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  1. whatever happened to privacy in your home? amazon, google intend to watch every move the sheep make. evil.
  2. 7 million car loans are 3 months behind. the consumer is busted.
  3. can't wait for new all-time highs for an opportunity to short again. whacky robots!
  4. "The Threat 5G Poses to Human Health What you don't know will alarm you" this article will make you shit your pants. https://www.theepochtimes.com/the-threat-5g-poses-to-human-health_2790506.html
  5. it's nothing he said recently, just an observation.
  6. "waffling" powell calls 20% price swings stability?
  7. according to bernie s. 53% of profits are spent on stock buybacks, another 30% goes to dividends. It's a true ponzi scheme.
  8. chiner is going to win the tech cold war. they're bringing fiber optic cabling to the doorstep of 80% of their homes. Any of those central american migrants who are able to work should be digging. it beats rotting in a detention camp.
  9. gold breaks 1300. where are the party hats?
  10. hell could freeze, greenland melt, there would still be a bid on scam st.
  11. bogle personally invested in a managed mutual fund. what's good for the masses isn't good for me.
  12. yellen's last words "there's still room to run." powell's "we're going to keep going [raising rates, and suck $50 B/month]."
  13. balanced trade by 2025? isn't our trade deficit balanced by chiner supporting our fiscal deficit? who's gonna buy all those US treasuries?

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