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  1. I have 3 TCL brand 4K TV's now 3 years no problems, cheap. FANG and TSLA leading todays dump, both down @5% already!
  2. With a gun to my head I would have to favor the upside but I don't trade anymore. I just like to watch a pro do it from time to time, so here I am. I remember you had a place in Canada as did I. In Ontario they will not even allow property owners over the border, so I had no escape this summer. I was thinking to do it longer term as you have now. I sure can't blame them for not wanting the Yanks to infect them. I am high risk and hunkered down for what will be a long haul due our nations abject failure to manage it. Extremely anxious about this election and the horrid consequences if the
  3. It's boring just watching the market grind... but I'm not alone😄
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