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  1. But consider how Powell's stock portfolio is doing today - that's the final arbitrator of policy performance.
  2. Yum. I was in Liege once in December. Cold & grey like the rest of Northern Europe. I was too broke to buy waffles or much of anything else. But I had a coat sufficient against the cold & rain... and was young & happy.
  3. Actually, the genius of the Maginot Line was that by forcing the Germans to go around it, they entered Belgium. The British could not stand for that. So, they were drawn into the conflict, on behalf of Belgium, and thereby, France.
  4. More meme: https://babylonbee.com/news/facebook-introduces-new-virtual-reality-pods-to-plug-you-into-meta
  5. The Them are notorious. Ubiquitous. Resolute. We feed greedily on the crumbs around the legs of their dinner table.
  6. "All dinosaurs resolve toward trend." -- Barney Rubble
  7. I'm old enough to remember when people referred to something called "risk."
  8. You're like Aaron Rodgers down six late in the 4th at Soldier Field facing 3rd & 17....
  9. (I know it's supposed to be proprietary, but today's action was the most-boring in the last 3,000 years... prior, there was a period of surplus rains & related wheat production and the price of the latter didn't budge for 27 years. That was the last time my proprietary stuff triggered. And if you know your Pharaonic history, then you know what Aakheperre - and lo! the entire ancient world - suffered the next day....)
  10. My proprietary technical stuff just triggered. It appears that today's market action is the most important capital market activity in 3,000 years. It will be clear in retrospect.
  11. Brontosauraus-on-hind-legs-reaching-for-the-highest-leaves-in-the-canopy formation.
  12. We should all be working to help prevent FB from ever coming back on line.
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