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  1. I know! 3750 is a roundish number! Bully will mount its defense there!!
  2. Odd circumstance: we had dinner in March with friends, who asked what our summer plans were. We said we were planning to cycle in Holland, and they said they had organized a trip to cycle Croatia and we should join… and we said, “Sure, okay?” Cycling tour between Split & Dubrovnik through the islands: I cycled 23 miles on Hvar today: busted my tail… I don’t cycle at home. Afterwards, we have a couple nights in Mlini where I’ve arranged a dune buggy tour to a famous cave in Bosnia, a jetski thing to do some snorkling, and then a couple nights again in Split… when I want to go to Solin to see the Roman ruins. Croatia is gobsmacking beautiful. Wow. I never knew. Stunning.
  3. I’m in Croatia with the wife & kids. At dinner last night, the Slovenian leading our tour says he’d “saved” a lot in crypto which looked great a year ago, but now he’s getting killed. I silently studied the grilled squid.
  4. This article gives some sense of the boom: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/07/travel/joshua-tree-california-airbnb.html
  5. 10 year movin’ on up. I have been watching California desert property out & around Joshua Tree for well over a decade. I believe there is a flood of property presently hitting the market there. About three months ago, many ads for places celebrated their histories as successful VRBOs… begging the question why sellers were selling. I have little doubt those VRBO empires were built on the largesse of adjustable rate mortgages, and the cash-flow no longer pencils out the way it did for many years. Now, the continued supply seems to be of junk properties from hopesters - perhaps also with ARMs - looking to cash out at the top of what has been a preposterous boom out there. They are too late to the party, obviously. My hope is some old timers with all the attributes I seek brings their properties to market at then-prevailing price, so I can finally have a place there. But as the 10-year climbs, pain and fear is going to become really dreadful for many.
  6. I am gazing out on an emerald sea at sunrise. “Dawn’s rosy fingers….” The harbinger of the coming storm over the horizon
  7. If they can only flatline it, then all the traders will die, and Wall Street can pick up ownership of the publicly-traded economy for dimes on the dollar. Devilish....
  8. This is intriguing: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1ss24a6 I’m looking forward to it.
  9. The 10-year has a 3-handle. That's higher than a 2-handle. It's also higher than a 1-handle. This is your market insight from me for the month.
  10. “Siri? What might be a market signal that the Fed is behind the curve?”
  11. My eldest started at the local public high school this year. It's a gritty place. They've had three lock-downs so far. The first was because a dispute in the library between two kids resulted in one flashing a gun. Security intervened and no one was injured. The second involved a kid who'd either graduated or been previously kicked out who was observed having hopped a fence and was on foot on campus wearing a backpack. Cops arrived and he was detained. The third involved a break-in to a neighboring house, and when the perp fled, the police weren't sure whether he was armed and whether he'd made his way onto campus across the street to hide... that lockdown also impacted a nearby elementary school, because they weren't sure where the guy had gone. The school sends out an immediate robocall & email when these events happen, and then we get texts from our son from inside the classroom where he is, barricaded with classmates behind a locked door and with shades drawn. The three-way texts between him and my wife & me during these episodes are filled with dark humor. I reminded him last week in the wake of the last episode that despite our family's particular macabre text-management, when there's a lockdown, he needs immediately to focus on his available "Run, Hide, Fight" options. Because we want him to come the fuck home.
  12. Man... I listened to this album a bazillion times in college.
  13. I know almost nothing, despite thousands of posts. But it seems like Bully really needs 3860 to hold.
  14. Movement in, and resolution of that triangle this morning was remarkable.
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