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  1. maybe this Corona bear virus is the real thing. you know the death of the human race.
  2. What irony it would be if the stock market saves us from this monster. By crashing.
  3. I'm a bit surprised by the power and speed of this drop. OK, more than a bit. I knew we were primed for some short term weakness. But 800 points in a day? Hell no. I think that they'll recover most of this, if not by the close, by the end of the week. On the other hand, if they take out the morning low, then we are in an honest to goodness crashola.
  4. At least with the open dictatorship, you know for sure that they're out to get you.
  5. I'll tell you what. I think that living in an overt dictatorship is probably better than a fake, dying democracy.
  6. Trump's popularity has followed the Dow. How can it be that we live in a country where 49% of the people think that the destruction of the Constitution and a President above the law is just fine?
  7. Do you really think it will get that high? US500 Chart by TradingView
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