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  1. mortgouge rate is at 4.86%. the screws are tightening.
  2. don't tell anyone, but i've bought/sold shiti C 5 times while it's in this trading range. petty change.
  3. this must be near a top. the "mansion" section of the wall struck journal has never been thicker. of course i don't read the crap, all covered with rich bastards wearing $300 plaid shirts.
  4. Doc's wildly boolish. how does one interpret that?.
  5. happy anniversary Lehman. 10 years since the failure of capitalism.
  6. only 2 points for the shorts on this news. treasonous.
  7. roundup in cheerios. no bull. environmental pollution agency says it's good. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/15/health/herbicide-glyphosate-cereal-oatmeal-children.html
  8. the environmental pollution agency (EPA) loves round-up. they eat it everyday with their cheerios. perfectly safe.
  9. those frenchmen are smart. not only did they strip wifi from schools (news that never made the presses), they just banned cell phones there as well. https://www.wsj.com/articles/france-takes-on-cellphone-addiction-with-a-ban-in-schools-1534152600
  10. if interest rates keep rising then gold, silver may be done for a while. what good is the stuff if mother earth is scorching anyway?
  11. i still use those western digital usb external disk drives for backups and such. they're not terribly robust. basically disposable. but are you gonna save all your data to SSD drives? how long does the data last?

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