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  1. Anyone who has traded this market successfully since Pfizer Day is a genius. I am not a genius. The 5 day cycle projection on the ES is currently pointed at 3603, done, but this could ratchet higher. A couple of trend channel resistance lines are vectoring toward 3625 at around 1 PM New York time. That's a reasonably likely target if the current mini pullback here at 3 AM ET, holds in the 3600 area. If that doesn't hold, the key support line remains 3586, around which all life on earth, and indeed the future of the universe itself, revolves and depends. Mean
  2. What a nasty market. Gap and crap, every day. Trading range hell. Have a great evening! 😁
  3. If you draw that uptrend channel using the highs to establish the lower parallel, there's been no break.
  4. Looking at the 30 minute bars. A break of the trendline at 3575 would suggest a lopsided top pattern. But bullish as all getout if it holds.
  5. Yes, they are. They have come back to celebrate the holiday. Did they ever really leave or were they just jerkin' us off? So all of Friday's loss has been recovered here at 3:46 AM in New York, 9:46 AM in Central Europe where I am. It's another crisp, sunny beautiful Mediterranean day here on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and as I look out at my Windows, I see trendlines. I see lots and lots of trendlnes. In fact the ES just hit the underside of an uptrend line a few minutes ago. It's rising, so it's not much of a constraint. That was at 3579. By the time, New York opens, it
  6. Ugly red bar after the bell. But no break of 3540. The big new red channel held. Have a great weak end. From Zadar, Good night and good luck.
  7. Can always count on the shorts to save the day for the bulls.
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