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  1. LEE'S FREE THINKING Is This A Bottoming Process by Lee Adler • April 2, 2020 • 0 Comments Now is not the time to be nibbling.
  2. Nice summary. Nothing new, except the details of the divorce case. Idjitinsky banned me years ago for calling out his shit, but he continued to steal my work when it suited him. The exposure at least generated a few subscriptions for me.
  3. We are still significantly above the low, and a pullback and test would be perfectly normal. Dicsucs.
  4. I always had a thing for Janet. She was the only one who tried to do the right thing. Bernanke is a monster. Powell is just a normie ©GregFokker. He does what he's told.
  5. Jaysoos Creestoos. The Treasury slipped another $80 billion in new offerings on to this week's schedule just this afternoon. The COVID bailout will be the cure that kills the host. There can now be no doubt whatsoever that the treatmen is worse than the disease. It's like a prostatectomy. Completely unnecessary and leaves the patient with no bladder control, no bowel control, and no sex drive (thank god). Can you imagine.
  6. They just broke the 38th parallel Does Avinguda Diagonal cross Avinguda Parallel?
  7. Dr. Stool is: a. Ha ha funny b. Stupid funny c. Not funny d. Just stupid d.1b.v2.001. None of the above e. Is it time for my cookies and hot chocolate yet?
  8. This is breathtaking. They just hit the 38.2 fibre nocchis pullback. Oy!
  9. O this sucker is breaking down again. This is bad. Really.
  10. New Model. Cornahoho virus dual purpose face mask snd Lawrence of Arabia / Mother Teresa headdress.
  11. Going to the supermarket again. It was closed when I got there yesterday.
  12. Hungary went full dictatorship. US will happen before November.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney's_World_War_II_propaganda_production The B'nail B'rith named him Man of the Year. He also got an award from Hadassah.
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