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  1. Stocks keep rising despite tigthening liquidity. Risk is growing, but timing is the issue.
  2. They say the market is rallying because US China trade "barbs" aren't as bad as they thought they'd be. Are they reaching or what.
  3. LOL In a way, that's right. Jerome Jerry Jay is Robin Hood. Savers are starting to see interest income again, after they were robbed for a decade to support the rich. Bernanke was the Sherriff of Nottingham, stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Janet the Yellen, started to reverse that heinous theft. Bernanke should be burned at the stake.
  4. Kind of surprised at the pullback, but it hasn't broken support. 2895 is the line in the sand.
  5. Still in a bullish pattern on the intraday charts. If it clears 2907, 3 day cycle projection would be 2918-20.
  6. QT causes money markets to tighten and interest rates to rise. Rising rates send an inflationary signal to consumers and businesses and they act accordingly.
  7. 3 day cycle projection 2922. Ouch. 2 day is still 2908. 3 day is in play if that's cleared.

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