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  1. GOOGLE SAYS Abbas Haider is a Pakistani singer, actor, writer and host. He is known for his appearance as DJ in Dunya News's talkshow or Welcome to the Dental Practice of Abbas Haider, DDS proudly serving Decatur and surrounding areas. Creating and Maintaining beautiful and healthy smiles for a lifetime in a comfortable and caring environment without third parties dictating terms of care.
  2. Who is...Abbas Haider ...credentials ? Not one specific source for studies claims!!!! not saying it isnt true...but this is just a guy on the Internet...IMVHO
  3. Sandy, can u elaborate, i have a 70 yr old neighbor who may have had covid19 a few weeks ago, he thinks he had a stroke recently as he has lost motor control in a hand...is that a common result of infection
  4. Colin Powell will be called upon too... need racial balance at this time in History...lots of non white troops in the military
  5. would you mind coming back in a month😀
  6. and there it is...🤣 between this tread and https://twitter.com/sarahcpr Sarah i get my much needed laugh each day
  7. RUT is putting a mammoth weekly reversal...RUT leads again...
  8. exactly, so I don't trade it, I sell it.. .Sell in May and go away. I cant help myself...its my mantra 😜
  9. Sometimes TA seems so easy.. my favorite is "Sell in May and go away" only 21 trading days left to find out if it works again🧐
  10. yep...starts on the 1st...ends on the 31st...one giant RED candle on the monthly😜 edit...29th last trading day
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