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  1. I put some Stairway to Heaven lyrics on the chart. Looks like 3 steps up to me. Out of my overnight longs at 14011 on that last push. Can't take it any more. Done for the week. I feel dirty, and cheap, and like this has been too easy the last few days. I don't like feeling this way--my ego is going to have me make some bad decisions if I don't step away. As usual, probably going to leave a bunch on the table, but this has been my best week in a long time. See y'all next week!
  2. Covered my NQ short once it hit the midpoint line. Ordinarily I might try a small long here to see if we get a bit of a bounce, but--well, cowardice I guess. I didn't expect it to get down there quite so soon today, but there we are. Since I can't decide whether to be long or short at the moment, I'm going to pack it in for the day. If I make any trades from here, the odds go up that I will screw it up. Hasta mañana! Keep 'em down!
  3. You have to admit, a masterful job of keeping two sets of books. I struggle to keep track of one. I wonder how many more like him are out there, but haven't blown up (yet). So many sociopaths and outright psychopaths on and near Wall Street.
  4. Here's an updated 60M NQ chart I had posted yesterday. When I said I thought it would likely hit the upper red channel soon, I didn't mean "in a couple of hours." If we start closing above that 10/8 line at 14062, then the lines between 1/8ths are going to double, and even another 300+ points are possible in the coming days. I was kind of thinking (hoping probably more like it, but hope isn't a great strategy) maybe we could hit a temp high today and drop for a day or two, towards the midpoint line at least. There is also the 9/8 line there at 13906-ish. But I don't really have a good re
  5. 60M NQ. I suppose a touch of that red upper channel line is inevitable soon, but I chickened out and closed my long from yesterday. One of my biggest challenges is having the patience to let my winners run. I am not good at it at all. And I am terrible at knowing where to place trailing stops. Off to the beach--perfect day here in MX and too beautiful to be inside. Knock 'em down!
  6. This just might help explain why NQ is up almost 1% while YM is down and ES is flat. Yikes.
  7. 15M NQ. Action-reaction line touches from above and below have been pretty predictable the last few days. Not sure what to think of this morning so far. Went from lowest channel line touch to next one up in less than 3 hours. Impressive.
  8. Maybe I should just start trading the first and last hours of the day. Trade the first hour, go to the beach, get lunch, a quick nap, and come back and wait for the inevitable ramp in the last hour. Or, I suppose I could continue my policy of blindly buying on any morning dip and waiting for the market to rescue my stupid entries. Then I could stay at the beach all day. 🙂
  9. Mi culpa. Now I see what you meant. Reading comprehension issues. That's it for me--see y'all next week. Thanks also for the prompt follow-up with my subscription and login issues. Appreciate the customer service!
  10. When I said yesterday I thought that if NQ broke above 13125 and then the March 23 high it might see 13281 relatively soon, I did not mean within 24 hours. Holy cow did I leave a bunch of money on the table yesterday.
  11. Isn't that kind of the norm with this much time left on the June futures contract?
  12. Gawd. I would weigh 468 pounds if there were 10 bakeries within 3 blocks of me.
  13. Mrs. Finger was just saying the other day that she is appalled at what food costs in the supermarket. And speaking of Kellogg's, take a look at the size of cereal boxes these days. They are basically snack size now. I read somewhere (forget where) that meat prices were up due to supply chain disruptions due to covid. Farmers couldn't get items to market and were holding onto their livestock longer, breeding fewer livestock, and having to just dump out milk, etc. I know that a bunch of meat packing plants were closed last year due to covid breakouts in the midwest, but I would think that w
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