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  1. In the long run, the Fed’s determined to make all shares big caps....
  2. And with their first win of the season coming in Week 4, Doc’s Eagles take sole possession atop the NFC East....
  3. Alternative is it’s a political feint. Republicans have seen the post-debate polls and know he’s lost, and that the Senate in the balance. So he gets Covid. Necessarily steps away. And Pence assumes office. Down 5 points, no time outs left, 0:42 on the clock with the ball on their own 17.
  4. I mean... if you’re gonna catch it, you might as well catch it from Hope.
  5. Bearish Engulfing https://www.dailyfx.com/education/candlestick-patterns/bearish-engulfing.html
  6. M'man - how is this so, what does it mean? Japan has had only 80,000 reported cases against the backdrop of 120m population? I'm not understanding this correctly.
  7. Heh Doc, I got a reCAPTCHA error all weekend and briefly again today.
  8. If we are doomed with Trump and doomed by conditions that support his departure, I vote for the latter doom.
  9. I’m sure the nomination & confirmation of her successor will proceed with little unnecessary controversy and in a manner that is dignified, unites us and makes all Americans proud, and pays rightful homage to the Founders who bequeathed us this precious Republic.
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