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  1. In December 1977, my family had occasion to live in Eze, near where you presently find yourself. Eze sur Mer, not Eze sur Mont, although I do recommend strongly that you hike the trail between the two, having itself been traversed in earlier years by Friedrich Nietzsche, among others. From the trail, you take in spectacular views below, of the sea and of Cap Ferrat. Back in that day, while touring the environs, the four of us - my father, mother & brother - entered the town of Biot, France. There, in a small restaurant - Cafe de la Poste - we had lunch, which was concluded by the most fantastic chocolate mousse I will ever have the pleasure to have eaten: sufficient, I note, so as to have retained the memory thereof 4 decades hence. The meal was so spectacular, and the two boys so delighted with the mousse, that we revisited the restaurant two more times during our time in the region. And we would question en route whether the town was properly pronounced "Bee-yote," or "Bee-oh." We much preferred the latter form, and would laugh & laugh. B.O. is a cornerstone of Anglo-linguistic adolescent humor.
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