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  1. The 2 day uptrend is intact and the 3 day cycle projection is back to 2760. 10 minute bar below 2727 needed to break the trend.
  2. 5 day cycle projection 2736, done. But 3 day is 2760. Whoa.
  3. https://suremoneyinvestor.com/2018/11/market-squalls-are-a-warning-to-prepare-for-stormy-seas-heres-how/
  4. 5 day cycle projection 2739. It's now 6:13 PM in our current time zone.
  5. 2 day cycle projection 2710. 5 day cycle indicator on cusp of buy signal from positive divergence. Would trigger if this rally sticks for the next hour.
  6. 2 day cycle projection 2680. 3 day 2682. Done. 5 day is unclear. If this low doesn't hold, conditional 5 day cycle projection is 2660. A Nor'easter is following us from Amerikar. We can 't outrun it. It will catch up to us tomorrow. Cheerio!
  7. We're east of Newfoundland and south of Greenland. It's 37 degrees and we're in a Nor 'easter. Wow!
  8. Goodbye 2700. I always believed in you. Bring me lots of presents.

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