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  1. 1 hour ago, Jimbo said:


    Its not the coin....thats obviously worthless.

    Answer:  Its the exit liquidity!!!!!!!!!!

    Without that the insiders can't dump their worthless native token for real money.

    That's why they pay internet influences a small fortune to pump their coin.

    Thats why they run their exhchanges at an operating loss to attrack traders and their associated deposits.

    Thats why they burn the VC's capital to subsidize trading.

    Thats why they then use the deposits to pump and price support the native token while they cash out. 


  2. From April through October, Nice has the holiday tourist feel. The place is just packed with visitors from June through September, and the shoulder months are almost as busy. It's a lot of fun. 

    Another great thing about owning a nice apartment here, you can arbitrage your apartment for a vacation almost anywhere else in Europe, virtually always for less than you're getting in rent from your apartment. In some cases, much less, such as if you go to a Baltic Sea resort, or Slovenia or Croatia.  That's seaside. If you go inland, it's even less. You could tool around beautiful central Europe, even in France, all summer and come back with more money in your trading account than when you left. For people like me, on a little bit of a budget, it's a nice perk. 😉

    As for produce, there's a fresh produce stand about 120 meters from my door. Place is always busy, and the produce is cheaper than the supermarkets for most things, but not all. But it's cheap for a reason. I figured out after throwing shit away once or twice a week, that the guy buys lower quality merchandise. So I stopped shopping there. The Halal butcher shop/convenience store right across the street from me actually has better fresh produce, and his prices are competitive. But the best quality fruits and veggies are at the Monoprix, Carrefour, Casino, and Utile. There's also an ALDI just a few blocks away. Produce is always good there, and really cheap. Another discount chain on the same block is Netto. Haven't tried it yet. 

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  3. 16 minutes ago, Jimi said:

    The more distant reaches are too boring for us, too. The old port or your Place du Pin are the right distance from the old city: close enough to walk to the daily market for fresh produce & restaurants, but far enough away when you want respite from the hustle/bustle. 

    The wife & I rented a flat a block away from the bottom of the Crooked Street in San Francisco before kids. We could look out our window and see a gaggle of tourists snapping pictures from 7am until midnight.  I loved the energy of tourists enjoying a locale: there's a simple joy to it.

    The place had been in the landlord's family since the 1940s or something. Nice guy who lived in SoCal. I asked him once before committing to moving out whether he had any interest in selling the building, without much idea of how we'd finance it: we just loved the place and the views. He laughed, but said no: his tax basis was nothing and his rent-roll was fabulous. There was a mountain of deferred maintenance on the place.

    I would guess he died this year, because the place came on the market for the first time about 4 months ago:


    The wife & I bought some lottery tickets, with this place in mind.

    Obviously we didn't win....

    The market in Cours Saleya is a tourist trap. The real market is in Liberation, along Ave Malausenna tram way.  (extension of Jean Medicin) and around Place General de Gaulle. It's awesome. But believe it or not, the best produce is in the supermarkets. Some of the produce vendors are shysters. 

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  4. Just now, Jimi said:

    What they said - welcome.

    It is nice to see fresh posters.

    You're all here for the pot farm reports, right?


    I, too, am sickened by the inevitable bailout of the rich & unworthy: pretty much walked away from this website and market-following in general after the ca. 2008/2009 "Leave no Banker Behind". We still are operating in the shadow of that miserable eposiode.

    I've looked at Golden Visa requirements in Portugal, Greece & Malta; and I've looked at a lot of apartment listings in Nice, because it enjoys an emotional attachment... and because I feel a similar impulse to pursue greener pastures.

    But that may be a function of having overstayed residency in a Bay Area that has morphed sadly into... something it once wasn't.

    You gotta move to Nice. First of all, the city and the whole region are freaking gorgeous. Secondly, the transportation access both locally and regionally for all of Europe are phenomenal. Direct flights to and from every major city in Europe in less than 2 hours. 90 minutes to Paris and BCN, and 75 minutes to Rome. 

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  5. 10 minutes ago, TurdButter said:

    It does seem that we're at or near a key point for the primary trend. I loosely follow long time technician Peter Eliades and he says we are in an important resistance area for both time and price. He thinks turn down, and then hard down, is more likely but also if SPX gets maybe 3% beyond Wednesday high then October was a major low.

    Welcome, Turd Butter! 

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