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  1. 4 hours ago, DrStool said:

    I don't know them personally. Went to the same university in the same years, but there were 15,000 undergrads. 

    Unsurprisingly, watched a Jimi Hendrix documentary on the flight home. Jimi's legendary appearance at Monterey International Pop Festival was featured, and a guy named Lou Adler was the festival's organizer.

    Any relation? He sort of looked like that old avatar picture of "you" as Alfred.....

  2. Just now, DrStool said:

    Rental real estate is different that stocks because the tenant is not only paying your mortgage, he's paying the interest on it also. So as long as you are cash flow positive, you come out ahead if you just hold. The tenant gives you a return on capital and of capital, regardless of price, if you just hold long enough. 

    I know plenty of people who did very well by buying well located residential  real estate and holding it forever. The increase in income enabled them to buy more property. Wash rinse repeat, and never sell. Cash flow just grows forever.

    But it's always about location. 

    Totally fair.

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  3. 2 hours ago, potatohead said:


    Six months ago, separate friends of mine who know each other bought some residential real estate. We got into a four-way text conversation in March as rates crept up about the impact of rising rates on real estate. Did the basic math to calculate the erosion in financing power that the move from 2.5% to 3.5% or whatever had generated; and the difference between what loan/property someone might afford with an ability to spend $3k/month on a mortgage payment. Told ‘em prices must go lower. Fourth buddy agreed emphatically with basic math, but the other two insisted somehow magically purchasing power would prove robust & sticky. Didn’t matter for their small rental properties per se - although, their capital is  definitely stuck at cost… indefinitely. It’s just an anecdote about people, capital, hope & math.

    Your chart is about people, capital, math & despair. 

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