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  1. there was a time when any hint of a chiner slowdown sent things reeling.
  2. sold qqq from yesterday. learned from yesteryear not to get tangled with a bear.
  3. flipped at the open, now long qqq. ride a bear rally
  4. the short (SH) finally green. it's been a while.
  5. don't fight the fed goes two ways, no?
  6. PMs trading as they should, considering debt projections.
  7. U.S. debt is skyrocketing. an article from NYTimes friday prompted that short-lived bump in PMs. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/25/business/economy/us-government-debt-interest.html
  8. the same goes for the shale drillers. they're making something like 0.1% profit.
  9. For those that are investing in 5G, read this letter from a medical school professor from U. California. It explains why hundreds of thousands of people are unaccounted for in the labor statistics. Very interesting and honest read. 5G Appeal
  10. mortgouge rate is at 4.86%. the screws are tightening.
  11. don't tell anyone, but i've bought/sold shiti C 5 times while it's in this trading range. petty change.

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