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  1. Mr. Minuschin’s Erection To Boost The Election 1 - LIQUIDITY TRADER SEPTEMBER 26, 2020 We have known for a couple of months that there would be a mountain of Treasury supply hitting the market at the end of September. We also knew that Fed QE would be far from adequate to absorb this supply. So I have expected something bearish for stocks at the end of September. This could spill over into the first week of October. But then things get hairy for bears, with potentially happy days for bulls. Unfortunately, we have a little problem this week. There’s no visibility
  2. Facts can change of course as policy makers and traders make adjustments to current conditions and external events and trends. That's why I update the Technical Trader every week, and post new reports in Liquidity Trader 7-8 times each month. The facts that we've had for the past few months have been telling us that the September-October turn of the month days should be bearish. Get the whole story at Liquidity Trader. 90 day risk free trial!
  3. I don't do wishful thinking. I look at the data. I analyze it. I come to a conclusion about the outlook. And I create a trading plan to take advantage of that outlook.
  4. I'm down to 3 longs, no shorts at the bell. Weird to go into the weekend long. I will probably regret it Monday morning. I was trading all day today, which I rarely do, but wanted to test out some ideas for Technical Trader. Mea culpa for not posting the QE update. I'll post it tomorrow morning by the time those of you in Amerika get to your screen. And so for the high holy moly day, May the Load, Jaysus Powell bless you and keep you wholely solvent. And always remember, Sell Rosh, Buy Yom! If you are Jewish, Gut Yontif and have an easy fast!
  5. All those fireworks and we didn't break the downtrend. Couple days of churning next week. Then BOOM. Open trap door.
  6. Nope. All rallies start with short squeezes. Tops usually are marked by complacency for weeks or months. I'm lightening up going into the close. I'll hold on to some of my longs, and would like to add a short or two for the weekend, but most of the candidates look like they've put in short term lows. There are a couple that have some potential though.
  7. Major short squeeze. Womp womp womp. Here's that 2 hr bar chart again.
  8. Sucker's rolling now. I bought a bunch of stuff that was on my chart pick list this morning. Don't ever let anyone tell you that shit doesn't fly.
  9. Sounds like a product I could use. The CEO looks like a gangster, but he's a med school clinical prof at NYU. But not a urologist. He's a shrink and neurologist. Maybe he'll shrink the prostate. NYU Langone is a bunch of crooks, but their doctors are the best. The surgeon that took out my kidney tumor in 2015 was awesome. And none of that digital prostate exam stuff. Strictly MRI.
  10. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage wait for the pullback, and the wisdom not to chase overheated longs.
  11. I liked the chart of TDOC over the past couple days. So I bought it yesterday. Then I sold it yesterday. For a 2 point loss. I am an asshole.
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