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  1. Glad that I haven't scooped up any of these compelling bargains.
  2. I misspelled British in one of my first posts here. I'm hopeless. thought you knew.
  3. Rainy season is going to be a blast on the west coast for years to come.
  4. I rode my bike around Oakland yesterday. Not a good idea.
  5. Futures markets are active this evening. Wonder if they'll still be red in the morning?
  6. Shall we ring the bell? It's like a blow-off within a blow-off within a blow-off...
  7. I was just looking at GPRO and PTON. And I know that one day PTON will have a fall like GPRO's. Both are/were high flying consumer sports products that must contend with lethal market saturation.
  8. To paraphrase Homer Simpson: It isn't peak idiocy, it's peak idiocy so far
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