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  1. Right! it’s... the... uhh.... It’s the discount that markets the future!
  2. OMG. I loved the brontosaurus today. And the new axiom. It was a banner day on the stool.
  3. Read on Tweetlandia that Dow Theory had new highs on both industrials & transports today. We go higher, I guess. It's like a new dawn. An MMT dawn. A dawn like none before. “Oh, to be alive in such an age, when miracles are everywhere, and every inch of common air throbs a tremendous prophecy, of greater marvels yet to be.”
  4. Gold & silver... someone big in trouble with a margin call?
  5. So right. Pence & the cabinet need to execute the 25th amendment.
  6. If the dollar were to lose its reserve-currency status, abruptly & unexpectedly, TNX could soar handsomely and grotesquely over 1.00 in the blink of an eye and for decades, without any ability of the Fed/Treasury nexus to stem or reverse it.
  7. What's to prevent Trump from issuing a general pardon covering all Federal prisoners? Answer: nothing.
  8. Dueling coverage of COVID task force on MSNBC & Fox, with the former covering the president-elect and the latter covering the lame duck. (I misspelled fornicate....) There is no doubt that there are two competing reality-communities occupying the same continental space. It is troubling. If it comes to civil war, come west, No Einstein: the West Coast will be the breakaway hub of a new nation.
  9. Yup. But it seems to me this is all ending with a whimpery tanTrump as the majority of the country slowly tunes him out. I am far less worried about extra-Constitutional outcomes now. The rump effort is a grift to raise millions from the gullible, alas. Safe Harbor day today. Lot of state-level GOP officials merit enormous praise. DC GOP officials... not so much.
  10. Banned almost everywhere else in Europe, U.S. tourists are finding their way to Croatia https://www.sfgate.com/lifestyle/article/Banned-almost-everywhere-else-in-Europe-U-S-15782445.php
  11. My superficial, uninvestigated, current working-hypothesis-since-breakfast-and-until-I-abandon-or-forget-it is that sharp declines in the cryptocurrency complex will be the bell rung at the top this cycle. I'm not a crypto-skeptic, per se. But I have done my formal studies of money & sovereignty. The gleeful (smug?) pile-in and emotional commitment to crypto (mainly by 20-something & 30-somethings?) is approaching "eyeball metric ca. 2000" analogous euphoridiocy(TM). The hyper-liquidity afforded a market for something no one can see, few can cogently describe & expla
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