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  1. We're east of Newfoundland and south of Greenland. It's 37 degrees and we're in a Nor 'easter. Wow!
  2. Goodbye 2700. I always believed in you. Bring me lots of presents.
  3. That's the problem. Supply will not materially diminish and the Fed is relentlessly pulling $50B per month out. The market will crash sooner or later. My bet is sooner. Look at fucking oil!
  4. 3 day cycle projection now looks 2687. 2 day looks similar. Minor downtrend channel support now 2692.
  5. $230 billion since Oct 15. Amazing the market is only down a little. Wile E. Coyote moment. 2 day cycle projection 2692.
  6. Sure is! Stormy out here in the North Atlantic today.
  7. Classic double bottom with positive divergence on the 5 day. Will probability prevail, or does this start the new paradigm?
  8. Just logged back in and see we've had a classic, delayed reaction rally. Reaction to what? Nothing to see here, all is well?
  9. So I woke up in the middle of the North Atlantic this morning and the wires were saying MASSIVE FUTURES RALLY ON EASED TRADE FEARS. Went to breakfast. Returned to room. Hooked up to the satellite and what do I see? Market down 2.27. So much for the huge rally. Although they're at minor support here, so should bounce. OTOH 2 day cycle projection says 2704.
  10. I think the Fed knows. They must keep "raising rates" to appear that they're in control. They're just rubber stamping the market as it goes.

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