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  1. That's the point. R for Red and Resistance, but Green powers through it. Have a great weak end!
  2. Stall here. And the 2-3 day cycle projection is just 4185. Friday night lights anyone?
  3. 30 minute bars. I would not want to be John Hussman, David Stockman, Sven Henrich, or Peter Schiff today. Really. How many years can you fight the Fed and fight the tape? The market just keeps ____ing you in the ___.
  4. 5 day cycle projection 4200. Watch this sucker lift off when they take out the top of this channel. Get your lube ready.
  5. Excellent! I'm heading out for a few hours. I'm going to the hood to see if I can score some vax.
  6. 5 day cycle projection now 4195-4205, suggesting that they're going to blow through this channel.
  7. The funny thing is that the bond funds are also breaking out. These people are going to get burned. Bad.
  8. As I go through the screen charts, everything inflation related seems to be breaking out of base patterns. This may not be the transitory thing the Fed is hoping for. All the smart guys have been saying deflation first, then inflation. I think the opposite is more likely.
  9. My twitter follower numbers have broken out along with the market. That's odd. Good but odd. I have to give credit to Potatohead for some of that. Every time he touts me, I get a bunch of followers. The man is extremely influential. 😁
  10. Bulls won today's Screen Game by a raw score of 49 to 22. That's swing trade buy signals vs. sell signals from yesterday's action. Two of the sell signals were inverse ETFs, so we can add those to the buy side for an adjusted score of 51 to 20. Buy signals are increasing as the market rises. There were just 11 buy signals on April 13. They've gone up every day. The market is gaining momentum breadth as it rises. This could go parabolic over the next couple of days. I've had higher targets in my Technical Trader weekly analysis for a few weeks. The market's daily internal dynamics are co
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