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  1. no imagination necessary 1000 dead per million vs 20000 dead per million
  2. "The only element in the universe more common than hydrogen is stupidity." Einstein
  3. even calvins dad understands the central banking system
  4. Bezos X was the tell...she just sold $400 million very recently....she was the TELL
  5. i believe this may finally be IT DJIA and SPX both end JAN red both have monthly reversal candles lets go down till NOV. maybe THE CLOWN wont get reelected i know i know...but I can dream
  6. i have given up trying to predict anything... However, as far as the virus is concerned, i have a nephew who works for the CDC and he said the rumor there is "stock up on Corona Extra... drink 1 bottle every 30 minutes", you will probably still get the virus but you wont care and you will die happy.😉
  7. I remember the Beardrech ,RIP, days Lee, do you remember what year that was, 20yrs i bet, maybe a bit less?
  8. Memento mori, my mantra, not morbid, but reflective
  9. Because, nothing else really matters. yep, tru dat, !!!
  10. many of us have noticed in recent years how the packaging has gotten 10 % smaller on many food products the price increased too. no inflation, nothing to see here... Now, in the last two weeks, i have experienced a new, at least for me, way to increase margins and trick the masses. I opened a bottle of melitonin... must admit did not compare my purchase with my previous until after opening.. i still had the old bottle of 125 with a couple pills left. the new bottle was at least 2 times larger, it had two !!! massive balls of cotton, not the usual one. It is only 20 % filled. and the count was 104... voila!!!...much larger packaging, much less product...no inflation!!!! sorry my rant must continue so within days i open a box of instant hot chocolate packets...it has room for 8, there are only 4 packets...same price...no inflation and again...yesterday...i opened a box of, individually wrapped ,oatmeal cookies..the fu fu supposed healthy, and its ORGANIC, crap my wife insists on buying, it had three cookies, the box was designed for 6 !!!!!...NO INFLATION HERE>>>MOVE ALONG I am 72 orbits old, i have seen a lot, JFK, MLK, RFK, i went to the illegal war, Vietnam, i have never seen anything, time, like this..corruption and blatant cheating is in your face...Trump leads the way and business is more than happy to follow... in the past politicians and business at least hid their bullshit.... oh well...i will be dead soon enough...fornicate em!!!! END OF RANT NE
  11. well its been a long time since i made one of my stupid predictions that never come true...so here goes... the bull ends with the signing of the trade deal..so Wed is the date to mark your calendar.. The boys may hold up any large move till the following Monday...they like to drop it on Mondays OR...i am wrong again, and we stop fooling around and really go up...:-)
  12. so should i buy? sorry for the weak attempt at humor...if my children and my grandchildren didn't live here (USA) i would be gone... so sad so very sad
  13. Lee gave me the Green Light? Our news organizations SUCK.... I have yet to hear anyone , right or left, explain to the American people that they are paying the tariffs...not China... And the the Democrats seem to be complicent, they should be screaming about the Administration's disinformatin
  14. I am not smart enough to tell the future...but if the dont stop Donny soon!!!...All bets are off...Hiter was an ex con...he re-branded himself to: hate the Jews...hate foreigners.... Aryan superiority, .burned books...all to appeal to those who were not educated and had Prejudices. sounds like MAGA to me. all it takes is good men to remain silent and do nothing... NOT saying...Just SAYING
  15. MAGA troops have most of the guns. any protests by the silent 50% will get "silenced" .fear will prevent any opposition. if my kids and grandchildren were motivated to move to another country i would in a heartbeat...but I am to attached and old to go it alone.
  16. i hate Trump... but all over the web is a great deal of consternation about the recent FED nominees ... I cant help but say... really can't be any worse than the last 3 FED chair's... at this point does it matter who is on the board or who is the chair....THEY are all idiots, so who cares.
  17. i just had a another thought....we don't have withholding...so we pay anything due when we file... i filed in FEB Interesting!!!!!
  18. I agree....my friends and I take ours out in Dec. after we have determined the income we have had that year so we can decide on the amount of additional income and the tax consequences
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