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  1. What a mess. The chart of the last two days is an absolute mess.
  2. Hourly oscillators now in bullish patterns. ES needs to clear 3166 for the up phase to get legs. Then has clearance to 3185.
  3. ES needs to clear 3160 to avoid a crash later today.
  4. The downtrend channel was broken by the price moving sideways. This is not usually bullish. The ES would now need to clear 3166 for a bullish signal.
  5. A downtrend channel using the lows with a paralell upper bound is intact.
  6. The market seems to have made a 3 day cycle low at the bell yesterday, testing it in the wee hours, around 4 AM in NY. The ES have rallied back to the top of an apparent channel. This is where push comes to shove. The up phase may die here leading to another leg down to a 5 day cycle low later today or tomorrow, currently projected around 3125. Or it could break the downtrend with an hourly bar closing 3161 now or 3157 in the next hour. That trendline drops at a rate of about 4 PPH. If they clear that, the next obstacle is the top of a flattish uptrend channel at 3164. If that holds, then another plunge like yesterday's would be possible, if not likely over the next couple of days. We're at a fulcrum here, so stay tuned.
  7. I wonder what they'll say the trigger was. My guess. Californicating returns to shutdowns.
  8. Looks like maybe my shorts will do better than my longs today. Hopefully a lot better, or there will be red. Ugh.
  9. Support busted. The market doesn't like it when Trump attacks Fauci.
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