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  1. LOL, I see I am talking to myself. Am I the last remaining bear? One can only hope...
  2. But the question remains, will a down day be tolerated? Only the wizard of FED knows
  3. I see some weakening of momentum and expect some profit taking to take hold. Not negative per se, but not bullish
  4. He'd get 5 stars if he hadn't made off with half my sandwich yesterday when I wasn't looking...
  5. I think many don't like humor at all. Life should not be taken too seriously! Stopped to smell the wild roses this morning on my walk with Bubba, arguably the runner up to best dog in the world
  6. Got to short the q's as they rolled over this morning, will be out when the chosen one speaks
  7. Lol, don't sweat Twitter, I never thought of you as a twit anyway. Subway still has some pull, huh?
  8. My forcast... whatever Jaysus says the market will like it. Seems like a high probability bet. Not making it, just watching. Still looking for shorting opportunities. Tomorrow afternoon might give a good one. We have enough to worry about, but the Oracle will say everything is gonna be all right. All time highs, must be. Wish I could agree.
  9. Strictly medicinal purposes of course... Pay enough taxes and the government will look the other way.
  10. Rick Simpson oil in my afternoon coffee finishes the day with a happy mood. No need to smoke it, but I do occasionally for old times sake (And poker night with the guys).
  11. Um, 420 is a time, not a price... but it must be 4:20 somewhere... RSO cures cancer. I don't have cancer, but a gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure!
  12. Watching the 10 year treasury too, watch lots of things but I do love the ultimate oscillator for 1, 2, 5 and 15 minute charts
  13. Ultimate oscillator and macd. Q'S up 1.35%, seriously? I'm shorting right here.
  14. S&P gap closed. Hourly chart shows right at the 50 hour average and overbought to get there. When it rolls over I will be short. This is fun!
  15. NASDAQ and small caps now under their 50 day averages. S&P touched it yesterday. Again. It bounced, nice little gap to fill from the day before. After that, be very carefull. Don't look down...
  16. Or we could watch bitcoin. I don't care what it does. Got my $5 worth from coinbase for opening an account, but they won't get a dime from me. Anyone want $10? They are paying that to both parties for referrals. Not interested in that bubble. There are no fundamentals. It's the new gold, except it isn't. It's nothing but air. Talk about a bubble!
  17. You keep saying the end is near... but not yet, there's a nice bump expected before the crash. You're not the only one either, seems to be the general consensus. More money from the fed and treasury are just keeping the crash at bay, Pushing on a string. That isn't bullish. If you're smart you know we are teetering on the edge. Don't look down! We keep getting these V bounces. Dip buyers have been well conditioned for years. Problem is for them to buy you first need a dip. We are treading water here, forming a top. Topping is a process. We may get another run up, but for how long? Who wants to trade that? Talk about risk! So the V runs out of steam as the dip traders take their profits and look for another dip. Nobody really believes we are going much higher with these valuations, but we can try to convince the fools to buy and be the bag holders. I think we're running out of fools that have cash. We are near peak leverage. All the risk is to the downside. It's getting pretty dangerous to be a bull. I'm day trading the he'll out of this and making crazy profits. You're right, that's where the action is now. So... if you can't beat 'em...
  18. Never thought I'd get to short the Q's again in the green... wild day.
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