get through. http://t.co/QS1IKVNq

  24. Too Many to Fail: Russ Winter http://t.co/kKC5MYuW

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