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  1. First day of the month, we have retirement money to sell to. Freaking direct tv has lost Bloomberg, in withdrawal and holding my nose watching CNBC. Can't stomach Fox. Up we go for now, looking for another rollover to short...
  2. Also feels like they're paying credit cards with cash advances. Just bigger numbers.
  3. Week market. Rest of the weak. Let's shut down the government and see what that does! It's good to be short. I got in just as the morning rush rolled over.
  4. I'm betting we kiss the 50 day average on the s&p and finish below. We are there.
  5. Pumped up b.s. market. I got stops, not crazy but I'm not buying this.
  6. Made bank shorting the spikes today. Waiting for the next one tomorrow morning, say about 9:45am?
  7. Plenty of room to sell off into the close and call it a good day
  8. I have a question for Jaysus, will we taper before he'll freezes over?
  9. I just want to know if Kaplan is long or short right now...
  10. We are a clown banana republic. Most don't see it yet or refuse to admit it.
  11. Like a juggler with one too many balls... how long before he looses it?
  12. Dip buyers will have to be burned a few times before they learn not to touch... or more of the same? Just seems there's a change in the air. Nice cool fall morning here outside of Baltimore MD
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