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  1. i hate Trump... but all over the web is a great deal of consternation about the recent FED nominees ... I cant help but say... really can't be any worse than the last 3 FED chair's... at this point does it matter who is on the board or who is the chair....THEY are all idiots, so who cares.
  2. i just had a another thought....we don't have withholding...so we pay anything due when we file... i filed in FEB Interesting!!!!!
  3. I agree....my friends and I take ours out in Dec. after we have determined the income we have had that year so we can decide on the amount of additional income and the tax consequences
  4. that is true inside the IRA.... but all withdrawals are subject to taxation .... I only withdraw a small enough amount to remain fed tax free. at this point anyway
  5. just posting a vid to make you smile.... ....maybe this time it is different ... i am to old to really care....😉
  6. SOMEDAY this will happen to the market https://twitter.com/i/status/1101396530286813184 someday!!!!
  7. how long did it take the nick me to reach final low...20 years ? i will be long dead before this is over
  8. i said it a couple weeks ago and again now very controlled crash....500 down for the day and or intraday..is the rule....dont scare the sheep with a 1000 print
  9. u have been right every time u have shook your fist at the moon....99/00 07/08 and now...read the thread every day...when u go lunatic...its time to listen
  10. what the sheep dont understand is that a 500 point drop in the dow is not equal to a 500 point drop from a lower level....so the boys will try and work this down slow at 1st....no crash just yet...plenty of 500 point drops to go...each with with a nice rally to disguise
  11. two weeks is .....ELECTION DAY.... funny how cycles line up with important days....sometimes
  12. just recieved my 1st ever, unsolicited, mass mailing from the U S tres...titled...the Craft of Coins...a beautiful 20 page advertisement...crazy.. shit like this usually shows up at a top
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