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  1. Yellen says Fed purchases of stocks, corporate bonds could help in a downturn they will/are changing the system....capitalism is dead, Bears will be extinct soon...
  2. he doesn't deserve to be addressed as Jerome...his name is "Jerry"....just like the mouse...cause that is all he is, a mouse...we have the makings of a pathetic national cartoon in this country...it is not funny, instead it is a tragedy..called..THE Joey and Jerry show...in the last episode everyone dies
  3. this will end in tears...they just have to figure out who or what to pin it on...if anyone doesn't believe that Janet, Jerry and Joe don't have a plan...you should think again... it may not work but they will try something...my bet is an extraneous event, false flag?, China, who knows...but the event will crash the Market, they will say, and money will pour into bonds as safe haven.....unlike my Namesake I am almost always wrong and over simplified.
  4. plus H is Very Very dangerous....thing natural gas explosion on steroids
  5. i have to ask....how can this stock market be bailed out.... unless u are implying a "deep correction " first....
  6. your post reminded me of the 1995-2000 bubble run, when we had so many traders on this site who could write...(no offense to current members, ).. GREAT POST... u should rant more...
  7. playing with charts and look what i found....if NEM breaks 80 it will be breaking out of a BOX pattern that goes back to 1986.....probably doesn't mean anything😒
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