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  1. “Trump Vaccine”.... While not an anti-vaxxer by any measure, I think I will afford my family a hard pass on any vaccine touted by this administration before the election.
  2. Civil War era & 1940 after the Fall of France were darker periods than this for the U.S. Things will work out.
  3. Southern churches seem likely to be super-spreader facilities. With the virus seemingly running unabated & amok throughout US, I am back to worrying about supply chains. I don't even know what a molex is, but a deep freeze filled with protein for a long winter by September 1st seems cheap insurance against whatever comes next.
  4. Trying to figure out how to balance social normality for 10 & 13 year old sons who are otherwise social/active in a pandemic is... challenging. We are getting lots of inquiries about "playdates"; meanwhile, cases in our local counties are spiking again. The parents trying to organize social worlds for their kids - and understandable respite from them - probably are blind to the relationship between their efforts and spiking COVID.
  5. Got it. I know nothing of them or much else. I am trying to reconcile the remarkable complacency with these sorts of economic markers. This surely qualifies as one of the most unusual junctures in US economic history. It's like the run-up to to Nixon's Aug 1971 suspension of gold/dollar convertibility. The world changed abruptly and in a manner that was clearly unavoidable in retrospect.
  6. Heh Doc, you posted that report on 30% of homeowners/renters having missed payments. It's getting play elsewhere (i.e., Zero/Sludge, T(w)itter, etc...). https://wallstreetexaminer.com/2020/06/30-of-homeowners-and-renters-missed-payments-in-june/ You really think that estimate is ballpark accurate? I just can't believe that. I think it will prove bad survey work. BWTFDIK.
  7. "Meh... liberty... meh... Hillary... me... 2nd 'mendment... meh... meh... meh...."
  8. Primarily SoCal Folk either too self-possessed, or too patriotic to wear masks.
  9. Awwwww....! So cute! It's like the baby quail I see in our yard this time of year... small & adorable. Then, a hawk-like uptrend swoops out of the clouds, clutches it in its claws, and takes the little downturn back to its nest to feed to the Robinhooders. Or... something.
  10. Powell just asked about CLOs, which he dismissed casually, insisting that the banks are tested strenuously, and that bank exposure represents less than 1% or something. Here's the alternative view: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/07/coronavirus-banks-collapse/612247/ Because American moral-hazard finance has become a socialized room full of opaque levered mirrors, who freaking knows what's what anymore.
  11. ... except for this obvious bit of total derangement: "Can no longer bring myself to take a toke or a drink...."
  12. Is that last emoji a tab of acid? 'cause that's what it seems they're indulging before snapping up shares of bankrupt companies.
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