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  1. This morning, I'm in a hotel in beautiful downtown Lumberton NC, getting some work done before hitting the road again at noon.
  2. Driving north on 95 with the old ragtop headed for Philly today. See you tonight!
  3. That plane is a killing machine. It wants to stall based on its design. Sooner or later it will fail again, and kill again. Enough people will refuse to fly on it that the airlines will stop flying them. This one is short and to the point. I've read other long highly technical pieces that I did not fully understand, but which reached the same conclusion. https://observer.com/2019/05/boeing-737-max-software-fix-permanently-ground/
  4. When they try to put that 737 Max killing machine back in the air, we'll see the true extent of the problem for the murderer Boeing. My bet is that enough people will refuse to fly on that airplane that Boeing dies. Its entire executive class should be in jail.
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