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  1. this is looking weak for a post draghi rally. US senators are warning of potential geo-political crises right there in the local paper. bill bradley.
  2. global warming pales in comparison to "Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field exposures." males will be fully sterilized within 5 years at current levels of pulsed microwaves. if 5g rolls out, fertility will immediately plummet, according to this researcher. http://www.ahappyhabitat.com/docs/5g-emf-hazards--dr-martin-pall2018-6-11.pdf
  3. i had one conversation. he was set to go back to chiner.
  4. as for transfer of technology, it goes far back. when i was studying control theory 30 years ago the class was swamped with Chinamen.
  5. GLD shining through. knock knock knocking. fourth try at testing this low region. when the levee breaks there will be no place to go.
  6. slv/gld holding up..capital preservation.
  7. chipzilla up handsomely before earnings. what slowdown in chiner?

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