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  1. 3325 was upper bound of latest uptrend channel on the hourly.
  2. But in the meantime, the only way to make money is to follow the Fed and not make value judgments about what it is doing.
  3. I repost permabear stuff, and I follow it in my Twitter feed, and honestly, I just don't understand why they refuse to get it. Some guys fighting the trend since 2009. Hopefully, they'll be right soon.
  4. As bullish as I've been, I guess maybe not bullish enough. 🤮🤮
  5. I gotta know... What's Hussman say? He's a Very Important Investor. Very smart man. Been wrong for 11 years, but he'll be right one day. Yes he will. You'll see. I wonder if he has any money left though. With his record it must be challenging to attract and retain investors.
  6. Tommorow I will walk up the Marjan to the old Jewish cemetery half way up the hill, and I will say the Kaddish for us all. I will just say this. I'm determined to have the time of my life in the years I have left. And I'm doing it. You should do the same. Because, nothing else really matters. Meanwhile, eventually this corruption will do itself in. Just maybe not in our lifetimes.
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