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  1. I have to be very careful. People with cardiovascular disease tend not to do well, as in, they tend to end up in the hospital, and a significant percentage don't come out.
  2. They've lost control. They let the whole world in, to save their tourism industry, and surprise surprise, the virus is increasing. 180 new cases today. It may not sound bad, but it's trending higher fast. I'm seeing a few more people wearing masks, but most people aren't. Not a single vendor in the market was wearing one. These people don't believe that the virus is real.
  3. My considered professional analysis. But the hourlies remain on buy signals.
  4. It's 4 PM in the East, and there are already 864 COVID deaths reported today with 16 states still to report anything, and California just early reports.
  5. Did you see the vicious wacko who just won the Congressional primary in NE Georgia. It's so depressing. Trump is sabotaging the postal service, the census. RIgging the market to go higher. Touting non-existent vaccines. Passing tax cuts by decree. Flaunting Supreme Court decisions. Suppressing the COVID data on hospitalizations. They're going to steal the election. Come hell or high water. They'll do whatever is necessary to suppress Dem votes in the swing states. If necessary, they just wona't count them. They'll be in court everywhere trying to create vote chaos. I'm an atheist, but God help us.
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