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  1. Feels like the good old days with gold stock picks. 7 picks. 7 winners. Average gain 20%. Average holding time 20 days. Laissez les bon temps roullez! http://liquiditytrader.com/index.php/2019/06/17/holding-tight-to-our-mining-picks/
  2. The most wrong I've ever been about anything ever is the direction of the 10 Year Treasury over the past 6 months.
  3. The same expiration, 10 points out of the money are now approaching a triple. I prefer at the money options because I'm always thinking of the worst case scenario with the trade going the wrong way. With tight stops, the at the money calls will retain much of their premium, so there's a decent recovery of trading capital. Far out of the money will disappear quickly. Don't even think of pyramiding.
  4. The SPY calls that I recommended Monday are now up 65%. Now that I've mentioned that, it's probably the top. 🤓
  5. 2 day cycle downside projection 2934 done. There are no unmet upside projections. 5 day cycle is back on the buy side.
  6. One thing I notice is that some of the charts Force the with slightly past the edge of the screen
  7. The database is down on http://WallStreetExaminer.com. Please stand by.
  8. General Hospital As the World Turns Guiding Light and finally, where we are today-- The Edge of Night The Secret Storm
  9. As we approach 2 PM, the market is sitting exactly on the hourly trendline.
  10. Shport lines on the hourly are now at 2913 and 2910. But the real break would be 2889. If that goes, brick shitting starts. On the upside, resistance is at 2935-37. If that's cleared, rocket launch.
  11. Sniff, sniff. What's that smell? Can you smell it? It's animal spirits. It smells like bullshit. Because it is. It's overwhelming. Will the Fed cave to Trump? If it doesn't, will the market rally anyway? Stay tuned for the next episode of Days of Our Lives, right here at 2 PM.
  12. Another shport trendline at 2917, then 2915. If they don't hold, it's brick shitting time.
  13. 5 day cycle projection has risen to 2904, but that was already done this morning.
  14. 5 day cycle projection 2925, 3 day 2922, both overshot. 2 day cycle downside projection 2911
  15. SPY call is up 38% Should we grab it? Nah . This fucker is just breaking out. http://liquiditytrader.com Subscribe today!
  16. Well, so far so good on my Monday SPY call purchase call. S&P THREE THOUSAND! 😄 It sucks to be bullish, even short term. Feels like I'm supporting the Regime.
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