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  1. Covered at 2713.75 for -4. Think We'll get one more push into early tomorrow.
  2. I went long RTY (Dec Rut futures) at 1491.9. Full position. I have stop on move below 1480.
  3. Gold trading like dog poop. It's starting to look more and more like another bear flag on the daily. I have stop on a break below 1212.
  4. Just covered all ES short at 2851.25 for +10. Holding GC still. Trade safe.
  5. Nice close on a slow day. Holding my ES short at 2861.25. No change. GC long almost got stopped out this morning..still holding. Trade safe.
  6. Rut sneaking out the back door. Shorted 1/2 ES at 2861.50. Will add the rest if we get the 2870 all time high test. Trade safe.
  7. Holding GC (Gold) from 1223.60 Stopped out of ES short yesterday for -13. Looks like a retest of 2874 coming up.
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