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  1. 🤣🤣 that dear sir is the understatement of the YEAR.... "Just"
  2. to late for promises Lee, everybody left u again...e-sept me😱
  3. the point is...this is an "existential threat" no comparison to other crisis
  4. I agree, and take it a step further, many dont think Powelll and his "friends" are smart...but i will tell you they are smart enough to fear what trump may do to their system, if he breaks their cookie jar they are all fucked too which on second thought is pretty much what you just wrote
  5. 9 weeks is a long time in news....IF they get control NOW people will not make a voting decision on something that happened more than 2 months ago...many will see it as a distant memory...key is get control NOW
  6. Tomorrow is a big day with Jackson Hole...and Trump acceptance speech....can you imagine what the market will do putting those two things back to back......buy stocks, stocks only go up, Here is an idea....the THEM should do a 5 for 1 split on the SPY
  7. Lee I respectfully disagree. John Roberts is no friend of Trump...this is a states rights issue...he and the liberal justices will put a stop to this before the Military ever gets involved...IMVHO
  8. only the states can delay there election...I think....the states elect the college...not a Fed issue...i am sure
  9. something about delaying the election due to the virus ...i think...someone confirm
  10. it was a tweet, the CLOWN took it down right away.... someone will need to tell us, i missed it too
  11. fed meeting announcement tomorrow, EOM friday.... at best sideways (if you are a bear) for 3 days.. .worst is they jam it into month end 1287472886131949569[1]
  12. https://twitter.com/i/status/1287472886131949569 the passengers are the market participants the driver is...wait for it..... THE FED😁
  13. what about oil....the petro-dollar is HUGE ....ever since the oil crash in April I have been musing about the effect the crash in petro-dollars would have on the dollar...over simplified to be sure..but it seems to me every country on earth has spent fewer of their dollars on oil which would, might, result in more dollars available in the system..supply and demand, more dollars available, dollar value drops. I also wonder if it would take time for those dollars to "pile up" in the system...thus the lag of just one month from oils crash in mid APRIL to the beginning of this down leg in th
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