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  1. I know almost nothing, despite thousands of posts. But it seems like Bully really needs 3860 to hold.
  2. Movement in, and resolution of that triangle this morning was remarkable.
  3. Heh! Equity bulls! Either corporations eat their cost increases and suffer margin compression; or they successfully pass those cost increases on to consumers, who then have fewer available dollars to spend on the next corporation. Either way, it doesn't play out well for you in any aggregate. Ergo, your indices will suffer.
  4. Unfortunately, only because silver is losing value faster than gold....
  5. That is the restaurant where my mom introduced my wife to the simple pleasure of a Kir Royale as an aperitif.
  6. 26-handle on Pet-Rock coin overnight. It's as if people are concluding crypto doesn't possess any intrinsic value...?
  7. I'm old enough to remember when this was mentioned. "Heh! Bully! How's that 'weak bounce off the test of the low' making you feel?"
  8. Is that... Is that... Is that, "not a lot"?
  9. "Does this 29-handle make my thighs look fat?" - Bitcoin
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