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  1. it's an orderly decline, considering we're experiencing the dissolution of humanity.
  2. slv up handsomely, with declining gold. that gold/silver ratio is reconciling.
  3. silver is levitating after a excruciating dive.
  4. there's a "market liquidity" issue, according to gloomberg.
  5. this dive in slv is disappointing. there was always that risk of higher rates attracting the dollar. we shall overcome.
  6. They're shutting it down! An "Emergency" Cease and Desist Order Sent to Verizon The Pittsfield Massachusetts City Board of Health sent a Emergency “Cease & Desist” order to Verizon “to protect the public health” after over a year of research investigating the numerous reports of physical health issues by families living in the neighborhood near the tower after the tower became operational in 2020. The order has been received and a copy to be released to the public. The symptoms described by City of Pittsfield’s residents are often referred to in the scientific and medical literature as “electrosensitivity.” The record evidence shows that exposureto pulsed and modulated RFR within the emission limits authorized by the FCC can cause the symptoms, injuries, and mechanisms of harm associated with electrosensitivity and exhibited by the residents near the facility. Pittsfield-Health-Board-Cell-Tower-Order-to-Verizon-April-11-2022-FINAL-REDACTED.pdfPittsfield-Health-Board-Cell-Tower-Order-to-Verizon-April-11-2022-FINAL-REDACTED.pdf
  7. this movement in bongs is raping the savers. but panic not. easy powell will come to the rescue once the world recession ensues. bongs for everyone!
  8. it's all good. "European stocks rally on best day in nearly two years as Ukraine’s president cools to NATO membership"
  9. we hit the bottom alright. Irreversible damage from global warming is as bullish as it can get.
  10. doc was spot on about trump years ago. sadly, his predictions once again ring.
  11. the head could use a little more expression, but it's quite artistic in it's own way. those frenchmen are effecting you doc.
  12. Everyone is moving to FL it's the most affordable place to retire in the us. the summer heat and humidity must suck.
  13. the amateur says buy the dip and accumulate schlocks. the denizen who remembers 2000 and 2008 says take any profits and ride the volatility.
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