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  1. More power to you. If there's one thing I've learned, there are many ways to trade. Some of you are savants at it. You've seen a pattern that works for you and honed it to perfection. That's genius, and I respect it.
  2. Not if there's a bear market as vicious as I expect.
  3. Because a lot of people hate me. They hate my market analysis and they hate my political and social views. That doesn't bother me much. It only bothers me that so many people are so morally fucked up.
  4. This is not a good time for bulls to cough it up.
  5. Clearing 2771 would give bulls temporary control. Failure opens up crash potential.
  6. Big area to watch is multitrend convergence at 2774. If it turns back down there or lower, turn on your crash light.
  7. 2 day cycle buy signal at the right time of day for a strong push into the close.
  8. The Euro is plunging. Hope that keeps up. Save me some money this winter.

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