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  1. Great work today. Really appreciate your updates. I have no reason to doubt your projection, but I chickened out and sold my ES longs at 2882 (from 2857). The 2851 line I mentioned on the 8 minute chart earlier held pretty well to downside this morning, and Gann fan downtrend line didn't hold, but the confluence of fan lines on 32 minute chart spooked me into selling. The market is now free to race up to 2900 without me. If the green line holds on downside and we go up and clear 2884, we might be off to the races again, but I think I will sit this out and mow the lawn instead. 😊
  2. Another look--60 minute ES from Elliott Wave perspective. The blue hash mark line is about 2900. Most everything looks primed for 5th wave down soon, but that red PTI number at 31 gives me some pause. Frequently if it is less than 35 the result is a failed 5th wave or a double bottom.
  3. 8 minute ES. Almost perfect 6/8 drop to overnight lows since 8/1 high. The 1 x 1 Gann fan line at about 2872-ish would be a great place to turn down and try to head toward 2812 or even the scene of the crime overnight at 2775, but let's see what happens at 2851.If it clears the 1 x 1 line up, if my math is correct, 2895-ish near the red 2/8 line would be a 50% retracement up off the lows..
  4. Dippers gonna try it? 8 and 16 minute charts look a little bottomy, but not sure how much ammo there is today.
  5. Market down about 100 off yesterday's intraday highs on ES, and almost 50 off this morning's odd spike to 2960. Even if we bounce a bit from at or near here, I would say you have earned the right to smile a bit. 👍
  6. Not sure why the President would make that tweet in the middle of the trading day. I swear that dude can be a one-man wrecking crew. But come to think of it wasn't last time he made a tariff announcement right before market open? So guess it doesn't make much difference. 🤔
  7. 16 minute ES. 5/8 drop, then about a 50% retrace up, and 50% retrace of the retrace down so far. Guess sometimes one just has to keep dividing by 2. 🙂 Not liking how the right side of a potential "V" is shaping up, esp. if 4/8 line at 3007-ish holds. Hopefully Doc will have some good news with cycle projections. I got nothin'.
  8. Guess it's not a snake gaining on us--FANG stocks not much bite today. FB -3.60, AMZN -32, NFLX -5.50, GOOG -17.50.
  9. 8M ES. Bears best hope today a double top and reversal at yesterday's high? If not it seems a run to 10/8 line at 3037 could well be in play. 😡
  10. FWIW, it sounds as if Marty Armstrong has August as a potential turn date as well, with a decline into perhaps at least October-Ish if I understand correctly. I have learned (the hard way) not to fade either of you.
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