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  1. Was that a throwover sort of deal there briefly above 3911?
  2. I grilled chicken & veggies over the uneven heat of natural coals. Nailed it: you want me camping with you. Dinner in moments. Happy 4th of July. Doc’s reasonable darkness aside, America’s Constitution will outlive us all.
  3. Euro still playing "Tease" with parity prospect. Seems like only earlier this week, it had a 1.06 handle. Now down to 1.03 handle.
  4. OMG. I didn't YYZ stood for anything. Spent hours trying to master that song on bass in high school. Had a Rickenbacker 4001... just like Geddy.
  5. Unsurprisingly, watched a Jimi Hendrix documentary on the flight home. Jimi's legendary appearance at Monterey International Pop Festival was featured, and a guy named Lou Adler was the festival's organizer. Any relation? He sort of looked like that old avatar picture of "you" as Alfred.....
  6. Two pals & I played Chez Wayne’s inaugural Fete de la Musique the year it opened. Across the way from Palais de la Justice. That was over three decades ago. Man… where’s the time go? Meanwhile, sitting on a plane waiting to taxi & fly home. Croatia is a spectacular country to visit. May I be fortunate to do so again some day.
  7. Bitxhcoin is so much more fetching with an 18-handle. Byotch gonna look stunning in 4 figures.
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