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  1. A bell rung? I don't know what it means unless someone rings a bell for me.
  2. The allocation of scarce capital to productive purposes through our free market system is truly ideal & optimized to afford the greatest number the greatest welfare.
  3. Bingo. I was going to say someday he will be proven correct... but we're going on 20 years of waiting.
  4. Powell is such a cynical pathetic asshole. No one at the top "wants markets to work." Not a goddamned single person. And especially not this cowardly POS Powell. They want public policy geared to finance private profits through Fed/Treasury mechanisms. It is so freaking obscene. If there were any coherence left in this country, protestors would pivot from Lafayette Park and make their way to the Treasury building at 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue to lay siege. But there isn't. They continue to monetize "land of opportunity" BS that serves as cover for pillage of the public p
  5. I'm no longer clear what lesson I was supposed to have been learned..... But I am ready simply to concede. "I love Big Brother."
  6. I don't even know nothing of anything of anything of anything anymore.
  7. Man Behind Sweden’s Controversial Virus Strategy Admits Mistakes Read more at: https://www.bloombergquint.com/onweb/man-behind-sweden-s-virus-strategy-says-he-got-some-things-wrong
  8. It is insane to read this, given the state of things.
  9. There's an unexcited irony to the title of this thread. I'm pretty sure something has happened at this juncture.
  10. It depends on the goals of the test. For our family of four, having two of us take the Roche test with over 99% specificity - and having them both return negative - provides me with some reasonable assurance about the unlikelihood that our family was exposed. I mean, sure, general epistemological limitations and the necessarily-acknowledged possibility for/improbability of two false-negatives can draw those results into question. But unless someone wants to explain to me otherwise, it's good enough for me to support some decisions. If the goal is to form public policy, however,
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/TopherSpiro/status/1265007908707860487 A buncha states may beheaded to unexpected disruption in June.
  12. Totally agree with that. That’s why my wife took it, too. Two tests with same outcome seems highly reliable. Had both been positive, my older son & I would have gone together next. Now we don’t need to go. We only now need to figure out WTF to do with summer, fall, winter... like everybody else.
  13. Just to round out the story-telling, we got back our antibody tests today, and unfortunately, they were negative for the wife & boy. Oh well....
  14. For my part, I've been indulging cocktail hour daily. So, there's my liver to worry about. I doubt I'm alone.
  15. Oh yeah - everyone's fine. It's just going to be extremely eye-opening if in fact one or more of us are antibody positive. Kid was discharged the next evening without any firm diagnosis. If it was COVID, then he should have antibodies. He'd also be one of the earliest cases of the pediatric version that gets more & more attention with each passing day. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/19/parenting/pmis-coronavirus-children.html?searchResultPosition=1
  16. M'wife & youngest have an appointment tomorrow to get an antibody test. Been checking every morning to see if I can find a place that features only either the Abbott or Roche test. I'm hoping to have found such a place. Meanwhile, this was in the NYT this morning: Describes our kid's symptoms on March 3rd to a tee. We went to ER because we thought it was appendicitis, and one surgeon said they were going to operate him within the hour... only to have a second surgeon decide, "No." He was in so much pain, they put him on a morphine drip overnight. I put it a
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