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  1. chiefywiefy, I thought the handle sounded familiar so I took a look at how long you've been a poster and saw your birthday was on 6.06. So...Happy Birthday! 😁. Please don't get the impression from my post that I'm a gold bull.. I am not...yet. Quite the opposite. Although, don't let any comment of mine dissuade you from giving it a go. Best of luck to you... The CoinGuy
  2. I have a strange feeling...this is soon going to change...🙂. Best, T CG
  3. Good afternoon jp6... I just realized that I posted my chart/comment in your thread. I apologize. I was looking for any thread that was active and I must have assumed it was the current thread all posters would post in. I'll edit my post and move it to it's own thread. The CoinGuy
  4. Stopped in to thank Doc for patching me up...good as new. Picked up positions on the short side(primarily SH, keeping it simple for now), and going long gold for a short term trade... I'll be dropping in from time to time as long as the doors are open...😁. Have a GREAT weekend... The CoinGuy
  5. I'm still an intern? 😀 When I became one of the first members of this forum in 2002...there were bears on this forum. Where have all the bears gone? Smile... Just dropped in to say hello to Lee and hope everyone has faired well over the last decade. Best Regards, The CoinGuy P.S. password, AND password reset didn't work for "The CoinGuy", so had to use my original account. Do aplogize...it's only been 12 years since I logged in.
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