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  1. the amateur says buy the dip and accumulate schlocks. the denizen who remembers 2000 and 2008 says take any profits and ride the volatility.
  2. TBT seems to be a no brainer. ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury
  3. Frances' national anthem is my favorite. there's a patriotic arousing rendition in Casablanca.
  4. 6 month t-bill going for 0.152%. it will be 2% by next year, but no one seems to listen.
  5. one year target on alibaba is 212, currently price 126. crapple's target is 170, 4 points less than the current price. are these chinermen investable material?
  6. can't help noticing the deflating brazil index ewz. gone with the rainforest.
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