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  1. The only thing that will drive Trump from office is a stock market crash. http://capitalstool.com/music/tp-panicking.wav
  2. Oh. By the way. The 5 day cycle projection is now 3300. Later!
  3. Maybe this Coronabear VIrus is the real deal. Should I avoid Chinese restaurants? Oh, wait. I'm in Zadar, Croatia. There are no Chinese Restaurants. But we do have a great Asian fusion place about 150 meters from my door. Mmmmm... Soooosheeee.... I'm outtahere. Back in a bit!
  4. I don't know. Does this one feel any different that past BTFDs?
  5. I have always sworn that I would never accept living under a dictatorship, but the number of countries that aren't are dwindling, and Canada is too cold. Besides, it's the Sudetenland.
  6. Trump is now putting US Government SWAT teams in US cities and pardoning convicted felons in droves. WTF
  7. The dealers shook the tree to accumulate the low hanging fruit yesterday morning. Once they were loaded up, up we went. Will we never learn? STAY TUNED FOR TODAY'S EPISODE OF
  8. Next year it will be Dear Leader Trump Day. Anyway, welcome to the new week, a day late, and apparently a couple dollars short. Is this the turn? Nah. More on this later.
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