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  1. Oh yeah - everyone's fine. It's just going to be extremely eye-opening if in fact one or more of us are antibody positive. Kid was discharged the next evening without any firm diagnosis. If it was COVID, then he should have antibodies. He'd also be one of the earliest cases of the pediatric version that gets more & more attention with each passing day. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/19/parenting/pmis-coronavirus-children.html?searchResultPosition=1
  2. M'wife & youngest have an appointment tomorrow to get an antibody test. Been checking every morning to see if I can find a place that features only either the Abbott or Roche test. I'm hoping to have found such a place. Meanwhile, this was in the NYT this morning: Describes our kid's symptoms on March 3rd to a tee. We went to ER because we thought it was appendicitis, and one surgeon said they were going to operate him within the hour... only to have a second surgeon decide, "No." He was in so much pain, they put him on a morphine drip overnight. I put it a
  3. NE = Nebraska NV = Nevada Looks to me like COVID is moving to the countryside.
  4. Have I ranted here about federal biodefense spend since 9/11? When everything started coming unglued, and Kushner talked about "our stockpiles, not the states' stockpiles," it made me rather cross. When I rant about California going its own course, it's because of the vast value earned here & then sent to DC for decades that was then apparently subsequently pissed away. Pandemic response benefits from the highest available level of organized response. I simply would never have expected that soon after the West Coast closed that the Federal government would not organize a country
  5. "Over?" "Did you say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is!"
  6. (Judges consult....) Alex: "Judges confirm you presented the correct answer in the form of a question."
  7. We only played at Wayne's once or twice. The place we made our bread & butter as musicians was called "Hole in the Wall," run by a Brit named John and his wife, Jeanette. Place was on Rue de l'Abbeye... which always amused me to be "Abbey Road." John & I would play a game of chess between dinner & us taking the stage. We were well matched, but he'd get the better of me most nights... he was the best player of bishops I've ever encountered.
  8. Recalling happier times makes me less angry... "Mangry," I told my wife: "market angry."
  9. Funny. In 1979, my dad was on a Fullbright in Austria - they rented a home and we spent Christmas in Eze sur Mer. I have a photo of me in Eze Village in front of the church from that year. Years later, I made the hike between the two on Chemin de Nietzsche or whatever it's called - I've done it probably 5 times in the past 20 years, and did it with my wife & boys (downhill to spare them, given the epic heat wave last summer). A colleague of my dad's had a condo in Villefranche, so they spent many winters renting that place there. I visited a few times: love the port in that town. I've
  10. I did - you had moved on by the time I was headed there, otherwise I would have looked you up. With the tram being built directly to the port form the airport, that neighborhood is due for a renaissance. I'd buy something distressed there for the long-term in a heartbeat. First morning, we walked to the port to buy fish from a monger just off the port. Fantastic fish. There's an odd museum about 5 minutes walk from port on the road toward Villefranche/Monaco that has the first recorded example of human control of fire.
  11. Dude, with that pattern, you know the inevitable answer. Pogroms. https://www.sup.org/books/extra/?id=25946&i=Introduction.html
  12. Last summer, my wife & I finally found time to take our sons abroad for the first time in their lives. I picked the destination: Nice, France. Got a VRBO in the old town upstairs from the daily produce market. 10 days of wandering, exploring, riding buses & trains, eating, reading. They loved it as much as I could have ever hoped. As much as I did when my parents first took me in 1979. The South of France is the best.
  13. I'm so angry. I've been telling my liberal Berkeley friends for about 5 years that we need massive Federalism. Deep, DC-authority obliterating states' rights. This makes them uncomfortable, because they think of "States' rights" as a bogeyman of racial injustice. And they want Giant DC to make Green Deals that solve all problems. But DC is now just another winner-take-all POS casino game... passing incoherently from administration to administration. There isn't any pretense of responsibly shepherding the Trésor. It's just another bank to heist. And the thievery
  14. So, they've apparently successfully publicly leveraged the private leverage that was previously leveraged against the massive public package of leverage from the last leveraged-leverage rescue. I read that on "3,600 Seconds" last night, that Mr. Powell ("Do you mind if I call you 'an inter-generational bagman and an immoral piece-of-crap' as shorthand for 'Chairman'?") said we'll eventually pay the trillions in new loans that are being used to make whole the trillions in old loans, in a private-public swap that not even the devil would have entertained. LIAR! Lord knows (to borr
  15. There'd be a lot of **BEEPS** as Doc cursed his way through the episode. Powell would say something dishonest or stupid. Doc would lose his mind and start hollering. Stoolies would cheer their televisions.
  16. Doc would be a good guest host for such an episode.
  17. When you said last night we needed to break 2828 with authority, I lost all hope.
  18. I hadn't. My wife's sister says things are slow & boring in ER down there. But then, she did residency in East LA where she saw lots of action. Distance-learning means surrendering the Mac to the kid....
  19. Shoulda read "any" above. Two long red candles up above now. Some news not yet gone public? Trump has the COVID?
  20. I guess if you flood an economy with dollars (check), but velocity drops off precipitously (check), then those dollars do not pass into the hands of those offshore who need them to finance their dollar-denominated debt.
  21. This guy's been pounding the table about "the $13 trillion global dollar short position." https://twitter.com/RaoulGMI I don't entirely understand it.
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