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  1. I'm under water in an UBER short. Come on in, the water is fine. Also, the cruise lines, they're irresistible.... Can I interest you an a bloated exercise bike company that has exhausted demand for its overhyped product?
  2. 3420 should satisfy the reverse head and shoulders on the hourly
  3. Market action didn't seem particularly strong, prolly just drawing in more shorts....
  4. I guess it's all about Monday's low (3420). Unless that get's smashed....
  5. Glad that I haven't scooped up any of these compelling bargains.
  6. I misspelled British in one of my first posts here. I'm hopeless. thought you knew.
  7. Rainy season is going to be a blast on the west coast for years to come.
  8. I rode my bike around Oakland yesterday. Not a good idea.
  9. Futures markets are active this evening. Wonder if they'll still be red in the morning?
  10. Shall we ring the bell? It's like a blow-off within a blow-off within a blow-off...
  11. I was just looking at GPRO and PTON. And I know that one day PTON will have a fall like GPRO's. Both are/were high flying consumer sports products that must contend with lethal market saturation.
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