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  1. Our big trip this summer was to a VRBO in Yosemite the week before Labor Day. It was smoky there - Half Dome was sort of like gazing upon the San Gabriel Mountains from, say, Pasadena, ca. 1978 through LA smog. Purpleair indicated it was "only" around 120 while we were there, so we did some modest hikes, but we did keep windows open during the night in case the smell of overwhelming smoke was the signal to GTFO. We also took our sons horseback riding near Fish Ranch, about 50 miles south of the park... which is near where they were later evacuating the campers from the lake into which they ret
  2. It’s insane, right? I tried explaining to friends what Wednesday was like - there just weren’t words to capture it. We have an air filter we run and we also have an Ambient Weather system with air particle add-on that we us to measure air quality indoors. That’s allowed us to keep particle count indoors under 100. Hooray? I mean, all we need is a cranky Hayward Fault, I guess. How you holding up?
  3. I don't do ewaves or cycles or pretty much anything useful, but can I be an asshole, too?
  4. “Voice texting.” I’m old enough to remember when we would call that “talking.”
  5. Fauci joining Birx as a political hack on Fox News presently. 2020 is sad.
  6. The arc of the linguistic universe is long, but it bends toward poetry.
  7. Not a prospect I'm suggesting has any certainty. But it would be an action that I would expect on an escalation process prior to conventional warfare.
  8. This is plain wrong. The Hamptons just won't have it. "BBM" - Bankers' Bonuses Matter The Fed needs to start financing those right away.
  9. The reason would be political - to oust the greatest threat to central bank independence since the creation of the Federal Reserve, and potentially, constitutional order. I'm also not entirely convinced that private equity wouldn't welcome a crash from time to time: improves the terms they can demand for an investment round to distressed companies. Their time horizons are longer than quarterly preoccupation of public markets.
  10. Is it possible Jay Powell is deliberately setting up a fall crash ahead of the election?
  11. FWIW, I think the endless burning riots on TV paired with the RNC's admittedly cynical fear campaign has the potential to knock a lot of undecided voters into the Trump camp. Jacob Blake was shot in the back 7 times, and that owned the media cycle for 24 hours. The subsequent violence & destruction in Kenosha has owned the media cycle thereafter, and likely will into the weekend. It's been the same pattern for months... just look at Portland coverage. Democrats are becoming the party for unrest. It's a real problem.
  12. That is, when mill-capacity & demand re-equilibriate. https://www.constructiondive.com/news/lumber-prices-soar-due-to-shutdowns-higher-demand/583899/
  13. My understanding - or, misunderstanding - is that the lumber mills massively reduced capacity/inventory in spring in anticipation of leaner times and diminished demand. But then... funny story. The US gubmint incurred trillions of dollars in debt, and demand for lumber remained robust. So, if you are going to point to lumber price as an inflation indicator, please be prepared to do so again in 6 & 12 months' time.
  14. Oh wait... they explained that later in the article by noting you're from Philadelphia.
  15. My Croat is admittedly rusty, but why did they lead with, "This crazy American living among us likes to wear men's underwear on his face..."?
  16. Ah... ah... ah.... I would strongly advise that you not issue a "peak idiocy" proclamation prematurely. From my perch, there appears plenty of blue sky above......
  17. https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100/1974-08-16 (Didn't realize "Tell Me Something Good" was that early....)
  18. https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100/1974-08-16 (Didn't realize "Tell Me Something Good" was that early....)
  19. I once concluded that trader joe shifted to twitter as Rudy Havenstein.
  20. Positively - first thing I thought when you wrote that.
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