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  1. They've hit minor trend resistance here. Trend resistance convergence 2750 near the close.
  2. 2 day cycle projection now 2755. Shorts are their own worst enema. Haven't used that line for a while.
  3. Tell ya what. A 10 or 15 point down day would be bearish as hell. It would set a pattern of modestly weak days supported by short covering. They'll just grind away day after day.
  4. We still need at least 2714 for a break to be material. I think we go up until 2:30 turn time.
  5. Key trend support here has converged now at 2720.
  6. Holding here at 2722 puts 2745 back in play. Day traders dream.
  7. Key to this phase of the pullback is 2714. If it holds, they try the upside again. If it fails, crash potential is back on.
  8. 2 day cycle projection drops to 2741. Doesn't look like it will get there, but this fucker is nutso. (technical jargon, sorry)
  9. Many fiber nachos at 2736 as measured from different peaks

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