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  1. When it feels like they're never gonna end...
  2. There are a ton of trendlines between here and 2632. The buck stops here or they'll jump the shark.
  3. Oops. Still a little bloody around the bone.
  4. The Monthly Treasury Statement has not been published thanks to the GDGSD.
  5. Bounced right off the 5 and 13 day cycle lines at 2596. They need to take that out.
  6. 5 day cycle upside projection canceled. 5 day cycle oscillator in a Youuge negative divergence. A sell tick here would be big. Hourly bar ending below 2589 this hour would break.
  7. Best market indicator of the past 6 months has been Channeling Vix dot com, which I feature in the Pro Trader Market Updates. http://wallstreetexaminer.com/category/professional-edition-3/todays-markets-professional-edition/
  8. 3 day cycle projection pulled down to 2615. That's close enough huh!

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