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  1. Bitcoin with a 35-handle. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer fake beanie-baby virtual POS.
  2. Uhh... you're gonna need some more cellar-space on that Y axis.
  3. Bunch of freshly-charred bulls, who have never experienced a bear market, are learning this for the first time. Cryptobros charting similarly unfamiliar territory.
  4. Where have all the brontoformations gone? Long time passing. Where have all the brontoformations gone? Long time ago. Where have all the brontoformations gone? The Fed has piked them every one. Oh, When will you ever learn? Oh, When will you ever learn?
  5. What goes up. Must come down. Spinnin' wheel Powell is a clown....
  6. "Chairman Powell, your effort today hasn't yet generated a 4-digit move in the Dow. Do you understand that underperformance to constitute 'policy failure' for the plutocracy to whom you answer?"
  7. Any questions on the insider trading at the Fed? How's that investigation going?
  8. He's so concerned about inflation, he addressed the American people and remained well behind the curve.
  9. The financial press at these "availabilities" are the most gutless, cocktail-party invitation-seeking asskissers in the industry. Which is quite the achievement.
  10. A year ago, the same effing bozo yapping up here was assuring everyone that there wasn't any threat from inflation.
  11. It's insane how the rivets seems to be popping off the global economy all over the place.
  12. I'm old enough to remember last Monday when the Euro traded with a 108-handle...
  13. I’m sure the markets will turn around imminently on recognition of strength in underlying fundamentals.
  14. Heh Doc! Super-congratulations on moving into your new place! I imagine you are positively giddy.
  15. FB (which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Satan Enterprises)... beats.
  16. Thanks, gents! I will look forthwith at opening an IB account, despite me now also not liking... Thomsass Petersflysopen? Is he related to Mr. Manfrengensen?
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