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  1. TINA = There is no alternative TICS = Trump is a sockcucker PIC = Pence is closeted
  2. Funny... I checked to see if Biden’s VP had been announced.
  3. My older son starts 8th grade in a few weeks... remotely. I'm not among those who believe that there's going to be any quick vaccine solution to the current problem - I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but I think we're likely still deep in the covid-soup come next spring. Since positively everything in the US is politicized, including simple health stuff that might bring some measure of control to the pandemic as enjoyed elsewhere in the OECD, I'm not clear how any semblance of normalcy returns in a 12-month time frame. This is especially true with a Trump "reelection" or permanence under
  4. Indices hunting for unfilled gaps in new all time high territory.....
  5. I mean... which part? i can throw a dart in any direction and hit “absurd.”
  6. Then this from Pompeo: https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1288847087950495749
  7. Kukoc was a solid player. Loved all the role players around MJ & Pippen. Those championship Bulls were the greatest. Ever.
  8. Hard to see the Trump administration taking steps before the election to shut down to stem the pandemic here. Assuming Biden is elected, and that forecasts for a disastrous winter of infection are accurate, I can imagine his first order of bidniz being a 6-week shut down of the entire country. Which would make March 2021 the earliest time you might entertain your return here. I've been looking online at apartments for sale in the old port of Nice... dreaming. That new tram makes that quarter very attractive to me for my senior years.
  9. No. Way. Isn't that like my wife observing that she apparently has a distant half cousin on the subcontinent?
  10. When COVID is over, alas, we're going to need a new pandemic to justify unlimited liquidity and promising-vaccine jams and ever-new index highs.
  11. Yup. Totally "get" your humor and have so since Day 1.
  12. America is a total mess presently. My parent's senior facility went back to firm lockdown two days ago because an employee was diagnosed as COVID+. They are testing all residents today & tomorrow. Employee in question supposedly did not have a contact role with residents.
  13. Happy birthday. You would seem parched, however. Drink a very large glass of water to bring up your humidity.
  14. Best move I made was selling out our miners in April 2011 and using the proceeds to buy our house.
  15. BULLISH! https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/08/32-percent-of-us-households-missed-their-july-housing-payments.html
  16. ... that guy from the "My PIllow" commercials showing up in your bathroom mirror.
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