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  1. OMG. I loved the brontosaurus today. And the new axiom. It was a banner day on the stool.
  2. Read on Tweetlandia that Dow Theory had new highs on both industrials & transports today. We go higher, I guess. It's like a new dawn. An MMT dawn. A dawn like none before. “Oh, to be alive in such an age, when miracles are everywhere, and every inch of common air throbs a tremendous prophecy, of greater marvels yet to be.”
  3. Gold & silver... someone big in trouble with a margin call?
  4. So right. Pence & the cabinet need to execute the 25th amendment.
  5. If the dollar were to lose its reserve-currency status, abruptly & unexpectedly, TNX could soar handsomely and grotesquely over 1.00 in the blink of an eye and for decades, without any ability of the Fed/Treasury nexus to stem or reverse it.
  6. What's to prevent Trump from issuing a general pardon covering all Federal prisoners? Answer: nothing.
  7. Dueling coverage of COVID task force on MSNBC & Fox, with the former covering the president-elect and the latter covering the lame duck. (I misspelled fornicate....) There is no doubt that there are two competing reality-communities occupying the same continental space. It is troubling. If it comes to civil war, come west, No Einstein: the West Coast will be the breakaway hub of a new nation.
  8. Yup. But it seems to me this is all ending with a whimpery tanTrump as the majority of the country slowly tunes him out. I am far less worried about extra-Constitutional outcomes now. The rump effort is a grift to raise millions from the gullible, alas. Safe Harbor day today. Lot of state-level GOP officials merit enormous praise. DC GOP officials... not so much.
  9. Banned almost everywhere else in Europe, U.S. tourists are finding their way to Croatia https://www.sfgate.com/lifestyle/article/Banned-almost-everywhere-else-in-Europe-U-S-15782445.php
  10. My superficial, uninvestigated, current working-hypothesis-since-breakfast-and-until-I-abandon-or-forget-it is that sharp declines in the cryptocurrency complex will be the bell rung at the top this cycle. I'm not a crypto-skeptic, per se. But I have done my formal studies of money & sovereignty. The gleeful (smug?) pile-in and emotional commitment to crypto (mainly by 20-something & 30-somethings?) is approaching "eyeball metric ca. 2000" analogous euphoridiocy(TM). The hyper-liquidity afforded a market for something no one can see, few can cogently describe & expla
  11. Noticed. It's strange... even unsettling. Any thoughts on why? (You're still the best, so not a cheap shot by me, who knows positively nothing about a damned thing.)
  12. I believe my grandfather was also a wealthy man around the same time - also as the result of residential real estate. Eventually thereafter, however, according to my father born in 1923, the two would stand together in breadlines. Then, when things got worse, my father and his younger brother were shipped off to a pair of aunts who lived in the country, where he cleaned the chicken coup, but was properly fed. There's also an apocryphal story of his father piling the family into a car in the night and relocating from Detroit or Cleveland to Pittsburgh, as my grandfather sought to stay one ste
  13. In the long run, the Fed’s determined to make all shares big caps....
  14. And with their first win of the season coming in Week 4, Doc’s Eagles take sole possession atop the NFC East....
  15. Alternative is it’s a political feint. Republicans have seen the post-debate polls and know he’s lost, and that the Senate in the balance. So he gets Covid. Necessarily steps away. And Pence assumes office. Down 5 points, no time outs left, 0:42 on the clock with the ball on their own 17.
  16. I mean... if you’re gonna catch it, you might as well catch it from Hope.
  17. Bearish Engulfing https://www.dailyfx.com/education/candlestick-patterns/bearish-engulfing.html
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