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  1. More QE.... I just... can't... I suspect that there will be helicopter money this time, and that will drive CPI through the roof.
  2. Love your fundamental anal yses Jimbo! Keep em coming. Been featuring them on WSE. Jimbo has been with us from somewhere Down Under (or NZ?) for 17 years! Awesome!
  3. Check out this trendline action. I drew that line this morning as a parallel to the lower trend. We'll see if it sticks. If they clear it, next stop 2900. What a joke that would be. Try Lee Adler’s Technical Trader and Liquidity Trader risk free for 90 days!
  4. 5 day cycle projection 2800 Long Term Stock Market Chart Perspective by Lee Adler • August 15, 2019 • 0 Comments After a big day like yesterday, I like to get a little long term stock market chart perspective. Try Lee Adler’s Technical Trader risk free for 90 days! Order before 8:00 PM Eastern time on Thursday, August 15 and get the first month free! If you cancel within 30 days, you will not be charged. 90 day money back guarantee period also applies from the intial signup date. This offer applies to first time subscribers only.
  5. WSJ has a story on rising repo rates today, due to Treasury inundating the market. Who had the story before it was a story? That's right. Liquiditytrader.com! And mark my words, this is going to be a very big story. I'll make sure that you have a handle on it ahead of the crowd. Subscribe today!
  6. The recession forecast by the yield curve isn't showing up in the federal tax collection data. Somebody's going to be very disappointed. Like anyone who bought the 10 year at 1.6%. Or even 2%.
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