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  1. high flying shale producers such as whiting (wll) are flailing. it's tempting to dip in but for bankruptcy risks.
  2. it's not too late to short. the reverse trump trade is on. if your not short, your a dork.
  3. hopefully it goes to new highs or thereabouts for shorting opportunity.
  4. 5g will fail, the resistance has begun. shut it down! San Francisco is resisting 5G, calling it 'ugly' and 'dangerous' https://www.foxnews.com/tech/san-francisco-is-resisting-5g-calling-it-ugly-and-dangerous
  5. hopefully the robots ramp it up another hundred points for a shorting opportunity.
  6. just a week ago "Don the Con" was bragging how well the trade deal was going. the bastard shook me from a short.
  7. it probably won't make it to new highs again, but when it gets close it'll be time to sell the chiner news.
  8. sold the short yesterday on weakness. it's fruitless fighting trillions in stock buybacks.
  9. they're ripping a cell tower down, just as 5G comes on-line (5G will emit 100x more power). it's all going to fail. Ripon Cell Tower to Be Removed From School Grounds; Mothers of Cancer Survivors Share Feelings of Relief https://fox40.com/2019/03/23/ripon-cell-tower-to-be-removed-from-school-grounds-mothers-of-cancer-survivors-share-feelings-of-relief/
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