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  1. The kind folks at Voterphone informed me that only UK does not use LTE. Your Up does. The wifi modem also went down. DSL yet. Who still uses DSL? But I do frickin love it here. Despite the weak pound, I have found that many prices of the goods I buy have actually come down since my last time here in Jan 17. The Hampstead neighborhood is lovely. Very nice. Took a ride through St. John's Wood. Look it up on a UK real estate site.
  2. I thought it was a guy who poured coffee, but here it's like a lawyer.
  3. First thing this morning in London, my fucking WiFi modem went down and has been down all day. My unlocked phone won't get UK 4G service. What is this? Some kind of third fucking world country. I'm working in Starbucks.
  4. Ain't seen nuthin yet. This is still a top pattern. Breaking 2600 will trigger a crash. Small bounce from 2530 then LTFO.
  5. Will today be our thousand points of dark on the Dow?
  6. 3 day cycle projection now looks 2663. Can't project the 5 day just yet, but it has the potential to be much lower than that.
  7. Just arrived at my temporary flat in London. Beautiful neighborhood called Belsize Park just south of Hampstead Heath. The 2 day cycle projection 2685 essentially is done.
  8. I've been in WInchester UK overnight. Beautiful town. The cathedral is massive! Heading for London shortly! Will check in later. We're 5 hours ahead of Eastern Time in the US. I now have 18 hour workdays! 😄

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