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  1. AMEN I really don't think I ever feared death, i do not welcome it but why should I fear it...I was dead 13.8 billion years before i existed ..."the now" is what is important
  2. Lee how is that sore throat....? and what is the outlook for your vaccination?
  3. Happy Holidays to all! I too fear that Jan 21 will only be a day of HOPE... Hope is a traders worst enemy...Hope is a word that describes one of many potential futures..fear is the opposite...I fear this is just the beginning of the end...so much is broke... i fear 2021 will be even more desperate...But I do HOPE that i am wrong...and given my track record of predictions (including trading) we probably come out of this like a bat out of HELL (pun intended).... I truly HOPE so... Going to spend some time on Xmas with my Children and Grandchildren on ZOOM... again ..Happy Holiday's enjoy t
  4. Jesus Jorma, why couldn't you just keep the facts to yourself, you have to go and take away my HOPE...just let me live my life with HOPE...somebody has to be the SHEEP...may as well be me too...
  5. i am sitting here thinking..."there is no way out of this mess" and i started running through different scenario's in my head and all of them resulted in bad outcomes...Then it hit me...the one scenario (other than aliens saving us from ourselves)...the one and only possibility that people (including scientist ) actually think might , MIGHT, happen is...wait for it....drum roll.....Fusion energy...so thats it...i am betting we have secret Technology to produce free energy and we will sell energy to the world.... there ...now I have HOPE
  6. I might infer that you are an artist or at least think you are🤣
  7. Happy Hanukkah Lee, maybe the Festival of Lights will mark the light at the end of the tunnel this year...🙂
  8. I worked in Sunnyvale and lived in Gilroy for 10 years during the bubble...I loved it...I miss it...
  9. my gut says you are right but my gut has been wrong since Aug 1981....
  10. I don't think the Right thinks the Left has the balls to get into a real fight...but I think they are misjudging the mood of the Left terribly....if the Right doesnt get control of the narrative and it comes to any sort of violence the Right will not understand the fury that will hit the nation. JMVHO
  11. 🤣🤣 that dear sir is the understatement of the YEAR.... "Just"
  12. to late for promises Lee, everybody left u again...e-sept me😱
  13. the point is...this is an "existential threat" no comparison to other crisis
  14. I agree, and take it a step further, many dont think Powelll and his "friends" are smart...but i will tell you they are smart enough to fear what trump may do to their system, if he breaks their cookie jar they are all fucked too which on second thought is pretty much what you just wrote
  15. 9 weeks is a long time in news....IF they get control NOW people will not make a voting decision on something that happened more than 2 months ago...many will see it as a distant memory...key is get control NOW
  16. Tomorrow is a big day with Jackson Hole...and Trump acceptance speech....can you imagine what the market will do putting those two things back to back......buy stocks, stocks only go up, Here is an idea....the THEM should do a 5 for 1 split on the SPY
  17. Lee I respectfully disagree. John Roberts is no friend of Trump...this is a states rights issue...he and the liberal justices will put a stop to this before the Military ever gets involved...IMVHO
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