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  1. Zipping across the French countryside at 210 MPH headed for Bordeaux. Getting some work done on the train,
  2. I'm getting ready to head to MIA to catch a flight to Paris CDG. I'll be in Europe till June. WIll be posting as usual from over there!
  3. 3 day is 3113. 5 day 3115-16. Multiple trendlines representing resistance at 3110, and then 3115-16.
  4. I wonder what would happen if a trend area that had been tested 8 times in 10 days, broke.
  5. My travel blog project is up and running. I will be visiting 47 places in 13 countries, including extended stays in France and Croatia. I fell in love with Zagreb last spring and will spend a month there next year. I have an apartment down the street from the Prime Minister's house.
  6. I can't watch the news. I can't read my Twitter feed. The Trump Regime's attacks on democracy and the Constitution, and anyone who dares to stand up for them, are ratcheting ever higher, and his millions of rabid Nazi followers screan Seig Heil in support. This is the worst case scenario that I feared from the beginning playing out before our very eyes. I'm leaving for Europe on Monday. I'm not scheduled to be back until June. By then, the Senate will have acquitted Trump; the dictatorship will be digging in; chaos will reign; and a Reichstag Fire type event allowing the Regime to declare martial law may have already occurred.
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