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  1. Big day tomorrow. And that's the way it is. Good night, and good luck.
  2. Just noticed that the hourly indicators look like the bronto. Beware!
  3. According to quantum mechanics, a flushed turd can appear in two places simultaneously, based on the position of the observer. But the quantum philosopher asks, if there is no observer, does the turd exist? In the stock market, there are many observers, many turds, in many different places. Most of them, like the stock proctologist, are staring at their screens all day. As always, stay alert. Beware of what's coming down! You never know. Might be Arecibo. 5 day cycle projection 3805.
  4. Sold some silverware back home in FL. I guess the haircut was because it had to be processed. That was the best offer we got.
  5. Paper money is hard to spend, particularly online. Crypto is too volatile. Precious metals aren't money. If you want to sell physical, the real bid is 40% below the published market. Stocks are an alternative, if you don't mind the crash risk. That leaves govvies. If you have too much money to spend, then you don't mind paying a little insurance in the form of a negative rate. You could buy US govvies, if you can stomach the risk of revolution, default, and/or hyperinflation.
  6. I feel your pain, brother. I suspect that many of us feel that way. This last year has been an existential crisis for so many of us, in so many ways.
  7. The only worthwhile thing I have done in a long time. Have a great weak end. From Zadar, Croatia, where my favorite take out pizzeria closed this week, Good night, and good luck.
  8. Not to me. Actually, the USD selling has made sense. Fed printing and Trump. More USD than Euro, and loss of confidence in US government and social compact.
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