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  1. we may hit bottom when they show video of mass body bags. this has just begun.
  2. dead-time (as in shuttered plants) in a negative feedback loop is death.
  3. This gets to the link between wireless radiation exposure and the latest coronavirus pandemic. Wireless radiation adversely affects the immune system To the degree that non-ionizing radiation exposure (superimposed on the myriad toxic stimuli to which many people are exposed by choice or imposition) degrades the operation of the innate and adaptive immune systems, it would increase the likelihood that the immune system could not counteract the exposure to the coronavirus (or any other virus) as nature intended. Thus, wireless radiationwould contribute to the exacerbation of adverse effects from coronavirus exposure. The bottom line is that exposures to essentially ALL the exogenous immune-damaging toxic stimuli (including, but not limited to, wireless radiation) need to be removed before resistance to viruses of any type can be improved substantially. https://smartech.gatech.edu/bitstream/handle/1853/62452/LARGEST_UNETHICAL_MEDICAL_EXPERIMENT_FINAL.pdf?sequence=4&isAllowed=y
  4. slv is shining. hopefully it doesn't swoon again.
  5. gloomberg head: "is the fed engendering complacency?" talking head: "that's what they're there for"
  6. Historic Legal Action Against the FCC on Cell Phone and Wireless Health Effects https://ehtrust.org/ehtlegalaction-againstfcconhealtheffectsofcellphones/
  7. they're having an orgy over 5G. it'll change everything, including kill every last bee.
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