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  1. Potential support on the cash SPX also 2750.
  2. Well, I'd note on the intraday that there's yet to be a higher high on the one day swings.
  3. That was payback. We had too much fun for two days. Have a great weekend!
  4. Breakout breakout breakout. Next R lines 2772, 2786.
  5. Geeze. Couldn't hold it. There may be sellers. More sellers than short coverers.
  6. Man, this is suspenseful. Who wants to go long over the weekend? OK, no one. But plenty of shorts will chicken out and cover here in the last hour.
  7. SPX squeezing into the apex of the triangle.
  8. Lempert has successfully raided all the assets that have value.
  9. I wonder why the Monthly Treasury Statement for September hasn't been published. It was due out yesterday.

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