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  1. Man am I having a terrible day. Inadvertently fat-fingered a trade, lost a bunch I shouldn't have, and have been scrambling all day. Rookie mistake. Throwing in the towel for the week. Heading up to the mountains with Mrs. Finger tomorrow. See y'all next week. Hope that Black Friday thing happens. Feel free to crash this thing without me. Later!
  2. Quadruple witching tomorrow. That should lend some stability to this market. 🤡
  3. Maybe we will have one of those tomorrow too, and you will appear eerily prescient. Like in the movies where someone comes back from the future to warn humanity of impending doom.
  4. Just tell people you are on the other side of the international date line. It's gotta be Friday somewhere.
  5. Or, as we like to call it on this side of the Atlantic, Thursday. 🙂
  6. Well, the prognostication from this anal cyst yesterday doesn't seem to have aged particularly well. Inflation ‘collapse’ will launch powerful market rally, Credit Suisse predicts https://www.cnbc.com/2022/09/12/inflation-collapse-will-spark-big-stock-market-gains-credit-suisse.html
  7. The French got nothin' on the Brits when it comes to hooliganism. Warning: NSFW language.
  8. Anxiously awaiting Doc's weekly Technical Trader, but my Bear Traumatic Stress Disorder has me cautious of a rip-roaring rally that starts sometime this week and maybe carries into Labor Day. Then, down the crapper after that. I guess 20 years of conditioning has made me a Scaredy Bear and caused the BTSD. But at least I'm alive to tell the tale.
  9. Then let's hope that September and October turn out to be the shinola part. Some nice, bright red shoe polish to slather all over Mr. Market.
  10. What about any emerging market countries that issued debt in dollars rather than their home currencies? Seems that a surging dollar makes those debts a lot more expensive. So we may want to throw in some defaults and civil unrest into the mix as well.
  11. Dow down over 9 hundo. Starting to knock on the door of a 1000 points of light. We gonna get any short covering into the close? Or acceleration down?
  12. Wait--insurance on a 1,000,000 house is $20,000 per year in Florida? Every. Freaking. Year? Holy cow.
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