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  1. That's what they get; this is what they thought they were getting:
  2. When the wheels start flying off, the Fed can still reverse its position on QT, reinstate QE, and even purchase equities through ETFs. I mean, the MFers bought AAPL bonds; why not AAPL shares? Eventually, they will run out of tricks. But Powell can have long-retired and be pushing up daisies before the Fed has finished monetizing every asset in the US economy. Bank of Japan is its model here. Why am I wrong?
  3. Reminds me of the stick-armed supermodel discourse that Wndy used to post here - Lo! - so many moons ago. I've passed from newlywed, through fatherhood, to middle-aged own-wealth manager off & on this website over the past - OMMFG - two decades?! After the 2009 bailouts, I bailed out on market observation: could not stomach it, because it was so horrible what Paulson et al. did for their Wall Street pals. We still live in the shadow of those fateful decisions....
  4. Wouldn't that then require the to Them close it on 4375, just to play their silly little games?
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